Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is it summer yet?

Old Navy Cardigan
Sears Dress
Dooney and Burke Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Seychelles Heels
Aquamarine Beads

We ended up with a small snowstorm yesterday and got a couple of inches dumped on us but it's trying to melt off today.  Hopefully that was the last snowfall but with the way the weather has been for everyone lately  I don't really feel very optimistic about it.   Oh well, kind of stupid to keep complaining about the snow when there's not really anything I can do about it. (And that's what I get for living up here, like really, what else do I expect?  Foolish girl, no more whining!)

It's been interesting dressing now that I'm a redhead.  (Thanks box dye!)  With dark brown hair I never really thought about what colors I wore, it's not like brown really clashes with any colors and as long as I didn't wear all beige, it was okay.  Red hair definitely makes the colors in my wardrobe seem more dramatic and aside from really orange-ish reds, I haven't run into any colors that don't work with the red.  I dont wear much neon so I might be missing out on the joy of neon lime green and red hair. Yeah, that doesn't sounds painful to the eyes at all.  (Uck, or chartreuse!   Am I the only one who hates that color?  It's like a neon mix of baby food and poop, it's just not a attractive shade.)

I'm kind of out of it tonight, it's been a lot of running around lately and trying to get stuff all lined up but I'm hoping that we will know 100% for sure about the property by the end of the week.  And wow, is it really May already?  I keep thinking it's Sunday, that made for some awkward moments all day.... Heh, at least I had some luck working with my 18-55mm lens.  I took such horrible pictures with it last fall and I blame it all on the poor lens when it was really my lack of knowledge that cause my terrible photos.  At least I've learned a little since then so I think I'll be okay until I get my 50mm lens back.


  1. Being a fake red-head myself, I know what you mean with expecting colors to fight you. When I went with my obnoxious-extremely-obviously-fake hair color, I was tentative about wearing red at first but then kinda gave up. I treat my hair the same way I treat my tattoos -- I wear what I want and rock it anyway. Attitude above all else really brings the outfit together :P

    But you don't have to worry about that here, cause you look adorable. :D


  2. I love this outfit. The dress is fabulous, the shoes would be mine if I thought we wore even close to the same size and that blue cardigan is amazing on you. And I like you as a red-head, but I can see how you might have to be more careful what colors you wore.

  3. Love the colored leopard print on your dress! I had red hair for a while and I did have to pay more attention to the colors I wore. I'm not a fan of chartreuse's just something I'd like to keep back in the 80s. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. HA HA HA.. I LOVE chartreuse... Whoops ;)

    I'm loving the long cardi pair up and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes....

    Isn't it amazing when you change your hair how everything seems different but it's really the same? I LOVE THAT FEELING!

    1. Heh, maybe I'm just bitter because it looks awful on me. It really seems to be one of those color where you either love it or hate it! I so agree with you about the hair, it's always fun to try something new and it can be so exciting to look at your wardrobe with new eyes.

  5. Haha, I guess that's something to be grateful for for having boring brown hair (that's what I think at times). I can get away with neon lime green bahaha! :P
    But your red hair really intensifies any outfit you wear and is just so striking. I love it :)
    Like this lovely blue color. Soooo pretty! Love how it accents the leopard dress too.

    Trendy Teal

  6. I can't believe you're still having snowfall there, I hope spring makes an experience soon. I think you can rock any colour as a red head, even throw-up-chartreuse, lol. The shade of royal blue looks really lovely with your hair colour. I adore the dress, it something I would buy immediately if I saw it in store, i can just imagine how many ways there are to style it. Holding thumbs (I have no idea what the expression really means) for you for the property. P.S I don't think Id ever be brave enough to wear cut-outs and agreed on the Jason Wu dress, its a never-take- off-a-ble gown! Thanks for your visit...Happy Friday Doll!

  7. Nice outfit,the dress is very pretty;))

  8. Very pretty! You are so good at mixing color palettes...and I really like that sweater!

    -Emma from little motley

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  10. Love the print of your dress and how you matched brown and blue, everything looks amazing. Also, the shoes are to die for!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mary xx

  11. purse and shoes--I love them. I did not know you weren't a natural redhead. You picked a great dye!!! Normally dyed gingers don't look as good. Haha, and your description of chartreuse made me laugh. although I do like some shades actually :p

  12. I think you have always rocked that red shade like it's your natural one. and I think not everyone can do that. oh no, only a few can in my demanding eyes, haha. anyway, your outfit totally made me want to wear a dress! I really like the leopard pattern and especially the fact it's colourful. and it looks great with the bold blue cardi. oh and I love your necklace too! it's such a pretty one.
    good luck with the snow, btw, I hope it will be gone forever. not going to happen, I know, haha but we can at least dream, right? ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. Your coloring is prefect for red hair! I'm jealous. And the navy cardigan really makes it pop.

  14. katie, in my mind you are a natural redhead. i guess i'd forgotten you originally had brown hair. as long as you wear what makes you happy, you'll be fabulous, i think. yes you are fabulous, so go forth and conquer. ;)


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