Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bombastic Boots

Bongo Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted)
JK2 Dress (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Tights
Seychelles Boots
Icing Cow Skull Necklace
JB Sterling Bracelet (Garage sale)
AE Bracelet

I need to pay attention better when I'm hitting buttons.  I meant to have Sunday's post publish on Monday since I wouldn't be around and when I logged into blogger, such was not the case.  Scheduled posting should not be this hard, the shame of becoming technologically incompetent!   I use to be so good with html and stuff and man, taking a few years away from the internet made me just forget everything.  Use it or lose it I guess, so yeah, two for the price of one posts today.

Anyho, I guess I wore a lot of black today.  Looking past through last month's posts, I realized that I wore a lot of dark colors in general, maybe I just didn't get the memo that spring was here. Oh wait, it's not!  Well, it sort of is, everything is melting and it looks really gross.  Yay, break up season in Fairbanks, such a thing of beauty.  All of my usual photo spots are either completely slush-ifed, muddy and really horrible looking so the river is sort of the last refuge for taking decent looking pictures.   Until the ice gets rotten and it becomes dangerous but hopefully the snow will be gone my then.  I'm so looking forward to seeing green grass and leaves on the trees, this winter feels like it's just gone on forever! (I know, I say that every year but it does always seem so long.)

I think I need to get up to date on what the current slang is, maybe something of this decade.  I have a terrible habit of calling people "dude" and I'm pretty sure it was only cool to do that about 20 years ago.  (I even still use gnarly but it's such an awesome word, it needs to be used in everyday conversation!)   Referencing the title though, I'm fairly sure that no one uses bombastic anymore.  See boots, I love you so much, I use a word that isn't even remotely current.

I do love these boots. So, SO comfortable and so fun to wear.  My Kirra boots that I bought at Pacsun have gotten a huge amount of wear this winter and they are showing it, I've worn the fake leather right off the backs of the boots and they're starting to look pretty ragged.  I suppose that's what happens when you pay only $13 for a pair of boots and then wear them into the ground but I liked them so much that I decided I needed a pair to replace them.  I spent a long time looking for a good pair of black leather boots but I just kept coming back to this pair, I love the thicker heel, the almond shaped toe and that they were lace ups. (Plus, the rivet circles.  So different and really cool.)  I held out and managed to get them on a really good sale and I'm so happy that I did, the only place I can find these now on the website and while they're now on clearance there, it's not as good of a price.


  1. great boots, I agree with you, they do look comfy and they must be fun to wear.

  2. so pretty boots! and that jacket looks so good on you!

  3. wow wow wow, that is one absolutely fabulous outfit! I honestly love everything about it and the all-black vibe doesn't bother me at all because the leather, studs and ruffles make it actually kind of colourful. so yeah, I love the jacket, the dress and the way you have belted it, your necklace (like always, haha) and most definitely those studded boots! I looove those a lot. I have to say it's one of your most stunning outfits, Katie. oh and the snow is finally melting, that's true and I'm already waiting for it to vanish for good! though right now it's still quite thick and annoying..

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I think all black is SO chic! The weather is so wacky here...one day it'll be warm and springlike and the next, it's freezing cold again. And I still call people "dude" too!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. The boots were totally the first thing I noticed in this post. The rivets on the side just make them so much fun.

  6. I just wrote a similar post about how I have included black in every single outfit the last month! Thank god that March is over! Now we should look forward to spring and I think my new beige spring boots might be your boots cousin! Your boots are pretty amazing, and they do make your leg look longer!

  7. katie, i adore the all black outfit! that dress looks wonderful on you and i covet those boots and jacket. as i was looking at all the snow i thought spring isn't there yet. then you mentioned that same thing. i still say dude. i am old, so that's probably not gonna change.

  8. Sad to say that this is the first time I've heard the term bombastic, but I think its the perfect adjective to describe these boots - they're rad! ;) Haha, I love the rivets added to them, they make this pair extra fun.
    Ah man, the fun transitional seasons in a place where there's lots of snow...be careful on the roads! And I hated driving here in Idaho...I can't even imagine driving in Alaska...haha!

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    Trendy Teal

  9. i love the outfit! and your hair contrasts it so well, is it natural?!


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