Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh So Thrifty!

American Eagle Blouse (thrifted)
J.Crew Skirt (thrifted)
Coach Backpack (thrifted)
Minnetonka Leather Sandels (thrifted)
Turquoise Braclet (thrifted)
Wood Braclets (Various)
Icing Rings
American Eagle Earrings

It's an almost all thrifted outfit?  Ahh, if only it wasn't for those silly rings and the earrings....but how do you say no to a elephant ring?  I certainly can't.  I know I've mentioned it before but there's a special place in my heart for elephants, my godmother collected little elephant figurines and loved the animals so much.  I always think of her when I find little elephant items and what a wonderful and meaningful person she's been in my life.

We've been pretty active this spring, what with working on the new house and all of the fun stuff that goes along with that but we've almost done a better job of just getting out and doing stuff.  Ev's had such a crazy schedule the past few years and before that I worked crazy hours and none of our schedules lined up.  This year is quite a bit quieter so far and it's been really nice getting to spend more time with him.  We're all set to head down to Chitna for the yearly fishing trip in a few weeks and everyone's looking forward to that!  We had to buy a new tent today though, the old one finally bit the dust. I still need to go pick up the fishing licenses and start getting all of the gear ready though, it seems crazy the amount of things you need to take on a trip when you have kids.  when you're all on your own all you really need is some canned food, a sleeping bag and a tarp and you're good.  With kids, it's like preparing a army for war.  (And we still forget that silly can opener, everything single time.)

Um, I sort of got side tracked there.  We have been getting out quite a bit, today Ev had most of the day off so we took the kids a hiked up around the back of UAF's trails.  (Hiked is a bad word, the trails are so easy, it's more like gentle walking.)

I'm going to put up the next Alaska post tomorrow morning, I was going to try for tonight but I've reread it so many times now that my eyes are crossing and I'm typing Alaska as Aslka.   Huge thank you to Keit for keeping me on top of things! (You so rock.)

It's a Beautiful Day

Great Northwest Hat
Old Navy Tee Shirt
J.Crew Shorts (thrifted)
American Eagle Leather Belt and Long Pendent
Minnetonka Leather Sandels (thrifted)
Leather Handbag (no label- thrifted)

Vintage Silver Moon Cuff (thrifted)
Vintage Silver Moonstone Ring
Vintage Silver Opal and Emeral Flower Pendant (thrifted)

When it's hot, you just tend to drift towards water.  This is actually where I took these pictures this past winter, it looks a little different with all of the snow gone!  I really enjoy this spot, there's great trails, it's a short walk to this little beach for the kids and the water is really shallow for them to wade in.  (Plus, shade, some sun and it always gets a nice little breeze to keep the mosquitoes off.  How can you beat that?)   Best off of all, NO SKIERS!  Man, they really irriated me this year, they took pretty much all of the trails even rometely close to town and had them closed off to everyone but them.  I dont have a problem with them having nicely groomed trails, but it's a bit greedy to take all of the trails within a decent driving distance.  

I know, so grumpy tonight.  

I thrifted these shorts last year and wore them a few time on the blog, but even though theyre cute, they have a huge problem.  The silly things are made out of linen and linen is a evil, evil material.  It wrinkles so quickly and in the case of these shorts, it cuases the legs to roll under from the wrinkling.  It's irritating, who had the brilliant idea that shorts and linen totally go together?

Most likely a man who didn't wear linen shorts and hated women, probably the same guy who created pantyhose.  Heh, at least we got them back by putting pain cause bars on mens bikes.  (Who hasnt wondered about that?  Why do women bikes have no bar across when we don't really have to worry about protecting "the junk" and men's bikes have the bar?)

