Monday, April 29, 2013

Winter in Spring

Vintage Fur (thrifted)
Gap Cardigan
Old Navy Tee and Jeans
AE Leather Belt
DV by Dolce Vita
Leather Handbag (no label - thrifted)
Silver Rings (thrifted)

I dropped the camera and broke the lens today.  I'm going to send it off to be repaired and while I'm pretty mad at myself, I've learned enough about my camera that I *think* I'll be okay with my other lens for a little while.  Ev's car broke a belt this morning as well and its the same deal, annoying but fixable.  (Luckily, it's just a belt so it's totally something that we can fix, we just need to go get a new one tomorrow and we can swap it out ourselves.)   To top things off, it's freaking snowing.

At least it's not June.  That snowstorm in June a couple years back really sucked the life right out of everyone and it's only April so.....

I'm still mad about the snow.  That smile is a charade.

One Track Mind

 American Eagle Shirt
J.Brand Jeans (ebay)
Madden Girl Boots
Leather Handbag (No label- thrifted)
Icing Rings
Great Northwest Hat
Pony hair on coat free of charge thanks to Dollar.  (Thanks dude.)

Well, you can tell that I was working with the ponies today thanks to how filthy I am in the pictures.  Everyone is shedding out their winter coats so it's just tons of constant brushing to keep them looking nice.  Ugh, and the monster keeps rolling in the mud.  I dislike breakup season so much in Alaska, it's just mud and filth everywhere.  Not petty at all and you can see from the clutter along the road in the pictures, we're definitely ready for Clean Up day.   The kids and I will get our bags again this year and try to clean up our little stretch of the road, it's always nice to see everyone out on that day pitching in to clean up all of the litter that's uncovered when the snow melts.   I try to keep a bag in the car during this time to pick up litter wherever we stop, it just drives me crazy how people can be so lazy to just chuck things out their windows and leave it.  It's like hey man, we're lucky enough to live in a pretty gorgeous state, pick up your garbage.

So litter bugs me but a pony hair covered coat for pictures is evidently fine.  To be honest, pony hair doesn't bug me at all, I love the smell of horses but I know some people really dislike the "earthy" smell. (I don't get it, what's better than putting your face into a horse's neck and taking a big whiff?  That's paradise right there.)

I just realized that I almost never talk about my clothes in the posts and if I do, it's just a quick mention.  A little strange for a so called style blog!    I suppose I only have so much I can say about my clothes and I'm only just now starting to really figure out this whole style thing and fit and all of that joyful stuff so I feel a little awkward talking about it.  (I'm not clever like most of you stylish ladies, it takes a while to get through my head if it's not horse related.)   So in the spirit of trying to talk about my outfit, I love these jeans so much.  It might be because they're so riding breeches inspired and I really dig darker green shades, but I love them.  I really like hats as well but it's taken me a while to figure out what really looks decent on me, I had that black fedora a while back that I kept trying to make work but yeah, it looked awful on me.  But mmm, wide brimmed hats! (And hey, they keep the sun off your face!)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Where do you go at the End of the Frozen Road

Bongo Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Old Navy Tee shirt
Belt (Came with another dress)
Pacsun Maxi (really old)
Seychelles Boots
Coach Handbag (thrifted)
American Eagle Bracelets and Necklace
Vintage Silver Rings

After trying to walking in this dress all day, I now remember why it was pushed to the top shelf of the closet. (AKA as far out of reach as possible for a shortie like me.)  I love the pattern and the fact that the dress has pockets but man, I can not walk in it.  The opening at the bottom is really small so I have to take short, mincing steps which drives me crazy because I walk really fast and the length is a little too long, I kept stepping on it.  So in short, I looked like an idiot today.  Maybe I can hem it and put in a slit for easier walking because I do really like the dress buuut.... (You know how it goes with alteration piles.  They just keep growing and growing.)

Old Man Winter is one sick dude.  We had all of that  wonderful fifty degree weather with bright sunshine and just when we thought spring was within our grasps, that grouchy old man backslapping us with a "Take that Fool!" and some more snow.

I know, I keep picturing Old Man Winter as Mr. T.  That would be so awesome.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ponies for the Win

Gap Blazer (thrifted)
Banana Republic Silk Blouse (thrifted)
Cayon River Blues Jeans by Sears
Seychelles Leopard Print Wedges
Elaphant Hangbag (thrifted)
Sears Turquoise Necklace
Silver and Turquoise Ring and Necklace, Vintage Silver Ring

I'm just posting really quickly, I'm right in the middle of reading "Trick Training for Horses" by Bae Borelle and it's fantastic.  She addresses a lot of the feelings I've been having regarding burn out in horses from riders constantly putting their horses into "the box" with requiring constant roundness and dressage work. (Or just too much work in general.)  She talks a lot about teaching your horses dressage from the ground and how easy it is to relax your horses and let them have some fun by teaching them tricks. (It's so cute, one of the tricks is teaching your pony to lay down on the ground and pull a blanket up over his head to tuck himself in for the night.)  Mom and I taught Dollar when we first got him to bow but we're going to start teaching him some more tricks now.  He was a very spooky, nervous horse when we first got him and he really didn't do very well in a strict, long lesson mindset.  This past winter we've worked on only training him for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and having the rest of the time fun or bonding time and I've seen just a huge change in him from it.  (Bae Borelle talks about this in the book as well, by training your horse in small, easy steps, he learns to be accepting towards more difficult work.)

