Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bite that bad attitude

Great Northwest Hat
Equipment Blouse (ebay)
American Eagle Shorts
Ellen Tracy Snakeskin Flats (thrifted)
Leather Handbag (no label- thrifted)
Silver Ring, London Blue Topaz Silver Earrings

Well, not bad for a 18-55 lens, I just have to keep playing with it but I think Im getting a little better at shooting with it.   And hey, it did finally warm up the past few days, today was our second day of temps in the sixties so wooo, shorts weather.

I don't really have much productive talk in me tonight.  I think yesterday was one of the worst days I've had and I'm just sort of on auto pilot at the moment   I try not to talk to much about really personal stuff so I'll just shut up about it.  No vague blogging or overly dramatic sighing.  (No one's dead, just bad shit.  You know how that goes.)

Um, I guess I will try to be a style blogger and talk about my blouse. In one of my last posts, I ranted about a lot of stuff and one thing I did say was that if I buy more clothes, I want them to be items that I love and that will last.  No more ill-fitting stuff!  I want a closet that's easy to work with and that's practical for my life.  I went through that whole phase and looking back, some of that stuff seemed really tween-ish and I want to move more towards an adult look, but try to keep the bohemian aspect that I'm really attracted too.  (Well, it's a weird mix, I really like leather and edgy jackets, but I like lace and florals and all of that stuff.)  I've looked at this blouse for a really long time and it's never been in a price range that I felt comfortable spending.  I finally did locate it on ebay for a really great price, about 1/5 of the normal retail, so I got it.  I am really proud that I've kept my budget these past few months only to what I get back from the consignment shop and what I can resell on ebay and I've tried to be very deliberate in my purchases.

So all of that said, I do love this blouse.  I like the print, the colors, the fit, the collar, all of that.  It's pretty comparable in quality to my other silk blouse that I've thrifted so I truly don't think I would ever pay full retail value for an Equipment blouse, but for one that I loved enough to really hunt for, I'm happy with it and what I did pay for it .  I would rather buy one nice blouse that I really like as opposed to being scared of the price, not saving up for and just blowing my budget on several blouses that I feel "meh" about.  (Apparently, I'm either figuring this out late in the game or I am really thick headed because who doesn't know that?)  And you know what?  It was nice to put on a pretty blouse on a day where I don't think I've ever felt more un-attractive and at odds with my appearance and how I compare to other chicks. (please, I'm not fishing here, it's just the way it is at the moment.)

Fudge muffins.  Just pretend I talked about puppies, kittens and unicorns popping glitter.  I'll try not to be so freaking emo tomorrow.  (That's such a strange word, I always think emu when I hear it.  Sort of the same thing, right?)

Does anyone else think that dude in the Phillup's Razor comerical looked a lot better before he started the whole grooming process?  By the end, he just looks like a younger version of Napoleon's uncle Rio.


Yay for Uncle Rio and Shorts weather.   Um, not the two combined though, that would just be...yeah, no.

Okay, suck it up cupcake, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Hi Katie, whatever it is that has gotten the best of you, I hope it gets resolved soon, hang in there dear, sending you a big hug. You're stronger than you know. Love the printed blouse, its so elegant and great to see you in shorts, that must mean the weather has improved. Its freezing and pouring and hailing here :(

  2. Bummer on the crappy day. It especially sucks when they're so crappy it carries over into the next day! I hope that it gets better and soon you're full of all the puppies, kittens and glittery unicorn poop.

    P.S. I know you said you weren't fishing for compliments, but before I even read the text of your post I thought, "Wow, her legs look amazing in those shorts!" So there :-P

  3. Really love that silk bouse, always nice to find something like that on ebay!

  4. oh I guess we all have those days. and what a coincidence that last week was actually pretty hard for me too.. I felt quite depressed and sad and tired and.. you know, stuff like that. but then things slowly started to get better and I saw some light through the dark clouds. I hope same thing happened to you, dear Katie :)
    your shorts+fabulous blouse duo is lovely by the way. I really like those green and blue shades and your ring is super beautiful. oh and what a story about that blouse! sometimes even a simple piece of clothing can bring us a lot of joy when we need it the most! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. oh katie, i love that blouse too! unicorns popping glitter, ha-ha. i'm always emo, so i don't mind.

  6. *Sniff* I'm proud of ya Katie! Don't worry, I think every blogger goes through a phase of buying multiple meh items instead of one really great item. I think it's akin to how I used to purchase artwork - always small pieces that cost $20-30 bucks which are hard to place on one big wall. I'm glad you found your blouse at a better price. I like that you paired a bright and muted version of a single version. It's something I'd naturally shy from, but you've convinced me it can look great!


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