Thursday, May 30, 2013

Horseplay in the Water

Fred Meyer Lace Tee
Old Navy Cami
J.Crew Shorts (thrifted)
Vintage Saddle Handbag (garage sale)
Big Cuff - Sears / Moon Cuff - Thrifted / AE small bangles / Icing Turquoise Necklace / Vintage Silver Rings
Sears Leopard Flats

It was really hot today, it's crazy how fast we went from 30 degrees to high 80s.  The whole family hung out down by the river for a while, that cold water felt so nice.  Speaking of the water, a few days ago I was talking about how lucky everyone was that we didn't get any flooding this year and yikes, did I ever jinx us all.  As you can see, the Chena River is crazy high right now and is creeping into backyards but poor Galena is really having a bad time of it. My little sister and brother attend school in Galena and I graduated from the school there so we've got some ties to the community.  My siblings had just gotten back this week and it was lucky they'd done so, the road to the airport in Galena has completely washed out and seeing as that's the only transport into and out of the village, they would have had to hitch a ride with a enterprising boater or waited it out.  The town is going through some bad flooding aside from the airport road and I really hope that the ice jams down river breaks up soon and let all of the water through.

Flooding aside, at least the kids got to have some fun playing around in the water.  I suppose I've been posting quite a few pictures of them lately, for all that this is suppose to be just a style blog it's fun being able to look back on these posts and seeing what we were up to. (Heh,  with the tile, you were probably expecting some pictures of the ponies playing in the water.  Little Merrylegs has been trying to take baths in his water buckets the past few days and Im sure he'd love to come play in the river, they're pretty good little swimmers.)

Yeah, I got splashed in the last picture, man, that water felt cold!  It's a nice shallow spot right here on the bank so the kids get to play in the water a little bit, mostly throwing sticks in! (Because when you're a kid, what is more fun than throwing sticks into water?  Obviously, setting said sticks on fire is more fun, but shhhhh, I haven't told them about that yet.)


  1. wow, Katie, that is such a perfect summer outfit! the combo of your white lace top and pinkish shorts is just so cute and happy! and then come all the glamorous silver+turquoise jewellery. a complete cherry on top of everything else!
    oh and I think it's lovely when you post photos of everything around you. your family, animals, nature, yeah, everything :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. such a nice outfit and your little ones are cute, too!

  3. love your hair cute pics and look..

  4. Wow it warmed up quick over there! This is such a cute outfit...I love the color of your shorts and what a great thrifted find!

    The Tiny Heart
    Bracelet Giveaway!

  5. Oh, I'm so glad it finally warmed up for you guys. You look wonderful in this outfit. I love the pendant with the color of the shorts.

  6. wow I can't believe it got warm so quickly! but it looks like you all are having so much fun at the river. (hehe that last picture is awesome). And hope the flooding stops soon! Doesn't sound fun at all.

    That is the prettiest top! I love the lace with the pink shorts. And the blue necklace goes with the pink so well. Such summer-y colors!

  7. Haha, love that last picture! And again all your turquoise jewelry! Glad it warmed up for y'all though. It was high 80s here as well today. Sorry about the flooding though. Blah...that does not sound fun!

  8. You kiddies are the cutest!!!! <3 Seriously!
    Awesome coral shorts btw, perfect for the weird hot weather :D
    I was meaning to ask you, what happened to the posts about Alaska life?? :P

    1. I'm actually going to put up the first post tomorrow! (Saturday.) You inspired me to get off my butt on finish them up so thank you very much, I would have totally let them slide other wise.

  9. Haha, I was totally expecting to see photos of your ponies in the water somewhere in this post. Aww, but the ones of your kids and you splashing in the water is even cuter :)
    I'm loving this summery outfit by you! The lacy top is perfect for an 80 degree day (and seriously? So jealous right now). Plus, bright shorts are a favorite of mine for hot days!

    Trendy Teal

  10. So cute! I love that great reaction in the last photo. This outfit feels really fresh and summer-like. Bright coral and turquoise look stunning paired with white lace. It's a great outfit all around.

  11. Aw it looks like everyone is having so much fun!
    Your outfit is so cute and summery. I love your lace top with the bright shorts. I wish I had a top like yours because I feel like those lace tops are so versatile.

  12. oh your purse, your hair, your nails, your blouse, your kids. ok i just like all the photos. the end.


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