I guess that's my little horse ramble for the day but you know how much I love to talk about the ponies.  And to anyone who works with horses or has their own, I would seriously recommend this book, it's easy to follow, it applies to ALL disciplines and it will make your pony happy.  Happy ponies are good.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gray and Blustery

American Eagle Denim Jacket and Leather Belt
Eileen Fisher Sequin Tank (thrifted)
F21 Chiffon Skirt
Suede Knee High Boots (thrifted)
Vintage Coach Handbag (thrifted)
Silver Ring

The past week it's been gorgeous  sunny and warm and then we woke up to gray, blustery and snow this morning.  Yeah, that put a smile on everyone's face.  A least the past few days of 50 degrees has reduced the snow, it's starting to be a little easier to take pictures now that most of my picture spots aren't covered in three to four feet of snow.

We put an offer down on some property that we've been looking at and we're waiting right now to hear back if it's been accepted    I just feel really anxious, it's a good little size bit of land and it would be perfect for us but I don't really want to get my hopes up too much.  It would just be so wonderful to move out of town, I think we've about had enough of the joys that go along with rude neighbors, cars speeding and wiping around corners, cops called every night to the neighborhood and being on the unsavory side of town.  I suppose it's really not that bad, I'm just so un-use to being so close to so many people.  Agh, whine whine whine.  It would be nice not to have people trying to break in once a week to sleep in the boiler room so yeah, I'm anxious and I'll just stop talking about it.

Darn, I've used up my quota of complaining about the weather and the neighbors and now I've got nothing to talk about, aside from Django Unchained being a freakishly awesome and funny movie.  Oh Christoph Waltz, I love you so. (And according to the last scene Jamie Foxx knows Dressage!  Or at least his pretty pony did.  Dude, that was a gorgeous horse.)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Under $40 Challenge

Sanctuary for Sears Jacket ($5.99)
Chico's Blouse (thrifted - $3.99)
Merona Skirt (thrifted - $2.99)
Mia2 Loafers (thrifted - $3.99)
Vintagte Coach Handbag (thrifted - $3.99)
American Eagle Cuff ($3.99)
Icing Belt ($0.50, came in a huge $5 box years ago, so 50 cents might be generous.)
Icing Ring ($2.99)

Total: 28.43 (Way under the $40 budget)

To be honest, this is not my favorite outfit.  I originally had a different jacket and shoes with this blouse and I switched them out right before we left those house which ended up being a mistake. (So much cuter with the denim jacket.)  At least it was an easy outfit to move around in with the loafers and the little bit longer skirt, I ended up not really needing a jacket for most of the day.  Oh yeah, fifty degrees is minimal clothing weather.

We were going to clip the pony yesterday but the clippers has a very small piece that was broken so Merrylegs lucked out and only got a bath.  Oh, he was such a monster!  We had the big tub all filled up with warm water and while we were filling it he jumped right on in and got himself so wet but as soon as we started washing him, he wanted none of it.  (I'm pretty sure he'd never had a bath before we got him.)  He was so angry after having his bath, he wouldn't talk or look at mom and I aside from giving us the stink eye.  He's such a pony.

It ended up being a fun day though, lots of cleaning and playing outside and I rode Dollar around and did some bareback jumping.  I'm really excited to do some cross country jumping with him this summer, he's the first horse we've had in a long time that I feel comfortable enough to race through the woods and jump logs with.  The Yukon mustang in him makes him crazy steady on his feet, he's just the smoothest jumper, has no fear of the jumps and is pretty scopey about the jumps.  I'm pretty pumped up for it and the kids have been having the best time riding Merrylegs, it's going to be fun riding the two horses together.

 Drying off and very, very grumpy about the whole thing.

 Waiting for Dinner!
 Dinner is served.
 Cleaning out the water trough since Merrylegs tries to take his own bath every morning in it.

 Dollar and Merrylegs.
 Nana and Dollar.
 Bath Time!
 Jack, the Jack Russel Terrier.  We were very original naming him, as you can tell.
 The Fort. (And lots of sticks because little kids need sticks.)