Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pile it on

Bongo Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Tee Shirt (thrifted - no label)
Maxi Skirt (thrifted - no label)
Seychelles Boots
Rachael Rachael Roy Handbag (thrifted)
Blue  Lapis/Silver Bead Bracelet Handmade
RB Sterling Bracelet (garage sale)
AE Bracelets and Necklaces

Sam over at Frills and Thrills posted an outfit very similar to this in her weekly style round up and I just fell in love with the whole look, so much that I had to replicate it.  I really like how a tee shirt looks with a maxi skirt, it sort of cancels out the more dressy vibe of a longer skirt. (Or maybe I'm the only one who thinks long skirts look dressier.)  I'm being silly and wearing the same boots and jacket as yesterday but hey, fast remix!  (I swear, I live in these boots now.  SO comfortable and surprisingly good traction on the ice.)

I know, bracelets on both arms,  lots of rings and two necklace is sort of over-kill when it comes to accessories but some days you just want to wear all of the things.  I think it's a little easier to get away with wearing tons of jewelry if it's an all black and white look since there's not color to really distract the eye.   Eventually I'm going to have to wear some color though, so I'll have to scale it back then.   That or embrace my inner 80-year-old-Floridian-woman.


  1. i'm in LOVE with this outfit! Your skirt is gorgeous on you!


  2. The first and last photo of this group are AMAZING! They should totally be in a magazine or something. I still can't believe you get such good shots with a tripod and a timer. You really know how to work it :)

    Also, I love this outfit. You wear pleated skirts of all lengths better than anyone else I've seen.

  3. The bombastic boots return!
    And you are seriously killing this look Katie, I LOVE it *_*
    Seriously. Obsessed. Best look yet!
    Lol, can you tell how much I like it yet?
    A tee shirt and maxi are genius together, and you can bet I'm going to end up copying this look...hehe
    Pff, and overload of accessories? No such thing! ;)

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    Trendy Teal

  4. The tee+maxi looks wonderful together. I feel that maxis can be quite dressy too but you toned it down perfectly with the leather jacket and top! And no wonder you are wearing the same shoes as yesterday, they are so cool. I really like the detailing on the sides, it makes it even more unique! And seeing you wear all these seychelle shoes (or is it just two and i'm just imagining it?), I finally went to the seychelle site haha and now, oh no, I want everything. I never realized they had sooo many cute shoes. And no way, I think you have the right amount of jewelry on and not too much. I never know how to wear jewelry and so I usually end up wearing none. But i'm working on it, haha.

  5. Oh yeah, t-shirt and a maxi is my favorite combo.
    Wow, you look like a queen! The snow gently lifting up your hair and skirt, so majestic.
    I love these photos <3 *_*

  6. the first photo is spectacular. it's like taken out from a deep dark music video or film or I don't know.. it just is awesome! and no wonder you're wearing those boots and the jacket again. I would too if I were you. in fact I wish I had those boots in my wardrobe right now :P and I'm actually considering putting away my winter boots this weekend since gosh, it almost the middle part of April! oh and you're right about the coolness of your maxi skirt+casual tee combo. it's really nice and your bracelets are gorgeous too. gosh where do you always find all those awesome things from?? I think I have to go thrifting tomorrow, haha.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Black and white is always SO chic! The graphic tee looks really cute paired with the maxi for a more casual feel.

    The Tiny Heart

  8. The movement in the first shot has so much drama!!! Love it. and I love the look, certainly worth replicating.
    Chic on the Cheap

  9. I LOVE this outfit. You are channeling some serious Stevie Nicks gypsy energy in these photos:)

  10. i give this outfit an A+++ that a triple + you know! i say layer those bracelets on both arms. that's what i do. not that it's right, it's just what i like. i'm an accessory ho.

  11. Wow Katie, love this look!! As a bonus you look that first shot. Doesn't it look like it could be part of a fashion editorial. I'm forever trying to find tee-shirts with cool prints on the fornt. This one is great, good steal!


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