Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AK Party time

Banana Republic Blazer (thrifted)
Joie Silk ~Blouse (gift from my mom)
AE Pants and Belt
Madden Girl Boots
Silver Necklace from Vendor at State Fair
Effy Silver and Sapphire Ring

Wow, there just are not enough hours in the day.  I feel stupid whining about that though, so how about some pictures of my clan slaughtering some clay pigeons?

See what happens when I get tired?  I get morbid and evil.  My best bud and I use to talk about how we would want to be buried and after growing up partly in Seward and helping out with a few at Sea Burials  I totally wanted to be set on fire and thrown out of a plane out at sea, bounce off of a fluking whale and flying past a herd of tourists in all of my blazing glory.  With maybe some confetti somewhere or fireworks.  Yeah, that's going out in style.  (I don't hate tourists, this particular moment  came after an 18 hour day of many, many people asking where the penguins where, asking if they could pet the bears that would wander through town and believing me when I told them that the bunnies that lived by the docks were "Aquatic Rabbits."   And cleaning lots and lots of vomit off the tour boats.  So fun.)

Arrgh, I meant of this post to be all happy and fluffy and stuff but dude, the weirdness just can't be contained today.  In a attempt to sound half way like a normal human and not a total freak to everyone reading, these pictures are from Easter Sunday.  My family all got together  aside from my youngest sister and brother who are still off in school, and we ate a bunch of food, had an egg hunt for the kids, played with the puppy and the ponies and then we all went skeet shooting. (Little clay discs, not real birds, I promise!)  Sounds like a Normal Easter to me.

Please forgive me, I'm sure I'll look at this post tomorrow and wonder why I was so strange but hey, at least with the blog being named Alaskan Weredork, you get a little warning.  The weirdness, it comes and goes.

On another note, the spell check doesn't have fluking in it's vocabulary.  I always thought that was fairly common word since it is a whale thing, but then, most people say F-JORD rather than Fh-ord so maybe it's just a coastline/alaskan thing.


  1. Muhaha, evil clay shooting commence!
    Its quite alright Katie, everyone has those weird moods. I love the way you plan to go out - in style for sure! Definitely recommending the confetti. And fireworks. Hey, if you might as well do both.
    Anyway, that statement necklace you are wearing is soooo pretty! I love it <3

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    1. Oh, and your clan is super duper cute btw :)

  2. hey, nice photos! I love seeing photos of your everyday life, especially when those photos have something to do with animals. oh, I'm not sure if I have mentioned this but my granny has heaps of bunnies, pretty much just for fun. okay, we eat the meat too but she doesn't sell it to others. I actually have some fresh photos of the little ones so I'm going to share those sometimes. anyway, what I wanted to say was that I love seeing all your animals as well.
    and when it comes to your outfit I must mention how awesome is the combo of the blue'ish top and statement necklace. I love it!
    oh and I wrote some words about my leather sleeved bomber jacket in response to your comment. I hope the luck sent by me is already on your way ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. I had no idea that was the term for when whales did that! See, it must be a coastline thing since I'm from the landlocked part of the country. No whales in Lake Michigan.

  4. oh i was gonna ask what skeet shooting was, until i read clay discs. the visuals really helped. now if only you can get photos of the fluking. i have no clue what that or f-jording is. i would've believed you about the aquatic rabbits too. i like that blue color on you. don't i always say that? ;)

  5. Your print top and necklace make a beautiful pair, and the colour really shows off your eyes.


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