Friday, April 5, 2013

Adrift in a Sea of White

Jack by BBDakota Jacket
Old Navy Tee
Hologen Skirt (thrifted)
Pacsun Boots
Fred Meyer Tights
AE Leopard Belt

The lighting was very odd today and everything just came out very muted looking.  I suppose that works since my outfit is quite muted looking as well, all black, gray and olive green.  I can't really think of anything relevant to say today so I'll just jump on the bandwagon with one of those "Five things about me" lists that I keep seeing around.

1) I worked as a lifeguard during college and it was awesome because I worked with a cool group of dudes but it also really blew because I had to shave my legs every day and I am the master of shredding my legs.  I came to work one day with my entire leg wrapped in gaze and tape because I'd cut myself so badly that it wouldn't stop bleeding and I just had to keep wrapping it and wrapping it.I couldn't even come up with an awesome story about it, it was just like, "I cut my leg shaving and it wouldn't stop bleeding."  I still have the scar from it.  

2) Gnarliest thing I ever saw was at the pool when two guys were rough housing and one guy grabbed the other dude's nipple piecing and RIPPED it off.  You guys, bandaging up a nipple that has been ripped off's just a very unique experience.

3) I am the worst thrower ever.  In softball they always had to let me move up until I was ten feet away from the batter because I couldn't throw the ball any farther.  I'm still awful.

4)  I don't understand Twitter.

5) I love watching Jackass.  Wild Boys actually came up to Palmer to film an episode and it was awesome. I also really, really like clip shows of epic fails, Max X was the best show during high school.

So now you all know that I can't throw to save my life, I am not the person to trust with a sharp razor, modern social media confuses me and I like watching other people's pain.  I AM SO DEEP.

And men everywhere, please, don't pierce your nipples.  Just don't, no good can come of it.


  1. Bahahahaha, I cut my legs all the time btw, it's such a tiny cut with so much blood dripping from it, what the hell!?
    Haha, the nipple story cracked me up!
    I love epic fails too, do you watch Fail Compilations? They come out every month.
    And love the gray and green combo!

  2. Ack, that sounds so painful about the nipple ring! I didn't understand Twitter at first but after using it for a while, I finally got it. :) Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Being a lifeguard in AK sounds...unique!

    I shave my legs almost every day (yes, seriously) so I've gotten pretty good at not cutting myself. Which is good because if I do I'm likely to get lightheaded and almost pass out in the shower.

    My husband jumped on the Twitter bandwagon YEARS before I did. I go in spurts of loving it and feeling like it's a chore.

  4. hahaha, just yesterday we watched a show called Bizarre ER (or something like that) and there was this one guy who got a nipple piercing during a party and it didn't stop bleeding. I don't remember if it was 9 hours or more how long it bleeded until they finally sewed it. it was disgusting to watch!
    anyway, I loved that post and those cool/odd things about you. you should definitely post something like that again with new facts. btw, when it comes to shaving I remember a time when we were at a hotel and I shaved my legs and cut myself but didn't notice it at first... so after some time we discovered blood from the floors and there was a lot of it. it was like a murder scene, haha.
    okay, I also wanted to say that portrait of you is super gorgeous! and what a cool jacket that is. I like it with the grey tee.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. I think these pictures came out great! I'm cringing at the thought of the nipple ring getting ripped out. You saying you can't throw, totally reminds me of that car commercial where the dad is trying to teach his kid to throw, it's so funny. Here is it if you've never seen it:

    Have a great weekend!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. you know how to good a good impression

  7. I won't lie, I winced and kind of twinged a bit when reading the nipple ripping story...hahaha! Ah man, I'm so squeamish - I never would've been able to bandage that up.
    Also, that's the one downfall of warm weather...having to shave almost every day -_- Haha, I'm so lazy. When fall/winter comes along I'll probably get excited again because I know I won't have to spend on razors or worry about shaving :b
    Anyway, I love a good, subtlety chic outfit! That leopard belt seriously pulled everything together so perfectly. The shot of you laying your head in the snow? GORG <3 You are so lovely!
    Which brings me to part 2 of this comment: Girl, feel free to leave me novel-sized comments. I shall read every page :)
    You give me some of the best feedback and insight, I swear!
    Its true that a certain dress code that's embedded in a lot of church societies can lead to body image issues - I actually never thought of it, but now that you mention it, I can see that happening.
    And yes, there is SO much tied into this body image many differently shaped women out there with different issues, but at its core, we all struggle with the same issue.

    Trendy Teal

  8. ha-ha-ha! i have several hilarious visuals from this post. sorry about your scar. i pretty much suck at swimming. i adore your leopard belt and cameo. when do we get to see that collection? i'm such a nag. ;)


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