Friday, May 31, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day

Great Northwest Hat
Old Navy Tee Shirt
J.Crew Shorts (thrifted)
American Eagle Leather Belt and Long Pendent
Minnetonka Leather Sandels (thrifted)
Leather Handbag (no label- thrifted)

Vintage Silver Moon Cuff (thrifted)
Vintage Silver Moonstone Ring
Vintage Silver Opal and Emeral Flower Pendant (thrifted)

When it's hot, you just tend to drift towards water.  This is actually where I took these pictures this past winter, it looks a little different with all of the snow gone!  I really enjoy this spot, there's great trails, it's a short walk to this little beach for the kids and the water is really shallow for them to wade in.  (Plus, shade, some sun and it always gets a nice little breeze to keep the mosquitoes off.  How can you beat that?)   Best off of all, NO SKIERS!  Man, they really irriated me this year, they took pretty much all of the trails even rometely close to town and had them closed off to everyone but them.  I dont have a problem with them having nicely groomed trails, but it's a bit greedy to take all of the trails within a decent driving distance.  

I know, so grumpy tonight.  

I thrifted these shorts last year and wore them a few time on the blog, but even though theyre cute, they have a huge problem.  The silly things are made out of linen and linen is a evil, evil material.  It wrinkles so quickly and in the case of these shorts, it cuases the legs to roll under from the wrinkling.  It's irritating, who had the brilliant idea that shorts and linen totally go together?

Most likely a man who didn't wear linen shorts and hated women, probably the same guy who created pantyhose.  Heh, at least we got them back by putting pain cause bars on mens bikes.  (Who hasnt wondered about that?  Why do women bikes have no bar across when we don't really have to worry about protecting "the junk" and men's bikes have the bar?)

I think I'm about out of steam for tonight, no more random thoughts from me. (Thank goodness!)  I suppose I should say sorry about the dirt smeared all over my legs in the pictures, I'm really a rag-a-muffin at heart.


  1. The shorts are really cute but how annoying that they wrinkle so easily! It is crazy how different that spot looks in the winter vs summer!

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  2. I almost bought a blazer last week that was partly linen. But I think the wrinkles would drive me crazy so I passed.

  3. I had a real obsession with linen for awhile. 'cause it's really very comfortable--especially in the summer. But now, the wrinkles just drive me I'm done with linen (except for one pair of comfy lounge pants!

    Haha, I've always wondered that about men's bikes too!

  4. I'm so glad we can be short buddies now! I broke out my shorts for the first time today and pranced around like I owned the place. There's something thrilling about the year's first shorts. :)

    The hubs and I were discussing men's bikes the other night. J says that bike has the bar to "remind you you're a man when you hit it." Ah. So eloquent.

    Your purse is wonderful, by the way. :)


  5. I have always wondered the same thing about bikes. I always assumed it was to leave room for the full skirts and dresses women used to wear.

    Glad to see things are greening up up there! Love your sandals.

  6. Oh no, linen shorts!? That does suck, because they're an adorable pair. Especially for summer weather. I'm loving this awesome combo of a slouchy tee tucked into print shorts. I'm probably going to be imitating this soon :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. it's a beautiful katie! i've wondered about the bar on the bikes too. i found them painful when i rode on them. then again, i'm very short.


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