Friday, April 26, 2013

Ponies for the Win

Gap Blazer (thrifted)
Banana Republic Silk Blouse (thrifted)
Cayon River Blues Jeans by Sears
Seychelles Leopard Print Wedges
Elaphant Hangbag (thrifted)
Sears Turquoise Necklace
Silver and Turquoise Ring and Necklace, Vintage Silver Ring

I'm just posting really quickly, I'm right in the middle of reading "Trick Training for Horses" by Bae Borelle and it's fantastic.  She addresses a lot of the feelings I've been having regarding burn out in horses from riders constantly putting their horses into "the box" with requiring constant roundness and dressage work. (Or just too much work in general.)  She talks a lot about teaching your horses dressage from the ground and how easy it is to relax your horses and let them have some fun by teaching them tricks. (It's so cute, one of the tricks is teaching your pony to lay down on the ground and pull a blanket up over his head to tuck himself in for the night.)  Mom and I taught Dollar when we first got him to bow but we're going to start teaching him some more tricks now.  He was a very spooky, nervous horse when we first got him and he really didn't do very well in a strict, long lesson mindset.  This past winter we've worked on only training him for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and having the rest of the time fun or bonding time and I've seen just a huge change in him from it.  (Bae Borelle talks about this in the book as well, by training your horse in small, easy steps, he learns to be accepting towards more difficult work.)

I guess that's my little horse ramble for the day but you know how much I love to talk about the ponies.  And to anyone who works with horses or has their own, I would seriously recommend this book, it's easy to follow, it applies to ALL disciplines and it will make your pony happy.  Happy ponies are good.


  1. wow! can you believe I'm wearing almost exactly the same colour pants right now! and I will show those pants in my next post as well ;) anyway, it's such a beautiful outfit and so is the scenery/weather. I love the turquoise jewellery you've chosen and the classic white blouse. oh and books.. I really wish I had time to actually read one! I love reading and when I was younger I used to read a lot! but yeah, then came work and stuff like that and you probably know the rest. I will give my best though to start a new book soon!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

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  4. Hi katie, Im on my way out for the weekend but had to stop by to say hi...this is ultimate chicness, love the green jeans, a beautiful shade and styled with great refinement. Lurv the necklace!

  5. katie that handbag is just gorgeous! what a find!

  6. I love pairing emerald green with of my fav combos! That is so neat that you're going to teach Dollar more tricks. Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart
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  7. I love that elephant bag! and those animal print shoes!!



  8. I love this shade of green on you! And I just still can't get over the fact that you have ponies... totally jealous. One that knows how to bow? That is so cool. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. I seriously love how similar our closets are! My favorite thing is definitely the elephant bag! I can't wait to hear what tricks you taught your horse! Mine used to be so well trained...and now it's been a long time since he's been shown and he's really lazy :p

  10. you look classically elegant katie! i didn't know you could train horses to do tricks. that makes sense though. best wishes on trying, and let us know how it goes. finding awesome books are one of life's pleasures i say. :)

  11. Sadly, I don't have much to say about ponies, although I do have one horse-crazy friend. Haha, I went riding once wit her and the pony I was on tried to kill me. No lie, it ran loose and then started to roll on the ground to get rid of me...sooooo, my experience with ponies = not good. Aha, maybe one day I'll get back in the saddle to try again. Maybe.
    Anyway, let's talk about something I know about, which is fashion! I am LOVING these green pants and matching statement necklace :D So pretty. And then you added some print with leopard heels and bam - perfect outfit!
    Also, yes, go see The Croods! Haha, its so adorable. I want to see it again...
    And seriously? He's like Maximus? That is too cute! That horse was one of my fave characters from Tangled :)

    Trendy Teal

  12. great pants--kelly green is an awesome color on you!!

    -Emma from little motley

  13. I love the clean lines of this outfit. Your jeans remind me of Pantone's colour of the year! It's officially called emerald but I like the term jade better. Anyways, I have a similar-coloured cropped pair and I'm waiting for the warm weather to bring them out!

  14. Okay, why haven't I worn my tan blazer with my green pants yet? Such a great, simple combo! I will be recreating this one for sure!


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