Friday, April 19, 2013

Not that time yet

 This looks a tad scandalous, whoops.  Next time, no long coats with shorts.

Old Navy Parka and Denim Shorts
Gap Top (thrifted)
DV by Dolce Vita Boots
AE spike Necklace and Bracelets
Sear Turquoise Pendant
Silver Rings, vintage
Elephant Handbag (thrifted)

In all honesty, I've been wearing some variation of this outfit for the past week.  It has taken me forever to find the perfect pair of loose denim shorts and after combing through the thrift store racks, I ended up find this pair at Old Navy.  Go figure, right?   Hehe, I want to wear shorts so badly right now, I saw the first patch of bare ground  the road the other day and it just made the spring-time longing worse.   I keep hoping that we have a May like usual with temperatures in the 80s to 90s but it doesn't really seem too likely this year, it wasn't that long ago that we had -50 below zero and we haven't warmed up to anything about 32 degrees yet.  Blah, come on summer, stop being such a tease.


  1. hey, you! you're totally welcome and I only say what I mean anyway. and I agree, it would be super awesome if we lived closer to each other, could thrift shop together and see each other's animals and so on :P would be SO cool!
    btw, I have thought about wearing denim shorts with tights but haven't had the right occasion.. not exactly a workday look, hehe. but I definitely like that combo. and you seem to always have the coolest accessories. your collection MUST be enormous ;) oh and that parka is a cute one too!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. I'm loving those shorts! So glad they're at Old Navy!

  3. Considering it snowed here on Saturday I think we're all in for a few more weeks of whatever this season is. I can't call it spring quite yet.

    Random though: don't you think it's weird that it's considered unusual to wear shorts with tights but wearing short skirts with tights is okay? I mean, they cover all the same stuff. So what's the difference?

  4. Love your parka :)

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  5. bring on the scandal. you look fab in those denim shorts ms. katie, and i like them with the tights. you may want summer in alaska, but i don't want a summer in texas. i don't want it to get super de duper hot i'm melting, am i gonna die, this humidity is torture. ;)

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  7. Hi Katie, how have you been hun? Love seeing you style up a cute pair of shorts, it looks really great on you, especially with the printed tights, Hope the weather warms up there soon, its starting to freeze here (but compared to your minus temperatures, I guess eight degrees is a heat wave)

  8. I love your parka and accessories! I find it hard to dress for the winter without looking like an abominable snowman. You've definitely got a great look down!


  9. Totally rocking the shorts with the parka!! Love your new thrift find :P
    Damn, the Spring is kind of anemic here too, the Sun just comes up to humiliate you and nothing more :D

  10. Haha, how about we just avoid coats+short photos from the back, yeah? Because otherwise, its a fantastic outfit to photograph! I did the same with a similar outfit before. I just love the shorts+tights combo. I like the slouchy tee tucked in. I'll have to try this combo myself!
    Also, thank you for the lovely comments Katie. I feel as if blogging has provided a good source of distraction for me - that's probably why I blog so consistently. Also, because it inspires me :)
    Aha, and if you're willing to hit CG up the head, be my guest. I've pretty much just given up on him. Why waste attraction on someone who's not going to respond anyway, right?

    Trendy Teal

  11. Those tights are perfect, if I do say so myself.

    also, this is my first visit to your blog, and I must say, I am liking it so far. :D


  12. Katie - such a cute outfit! The silver and turquoise jewelry and elephant bag give your look a playful, boho feel - it looks like the Alaskan version of all of the Coachella outfits that I've been seeing on Instagram. I've always wanted to pull off shorts with tights but think I would get funny looks here for doing it - also, I don't own the right pair of shorts. :) Your perfectly drapey tee also caught my eye. I've always been into slim-fitting tees, but I've realized that drapey ones suit my style better and are more figure-flattering, too. :)

  13. this is just beautiful I love your bag darling!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  14. I do this with denim shorts too, though I haven't in a reminded me :). the outfit looks great!

    -Emma from


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