Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ghost in the Woods

J.Crew Cardiagn (thrifted
American Eagle Outfitters Dress and Hat
Vintage Coach Handbag (thrifted)
Jeffery Campbell Heels (second-hand via Ebay)
Effy Pendant
Icing Starfish Bracelet

While I could be referring to my glow in the dark legs with the title, I was actually talking about the light yesterday   It was really dark along this back road but out in the woods I could see little pinpoints of bright sunlight and it just looked so intriguing. I like stupid stuff like that.   I also really, really like that it was 45 degrees yesterday, we could sit out on the porch in the sunshine with no coats and just bask.  Man, cats have got the sunshine-laying-around thing figured out, it was about all that we felt like doing.

Just a hit and run sort of post today, I'm going out to the little barn to shave Merrylegs today.  With the temps heating up, the poor little guy is overheating.  Dollar has mostly shed out his thick winter coat but poor little Merrylegs' coat is so thick and dense, it's just not shedding out fast enough.   So, it's a shave for him.  It should be fun since he's never been around the clippers before (he is only five) but I think he'll be pretty happy with the results.

Sorry, so distracted right at the moment   The snow is melting so fast and there a large snow pile over the drain at the end of our street so the water is just building up in the middle of the road.  We've got a very impressive puddle but the DOT's out there right now sucking up the puddle. (With a machine, not them personally.  I think that would take a bit of time with straws otherwise.)

Alright, I'll be back tonight and I'll start trying to be a responsible blogger this week.  Thank you again you guys, you really are the best.


  1. Great dress and I love your bracelet!

  2. I think this is my favorite outfit you've posted! love the dark hat and the airy dress paired together...the bag is great, too

    -Emma from

  3. This outfit looks especially beautiful on you, Katie. Hard to describe but just a little bit whimsical or ethereal. The blue hat with the pale dress and brown belt just adds the perfect touch of color and style. Love it.
    By the the name "merrylegs"

  4. I love that entire outfit! Seriously, you always wear stuff that I even have some of the same clothes I do! My favorite thing is probably the hat. I really like hats, but I'm hesitant to buy any because I just have a thing about headbands and hats...they don't end up staying on my head that long...

  5. This is such a pretty outfit with all the light pinks and browns:) I'm especially loving the airy pink dress. And your blue hat stands out (in a good way though). I really like felt hats like that!I should really get more. And woah I didn't know that horses need to be shaved, but I hope Merrylegs will feel more comfy afterward.

    And hahahaha after you mentioned the straw thing, I just imagined a bunch of people outside with straws furiously trying to rid the road of all the puddles.

  6. I always look forward to your outfit post Katie. This light, pinky outfit is just so romantic and dreamy! Your play with different light is turning out wonderfully, and haha, I think we all have ghostly legs right now. Although I can't wait to just sit out and bask in the sun.
    Thanks so much for the encouragement and lovely words on my posts. My lola is someone I'll always remember and look up to. <3

    Trendy Teal

  7. I feel cold when I look at you in front of all that freezing snow. I really do since we have no snow anymore which is a huge yay!! :D I'm just really happy because of that and I hope the same thing is waiting for you too. anyway, how cute are those subtle pink shades you've combined with brown leather accessories here. I like that combo. and I also noticed the cute bracelet you're wearing and it reminded me I saw something similar in an Estonian online store.. should check it out :P
    ps. give Merrylegs and Dollar some (or a lot) hugs and kisses from me!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. I love this blush colored dress on you. It's so feminine and pretty. Totally adore that hat. You look absolutely beautiful! Enjoy the warmer weather! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. These colors are so pretty on you, Katie! This outfit is just dreamy. Also, I'm going to start referring to short posts as Hit and Run posts from now on haha

    Okay, we need to talk about Firefly, but I don't even know where to begin! All I have to say is that it changed my life and I LOVE WASH. I seriously almost cried at that part. My boyfriend and I just sat there in shot for, like, an hour after we finished the movie because of that part. Oh, man. I just love that show.

  10. I am very impressed at your ability to walk around in the snow in those shoes!

  11. Hi dearest Katie, its so good to hear from you again, I was beginning to worry, hope all is well and warmer on your side of the world. This just proves I know nothing about horses because I didn't even know you could shave them, lol. Love the subtle pastel shades in your beautifully feminine look! And the heels - Amazing!! We pay even more here for fuel and it does seem rather farfetched when you go to countries that produce their own gas. I believe Argentina is even cheaper! Good to have you back hun! Hang in there. Big Hug

  12. such a pretty outfit! i was wondering what the ghost referred to. what's DOTS?

  13. I had to reread a line in your post, I thought you wrote that you were going out to barn to 'shave my legs'. haha, oops! I like the contrast you've got going on between your chunky sandals and belt and the whisper-thin skirt. The colour palette feels really fresh for spring.


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