Monday, April 29, 2013

One Track Mind

 American Eagle Shirt
J.Brand Jeans (ebay)
Madden Girl Boots
Leather Handbag (No label- thrifted)
Icing Rings
Great Northwest Hat
Pony hair on coat free of charge thanks to Dollar.  (Thanks dude.)

Well, you can tell that I was working with the ponies today thanks to how filthy I am in the pictures.  Everyone is shedding out their winter coats so it's just tons of constant brushing to keep them looking nice.  Ugh, and the monster keeps rolling in the mud.  I dislike breakup season so much in Alaska, it's just mud and filth everywhere.  Not petty at all and you can see from the clutter along the road in the pictures, we're definitely ready for Clean Up day.   The kids and I will get our bags again this year and try to clean up our little stretch of the road, it's always nice to see everyone out on that day pitching in to clean up all of the litter that's uncovered when the snow melts.   I try to keep a bag in the car during this time to pick up litter wherever we stop, it just drives me crazy how people can be so lazy to just chuck things out their windows and leave it.  It's like hey man, we're lucky enough to live in a pretty gorgeous state, pick up your garbage.

So litter bugs me but a pony hair covered coat for pictures is evidently fine.  To be honest, pony hair doesn't bug me at all, I love the smell of horses but I know some people really dislike the "earthy" smell. (I don't get it, what's better than putting your face into a horse's neck and taking a big whiff?  That's paradise right there.)

I just realized that I almost never talk about my clothes in the posts and if I do, it's just a quick mention.  A little strange for a so called style blog!    I suppose I only have so much I can say about my clothes and I'm only just now starting to really figure out this whole style thing and fit and all of that joyful stuff so I feel a little awkward talking about it.  (I'm not clever like most of you stylish ladies, it takes a while to get through my head if it's not horse related.)   So in the spirit of trying to talk about my outfit, I love these jeans so much.  It might be because they're so riding breeches inspired and I really dig darker green shades, but I love them.  I really like hats as well but it's taken me a while to figure out what really looks decent on me, I had that black fedora a while back that I kept trying to make work but yeah, it looked awful on me.  But mmm, wide brimmed hats! (And hey, they keep the sun off your face!)


  1. Im never talking about my clothes in my post as well, already pictures are talking for themselves to my mind))) Thanks for sharing such a nice post! Followed you with GFC and on Bloglovin', hope you can do same;)
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  2. I don't talk about my outfits very much either because hey, if I add photos and write where did I get those pieces from then that's enough, right? and I find it quite annoying when every single piece (and there is like at least 10 pieces) has a looong (boring story). I rather read about animals and garbage, haha ;) by the way, when it comes to garbage I totally agree. I just don't tolerate people who don't care about environment and act stupid. why the heck does someone throw their garbage everywhere?? leave it at your house then and live in the middle of it! okay, it just really irritates me :D (+environmental technology is my specialty)
    anyway, that hat is definitely your thing, Katie, and it just suits you so well. actually the whole outfit reminds me of some movie.. a safari one maybe, hehe. it's a really cool ensemble!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. I don't always talk about my clothes either...I figure it's enough that people are looking at the photos :) I love the hat on you! I never would've known from the photos that you're dirty from the can't tell!

    The Tiny Heart
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  4. Hi Katie, I think your wonderful photos say it all and even if you don't mention anything about your outfits, we can see the look you've stylishly achieved. Loving the riding inspired outfit, I like the different earthy tones from the bag to the boots and adorable hat. One day you must show us your entire amazing collection of hats! I can't spot any pony hair, and even if there is, its for the love of animals, right? (or least thats what I say about my gigantically fluffy cat). Its good to hear someone is passionate about the litter situation, its quite bad here as well.Thanks for your visit, wishing you a great and productive week ahead!

  5. Omg, yes. Horses smell amazing! And seriously I love your outfit--it always amazes me to see how similar our wardrobes are. I have almost the same boots and shirt--love them both!

  6. Haha, it always depends on how my day went whether I talk more about my outfit or something else on my blog. I like that you always include some random bits like your opinion on movies or your ponies. Its so you and I've loved getting to know you! :)
    That's great your whole family gets out there to clean the road. Its frustrating to see the littering that goes on.
    Anyway, right, about the outfit...I always love me some colored denim! These sage green ones are perfect <3

    Trendy Teal

  7. i'd rather you talk about ponies and alaska anyway, because i learn things, and that's authentically you. katie, that's another hat that looks darling on you. who cares about the fedora. hooray for perfect jeans!

  8. I agree that hearing you talk about the ponies and what it's like to live in AK (Clean Up Day? Too bad you have to do it but that's awesome that you do) is pretty fun!


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