Friday, April 5, 2013

Winds of Change (or not)

Sears Military Jacket
Dolce & Gabbana Dress (thrifted)
Belt (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Tights
Seychelles Boots
Elephant Bag (thrifted)
AE Earrings
Icing Watch Neclace and Rings

I'm sorry, I put zero effort into taking pictures today, the wind was so brutal!  I know I've been whining about it a lot lately but man, I'm use to Fairbanks not getting more than a gentle breeze and even if we do get wind this time of year, it's usually the nice warm Chinooks.  But noooo, we have to get a hybrid of Wasilla and Healy wind which is just cruel to those of us who suffer through the extra cold winters just so we don't have to live somewhere windy!  I'm not bitter Wind, I just really, really dislike you.

I'm trying to shake up my style a little bit, even if it's just trying out some different silhouettes, I don't want to get stuck just wearing the same thing over and over again.  I really like the color and the top structure of this dress but man, the wrinkles just kill me!  I actual took the time to iron the dress this morning and by the time I took pictures, I might as well not even bothered. At least the boots make up for it, I think I'll be buried in these boots, they're that wonderful.  (I don't really want to be buried, that sort of creeps me out just thinking about it.  And does anyone else think that paying thousands of dollars for a box for your body to just mold away in is money ill spent?)


  1. Oh man, wind is the worst! I can only imagine how icy cold that would've been...way to go and still get some pictures in it!
    I really am liking this shade of pink on you and the dark accents. The riveted boots return :) You are seriously rocking them!
    And you know...I haven't really given much thought to my death...aha, but now that you mention it, buying a box just to rot in is pretty creepy...

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  2. I really like this outfit and you wear a jacket/blazer better than anyone I know. But, dang, you're right about the wrinkles! So annoying!

    Have you read "Stiff" by Mary Roach? It's a great book about all the different things you can do with your body after you die! It pretty much convinced me I need to donate myself to science.

  3. yeah, actually I do think the same way but let's better move on to your outfit, haha. I can't believe you've thrifted a D&G dress for yourself! gosh and I know how annoying are clothes that wrinkle super easily. I usually avoid those clothes because I don't iron. I just don't. oh and I have a very similar military jacket. and I can't get over your boots. I just keep looking at them and thinking how perfect they are. just wow.. I think I have to take out my spring boots and put away the winter ones. too bad our streets are still super slippery and too dangerous to wear proper heels.

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  4. so this may be a dumb question, but does the snow ever go away up there? I know, so stupid so ignorant, but I've never been!

    That being said, I really like this burnt orange on you, even if there are wrinkles ;)

  5. Katie, I'm with you on the burial thing! I agree 100%.

    Love this color of this dress! Your hair looks so pretty this way.

  6. The color of that dress is fantastic! What a shame it wrinkles so easily. Those boots are fantastic. lol-I agree the idea of spending lots of money on something you're literally going to decompose in is absurd. Cremation please!

  7. Oh I hate wrinkles, but I still think the dress is great because of the lovely color. :) And I am so in love with your shoes! They're absolutely amazing!!

  8. That dress is such a pretty color (but ahhhh a lot of my clothes get wrinkled so easily too) and I love the boots too. The side detailing on the boots is just sooooo amazing and every time I see you wear them, I just love them even more! And gahhh I feel ya! Windy can be so tricky, especially if i'm eating lunch outside or something and my hair just flies right into my food. Me too, I want to try to shake up my style too but i'm not sure what direction I want to go in yet haha. Anyway, i'm sure whatever style you want to do will look amazing :)

  9. i do like the color of that dress. it looks exceptional with your hair. if it wrinkled like that on me, i'd probably donate it, but it would depend on how much i liked it. agree with you about the buried thing. cremation is cheaper.

  10. I like you branching out! It's been a couple of weeks since I stopped by and I noticed the change. I cannot believe how wrinkled the dress got in less than a day! What a shame. The colour's really pretty though, and I like its shift shape.


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