Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where do you go at the End of the Frozen Road

Bongo Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Old Navy Tee shirt
Belt (Came with another dress)
Pacsun Maxi (really old)
Seychelles Boots
Coach Handbag (thrifted)
American Eagle Bracelets and Necklace
Vintage Silver Rings

After trying to walking in this dress all day, I now remember why it was pushed to the top shelf of the closet. (AKA as far out of reach as possible for a shortie like me.)  I love the pattern and the fact that the dress has pockets but man, I can not walk in it.  The opening at the bottom is really small so I have to take short, mincing steps which drives me crazy because I walk really fast and the length is a little too long, I kept stepping on it.  So in short, I looked like an idiot today.  Maybe I can hem it and put in a slit for easier walking because I do really like the dress buuut.... (You know how it goes with alteration piles.  They just keep growing and growing.)

Old Man Winter is one sick dude.  We had all of that  wonderful fifty degree weather with bright sunshine and just when we thought spring was within our grasps, that grouchy old man backslapping us with a "Take that Fool!" and some more snow.

I know, I keep picturing Old Man Winter as Mr. T.  That would be so awesome.


  1. Hahah, even though you walked like a little chihuahua, you still look like a scrumptious cookie in this. The dress is gorgeous, I love maxi dresses. And the leather jacket is the cherry on the cake :P

  2. We have had some of that weird, indecisive weather too. One day its high 60's and sunny the next its in the 30's and the next several days it will rain without mercy. Very odd, unseasonal weather here. And, even on the warmer, sunny days, it's been so windy!

    The skirt is pretty and might be worth hemming of you love it.
    I love the leather jacket; it's cut and shaping are very flattering.

  3. completely gorgeous, yes you katie girl, and your outfit! sorry about it being too long. since i'm only 61 inches tall, i don't like when things are too long either. i think the new old navy commercials with mr. t featuring their t-shirts are fun. i still say, i pity fool. ;)

  4. gorgeous photos!! you look beautiful =)


  5. OoooOoooo, I am loving this boho rocker look Katie! :D Totally inspired me haha.
    Aw man, too bad about the skirt not being moveable...haha, my alteration pile hasn't been touched in months, so I know how that goes. But maybe you could make a lil time for this one? Maybe? Because its so pretty... ^^

    Trendy Teal

  6. I love these colors on you! Seriously, though...if only winter would just go away!!! Sad that the skirt's a little uncomfortable--it's really cute on you!

  7. it may be hard to walk in but this dress has the glamour factor! usually when I have this problem I just lift the dress and walk the pace I'm used to....which is pretty fast. It makes me look silly:)

  8. nice job with the photos, Katie! I really like those poses and angles and everything. but I'm with you when it comes to weather. yes, the snow is finally gone but the cold still keeps coming back. we have minus degrees at night and it's almost May, how sick is that!? so annoying.
    anyway, your outfit is absolutely awesome. that maxi looks great and goes so well with your hair. and how cool is the combo of your jacket and the bag! well and of course those booties are still awesome too. such a great look overall.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  9. This must a thing but lately all I've seen on awesome blogs and their awesome shoes. You have not let me down in this area. :P

    Your layering is especially fine, by the way. I love taking dresses and turning them into skirt-and-shirt combos. Very nicely done!

    I commend you for walking in heels in the snow. Not an easy task, I know.



  10. Okay, I will stop complaining about lows in the 40s. You poor thing. I love the print of that dress, so I hope you can alter it:)

  11. I was going to say the slit seemed the perfect solution, but i know that feeling of lazyness to have to alterate your cloth!!!! hhahhah
    The skirt is worth it, do it!!!!

  12. Great blog and outfit!

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  13. That maxi is so pretty, I love the pretty print! And adding a slit would definitely help, hahaha I feel so free whenever I wear my maxi with a slit as opposed to the one without it (and like you, i must also waddle/take little steps haha) And that is such a good idea to wear tights underneath for warmth! By the way, you look very rocker chic today Katie. Maybe it's the leather jacket and gray tee but you always look cool anyway.

  14. Hahaha I'm ONLY going to imagine Old Man Winter as Mr. T now. That might make me like winter a little more. But let's be real, probably not. Gah, I hope you get some sunshine and warmer weather soon! The weather here won't make up it's mind, but at least it's warm, like, every other day.

    This skirt is so pretty! Even if you have trouble walking it, it's definitely worth it. (I have trouble walking in just about anything, so I feel you). Love the leather jacket with it!

  15. You definitely need to alter that dress because the print is amazing!!! It looks so expensive and lush with the leather jacket and the t-shirt actually makes it look even more "rockstar" esque.

    Also, I am so sorry about the snow. We finally got the weather I dream about all year here so I'm going to be sad when the cold front comes through again.


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