I think I'm about out of steam for tonight, no more random thoughts from me. (Thank goodness!)  I suppose I should say sorry about the dirt smeared all over my legs in the pictures, I'm really a rag-a-muffin at heart.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Horseplay in the Water

Fred Meyer Lace Tee
Old Navy Cami
J.Crew Shorts (thrifted)
Vintage Saddle Handbag (garage sale)
Big Cuff - Sears / Moon Cuff - Thrifted / AE small bangles / Icing Turquoise Necklace / Vintage Silver Rings
Sears Leopard Flats

It was really hot today, it's crazy how fast we went from 30 degrees to high 80s.  The whole family hung out down by the river for a while, that cold water felt so nice.  Speaking of the water, a few days ago I was talking about how lucky everyone was that we didn't get any flooding this year and yikes, did I ever jinx us all.  As you can see, the Chena River is crazy high right now and is creeping into backyards but poor Galena is really having a bad time of it. My little sister and brother attend school in Galena and I graduated from the school there so we've got some ties to the community.  My siblings had just gotten back this week and it was lucky they'd done so, the road to the airport in Galena has completely washed out and seeing as that's the only transport into and out of the village, they would have had to hitch a ride with a enterprising boater or waited it out.  The town is going through some bad flooding aside from the airport road and I really hope that the ice jams down river breaks up soon and let all of the water through.

Flooding aside, at least the kids got to have some fun playing around in the water.  I suppose I've been posting quite a few pictures of them lately, for all that this is suppose to be just a style blog it's fun being able to look back on these posts and seeing what we were up to. (Heh,  with the tile, you were probably expecting some pictures of the ponies playing in the water.  Little Merrylegs has been trying to take baths in his water buckets the past few days and Im sure he'd love to come play in the river, they're pretty good little swimmers.)

Yeah, I got splashed in the last picture, man, that water felt cold!  It's a nice shallow spot right here on the bank so the kids get to play in the water a little bit, mostly throwing sticks in! (Because when you're a kid, what is more fun than throwing sticks into water?  Obviously, setting said sticks on fire is more fun, but shhhhh, I haven't told them about that yet.)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Twirl that skirt

Old Nave Tee
Silk Skirt (thrifted)
Steve Madden Heels (second hand on ebay)
Coach Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Jewelry - a mixture of thrifted, vintage silver, AE and Icing

I bought this skirt last spring and while I loved it, I just never wore it because the length scared me and I just didn't know how to wear it.  (Hint, put it on Katie.  Tada!)  I know this isn't the most original styling ever but it shows how much my personal style has evolve, to the point where I feel comfortable wearing a just above ankle length skirt.  (I have issues with both my ankles and being short, it's just a lot trickier to pull things like awkward skirt lengths off if you have cankles and stumpy short legs.)

Yikes, looking back, this seems a bit negative.  I really just mean to say I've grown more comfortable with my style choices and dressing outside of what might be appropriated as "flattering for my type" and I'm really happy I did buy these skirt because it's pretty.  And fun to walk it.  And darn if the color doesn't look nice in photos. (Because isn't that what's it's all about, stuff looking good in pictures?)

Loooook, green leaves.  I know, I got all physicked up today because all of the leaves are starting to come out now, seeing all of the greenery sure makes a difference.  It just seemed like summer was never going to come this year and it's pretty awesome to be having temps in the 80s and seeing the grass and flowers starting to grow.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Ride that Pony

French Connection for Sears Romper ($4.99)
Leather Double Wrap Belt (thrifted- $2.99)
Franco Leather Sandels ($5.00)
Icing Earrings ($4.75)
Sears Bracelt ($6.97)

Total: $24.70 (Well under the $40 budget!)

My dad has had a '66 Mustang ever since I was born but it's been put away in storage for the past 15 years and it's suffered a lot because of it.  This past winter he found a screaming good deal on a '64 Mustang and while it's in pretty awesome shape, he's planning on switching over the engine from the '66 into this one.  (It also need some interior work, it originally came with some fantastically pimp-ish purple velvet that covered the whole of the interior.  It's all ripped out at the moment so it's kind of bare bones but dude, how cute is it?)  This little car runs so well right now, everyone got to take it out for a spin today and it is SUCH a joy to drive this little car.  I love sixties Mustangs and this car is just such a kick in the pants to drive, someday down the road after we get all settled with out house and finding a truck for Ev, I'm getting a Mustang of my own. (Heh, Ev's more of a fifties truck kind of guy o it might take a little bit to convince him, but it's so hard to beat the Mustangs.)  Anyways, we pulled over along this little dirt road in our community and took a few quick pictures, luckily there's hardly ever any traffic along there.

My little sister needs  a quick mention, she did my hair today and Im pretty sure this is the best it's ever looked.  I need to learn from her how to do cute hair style, I'm usually so lazy and opt out for a braid.  Thanks sis!