Friday, May 3, 2013

Bring on the Sun

Great Northwest Hat
American Eagle Denim Jacket
Old Navy Tee Shirt
Old Navy Skirt (thrifted)
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Joe Boxer Tights
Seychelles Wedges
Vintage Coach Handbag (thrifted)
Vintage Silver Cuff (thrifted)
Sears Turquoise Necklace
Vintage Silver Rings

Can I just say that I really, really love this jacket?   With the light wash, embroiderer back and the fit, it's the best denim jacket ever.

The 18-55mm lens seems to be more sensitive to bright light than the other lens was,  I'm not sure it maybe that's due to my lack of experience but I need to read up on it tonight.  I'm trying to be good about reading tutorials and learning about my camera every night and while I'm happy that I've progressed this far on my own, I feel a little dismayed by how much I don't know.  At least looking back, I can see that I've made some advances.  This picture was taken the same day last year and while it's actually one of my better outfits from that month (wow, did I have some flops)  I'd like to think that I could take a better picture today.   Heh, it's one of the better pictures from that month as well, must have been a good day or something.

From May 1st, 2012

Looking back I can see that almost all of our snow was melted by April 17th and that we had 60 degree days.   I think we're beginning to pay for all of that really warm weather we had back in February  with more snow predicted for this week I think our summer is going to be pretty short. Whenever it finally decides to arrive.  Maybe sometime in July, right before it starts snowing in August.)


  1. I love those cute shoes! I think your photos look awesome - the way the sun is lighting them up looks really nice!

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  3. Great look! ;)
    I like your jeans jacket <3


    I'm sorry, I just had to point out how wonderful your shoes are and how they seem to take your whole outfit beyond "good" to "fashion forward" love love love love love love them. A lot.

    You're inspiring me to break out my leopard flats tomorrow, by the way. ;)


  5. I love this outfit! and the skirt is awesome! I have a very similar one. But then I saw the back of the's awesome!

  6. Good heavens, hope you get some warm weather soon! That's crazy!
    I do love these leopard print wedges and that embroidered back on your denim jacket! Definitely one of the best I've seen around Katie :)

    Trendy Teal

  7. Wow, I really love that denim jacket! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog :)

  8. Oh wow, this jacket is to die for! I'm on the hunt for the perfect denim jacket, and this one is just fantastic. Also, that necklace is such a great, unique piece. And it looks like SOME of the snow is starting melt for you!

    I really need to learn more about my camera, I definitely know how you feel. Ever since I got it, I haven't had ANY time to learn, so I've mostly just been messing around with it for outfit photos and hoping that they look good haha.

  9. I know very little about photography (leaving that up to my husband) but maybe this lens needs you to fiddle with the ISO? Either way, I think photos from both shoots look nice.

  10. hooray for sunshine, and knowledge! it must delight you to see the how much you've learned. i didn't realize it started snowing again in august. gee whiz, i'd get sick of the snow. i need to remember that when i feel like i'm roasting to death, in the heat, and sweating like crazy. that's not fun either.


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