Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Under $40 Challenge

Sanctuary for Sears Jacket ($5.99)
Chico's Blouse (thrifted - $3.99)
Merona Skirt (thrifted - $2.99)
Mia2 Loafers (thrifted - $3.99)
Vintagte Coach Handbag (thrifted - $3.99)
American Eagle Cuff ($3.99)
Icing Belt ($0.50, came in a huge $5 box years ago, so 50 cents might be generous.)
Icing Ring ($2.99)

Total: 28.43 (Way under the $40 budget)

To be honest, this is not my favorite outfit.  I originally had a different jacket and shoes with this blouse and I switched them out right before we left those house which ended up being a mistake. (So much cuter with the denim jacket.)  At least it was an easy outfit to move around in with the loafers and the little bit longer skirt, I ended up not really needing a jacket for most of the day.  Oh yeah, fifty degrees is minimal clothing weather.

We were going to clip the pony yesterday but the clippers has a very small piece that was broken so Merrylegs lucked out and only got a bath.  Oh, he was such a monster!  We had the big tub all filled up with warm water and while we were filling it he jumped right on in and got himself so wet but as soon as we started washing him, he wanted none of it.  (I'm pretty sure he'd never had a bath before we got him.)  He was so angry after having his bath, he wouldn't talk or look at mom and I aside from giving us the stink eye.  He's such a pony.

It ended up being a fun day though, lots of cleaning and playing outside and I rode Dollar around and did some bareback jumping.  I'm really excited to do some cross country jumping with him this summer, he's the first horse we've had in a long time that I feel comfortable enough to race through the woods and jump logs with.  The Yukon mustang in him makes him crazy steady on his feet, he's just the smoothest jumper, has no fear of the jumps and is pretty scopey about the jumps.  I'm pretty pumped up for it and the kids have been having the best time riding Merrylegs, it's going to be fun riding the two horses together.

 Drying off and very, very grumpy about the whole thing.

 Waiting for Dinner!
 Dinner is served.
 Cleaning out the water trough since Merrylegs tries to take his own bath every morning in it.

 Dollar and Merrylegs.
 Nana and Dollar.
 Bath Time!
 Jack, the Jack Russel Terrier.  We were very original naming him, as you can tell.
 The Fort. (And lots of sticks because little kids need sticks.)


  1. Bare legs! Oh my goodness, you are rocking bare legs while snows on the ground - I am officially a wimp. Haha, I can't wait to shed these layers, but I'm just too chicken.
    I can just imagine Merrylegs being such a little stinker after you gave him a bath...haha, that is too funny!

    Trendy Teal

  2. Hahaha, I suppose horsies are like cats :D Water is their biggest enemy.
    Every time I watch your photos I feel a sudden warmth. You all seem so content and close, and happy with what you're doing ^_^

    Wow, bare legs, hooot! I like this outfit with the military jacket too, especially the loafers.

    1. Hah, I think you nailed it, they are like big kitties! Dollar the big horse is scared to death of water bottles and hoses, he thinks they're going to eat him. And thank you, that is just a incredibly sweet thing to say. It's hard not to be happy around animals. :)

  3. let me tell you I just love it when you talk about animals! those posts always make me smile. and I looove all the beautiful photos you've shared this time. Merrylegs is such a cutiepie! Dollar and Jack too, of course. gosh I just looove animals, hehe. anyway, your outfit. I think it's a lovely skirt and I also like the shoulder detailing of the jacket. and your lip colour is gorgeous!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. really love this snowed landscape! and you amazing dress!
    so so cool!

  5. actually I love this outfit! Glad it's getting warm for you finally!

  6. I can't imagine giving Merrylegs a bath! It's bad enough when we bathe Jinx...he always tries to hop out of the tub. The bathroom has to be locked or he'll escape and run around all soaking wet.

    The Tiny Heart
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  7. Wow!! I did like the outfit though! Were you cold at all? It looks so cold! Loved your blog and will come back for sure!

    Oh, I just started following you by the way! Hope you come by my blog! Would love to know what you think about it, and maybe follow me back if you like it?

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    1. No, it was pretty warm! Everyone walks around in tee shirts and tank tops once it hits above 45 degrees, it only gets chilly if you fall down in the snow. :P And thank you very much.

  8. Wait, so you're in a skirt with bare legs and a tank top and the kids are in snowsuits? :-)

    I can see how that outfit would take on a different look with the denim jacket but I do like it with the utility jacket, too.

    1. Yeah, the day we gave the ponies the bath we were all in either snowpants or rainpants, it was pretty wet. (I promise, I wasn't wearing a skirt that day! I'm pretty sure the pony would have had a laughing fit if I'd shown up in a skirt to bath him.)

  9. I like that skirt a lot! pin stripes and cotton lace are one of my favorite combinations.

    Is the under $40 challenge a group thing or just something you set for yourself? I'm intrigued :)

    -Emma from little motley

    1. The under $40 is a challenge that I started for myself after reading the "budget" sections in the fashion mags where they'd put together a outfit for under a $100 or made up of items under a $100. That seemed just crazy out of my price zone so I started doing a weekly challenge to myself to put together outfits for cheap. (Hah, I just really hate the budget sections, it's like really, they only got 10 sub par items for $750 dollars? That is not a good deal!)

  10. I really love this outfit! The colors are very similar to the outfit I'm wearing! And I need to take pictures of my horse for my blog :) anytime I give him a bath he runs into the nearest dirt pile he can find :(

    1. Ooooh, tell me about it! they get a bath and before you know it, they're over rolling around in the muddiest spot they can find, the little monsters. And yeeeees, you so need to take some pictures of your pony, I've been dying to see him!

  11. Ahem. *clears throat*

    I LOVE your weekly-under-40 challenge. LOVE it. LOVE IT. I enjoy fashion and adore clothes but I am broke so I skulk around consignment stores and I'm glad to see a fashionista such as yourself does the same from time to time. ;)

    ps: thanks for the super-sweet comment on my blog. :D


    1. dude, you're so welcome, I always love seeing other blogs that have such a focus on thrifting. (Ugh, I hear you about the tiny budget. I'm pretty good at coupon and sales shopping but it's hard to beat thrifting when you find the good stuff.)

  12. katie, bare legs and a blouse with no sleeves. i bet you were so excited. what lovely lace on your skirt. i never thought about bathing a horse. that sounds so messy. lots of great photos and descriptions. that fort, your children, your mom, the horses, the fort, and jack. maybe one day someone can take photos of you riding bareback and jumping.

    1. It is pretty messy giving a horse a bath, I think I pretty much always end up getting a bath as well. I'm the one who always takes pictures so it's rare anyone gets a picture of me when we're out doing stuff but I need to bug the husband to take some pictures of me riding so I can critique myself a little bit.

  13. Bare legs AND arms!? YAY! And oh my gosh how cute is that pony! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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