Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gray and Blustery

American Eagle Denim Jacket and Leather Belt
Eileen Fisher Sequin Tank (thrifted)
F21 Chiffon Skirt
Suede Knee High Boots (thrifted)
Vintage Coach Handbag (thrifted)
Silver Ring

The past week it's been gorgeous  sunny and warm and then we woke up to gray, blustery and snow this morning.  Yeah, that put a smile on everyone's face.  A least the past few days of 50 degrees has reduced the snow, it's starting to be a little easier to take pictures now that most of my picture spots aren't covered in three to four feet of snow.

We put an offer down on some property that we've been looking at and we're waiting right now to hear back if it's been accepted    I just feel really anxious, it's a good little size bit of land and it would be perfect for us but I don't really want to get my hopes up too much.  It would just be so wonderful to move out of town, I think we've about had enough of the joys that go along with rude neighbors, cars speeding and wiping around corners, cops called every night to the neighborhood and being on the unsavory side of town.  I suppose it's really not that bad, I'm just so un-use to being so close to so many people.  Agh, whine whine whine.  It would be nice not to have people trying to break in once a week to sleep in the boiler room so yeah, I'm anxious and I'll just stop talking about it.

Darn, I've used up my quota of complaining about the weather and the neighbors and now I've got nothing to talk about, aside from Django Unchained being a freakishly awesome and funny movie.  Oh Christoph Waltz, I love you so. (And according to the last scene Jamie Foxx knows Dressage!  Or at least his pretty pony did.  Dude, that was a gorgeous horse.)


  1. The way you wear that denim jacket (with that beautiful maxi skirt and top) is just so perfect that it should be featured somewhere or find its place in an article titled How To Wear a Denim Jacket.

  2. neighbours can be tricky indeed. I and my fiance SO know that but hey, what can you do, sounds like our situation is a lot better than yours :P and I actually like our neighbourhood quite a lot.
    anyway, the first thing I noticed was that gorgeous silver ring. I love it. and maxi skirts are definitely your thing. they just really suit you. oh and that sequin top goes quite well with the beautiful ring. and I also like that location!

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  3. Hahahaha, yup Django was a rad movie.
    "It would just be so wonderful to move out of town, I think we've about had enough of the joys that go along with rude neighbors, cars speeding and wiping around corners"- soooo true! Couldn't have said it better myself. We want to move away sooo bad!

    Oh, I love these photos. Looking quite professional, especially on the bridge! Is it a bridge? Fantastic jacket!

    Hey, btw, what happened to you Alaska posts? I haven't seen one from quite some time!

    1. I got lazy. :P I have a couple half way typed up, I need to stop being such a half baked blogger and finish them and post them. I'll try to do better and get them up! (That is a bridge! It's a along a fun little bike path that goes long the river and you can go down to the river and see the ducks and otters, it's ton of fun and its a pretty awesome looking bridge.)

      And ooh yes, Django was so good. Tarantino is pretty much always awesome but this one was really delightful and great.

  4. You have a lovely blog, please visit my blog and if you like it please follow me on BLOGLOVIN and I will follow you back dear! xoxo

  5. Fingers crossed you get your land!!!! And be safe!! I think we live in a pretty safe area and we still have some action once in awhile. Last weekend the police helicopter flew down our block looking for some people who held up the corner deli.

  6. Oh, I really hope that your offer gets accepted! Fingers crossed for you! There's been a lot of weird incidences on my street with the police which is annoying but I put up with's a small price to pay to be so close to the beach. :)

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  7. Oh Katie...I hope you get this piece of property and move to a more peaceful location.
    This colors in your outfit kind of mimic the colors in the background. I don't know how you always manage to do what you do...but you just have a knack for beautiful, earthy, natural looking color palettes.

  8. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you get the land you want! Living someone stressful is no fun.

  9. Oh I hope y'all get that land!!! That would be awesome! I know I just moved from the country to a neighborhood, and as much as I like it the people can be a little annoying :p

  10. Dude, people breaking into the boiler room? Yikes! Hope you get the place - you sound like my dad in his longing to get away from anywhere populated. Haha, from your photos, I would never guess you were in such a bad place! Everything always looks so remote and beautiful.
    Just like your outfits! I just love the long skirt length on you - especially when you've got snow in the pictures. It adds to the romanticness of it in my opinion (and yes, romanticness is a word, thank you very much spell check for disagreeing with me...)

    Trendy Teal

  11. Hi Katie, I loved the location of your photo shoot, the bridge looks wonderful. This is editorial worthy, You are so elegant in the maxi skirt, perfectly paired with denim and a cute sparkly top! I hope that you are able to get the property, and wish you all the luck. The place you've described where you currently live sounds like the whole of SA, lol. Thanks for sharing your fashion insight on my last post, have a great start to the weekend!

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    - Co więсeј nіe tгzymali oԁwagi
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  13. your blog post title, sounds like the beginning of a story i want to keep reading. what a fantastic jean jacket. i like the whole outfit as well. having lived by annoying neighbors before, it's so nice to get away from them. i want my home to be a sanctuary of peace and calm, not stressful noise. keep dreaming!

  14. I LOVE that you found a way to incorporate sequins in an outfit of denim, maxi skirt, posing by a are a bona fide fashion blogger!


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