Sunday, March 24, 2013

Weekly Under $40 Challenge

Old Navy Leopard Print Coat (old - $8.49)
Old Navy Dress (old - $6.97)
Fred Meyer Tights($1.99)
Rampage Boots($13.59 super sale and coupons)
Michael Green Leather Handbag ($3.99)
F21 Spike Bracelet($3.50)
AE Rope Braclet($2.99)
Fred Meyer Wood Bracelet($0.10)
Cameo set in Silver

Total: $41.62
Over budget by $1.62

This weekly challenge is a total bust, I forgot I was wearing my cameo and that just blows the whole budget thingy right out of the water.  Sooooo, even pretending that you see the cameo but it magically doesn't enter into the budget, I still was over.  This whole having to wear-a-coat-cause-it's-still-cold is not helping, this challenge is going to seem like a breeze once summer comes around and clothes are optional.

Yeah, blog is going to be real interesting come summer time.

And on that very disturbing and untrue note, I do have a question.  Is there anything that you'd like to see me do a feature or a post on?  I really enjoy "Outfit of the Day" blogs and it doesn't bug me if there isn't much else going on but I really appreciate that you all take the time to visit and comment and if there's anything I could it to make the blog more interesting, what would it be?   I'm not really a DIY person unless we're talking kiddy arts and crafts so I won't be doing any gluing glitter to a pair of shades and throwing some rhinestones on them any time soon, I'll leave the interesting DIYs to the more talented people.  But is there anything that would interest you that I could post on or do just Outfit of the Day posts work for you?


  1. Katie,,,
    I enjoy your blog very much and like the format.
    The pictures you take against the natural landscape are so beautiful
    I would like to know how you choose some of your color combinations. I think you put some gorgeous colors together. I would never think of them and yet they work so well. I would love some information on how you layer. I struggle with it!
    I don't think you need to add anything to make this a wonderful blog.

  2. Sorry about your cameo ruining your <40 challenge but I'm glad you kept it and made it a centrepiece of this outfit. I love the prim and proper neckline created by your high collar being offset by an animal-print topper.

    As for blog features, if you're like me and have neglected clothes in your about joining me with your own 'island of misfit clothes' feature? Thought I don't think your blog *needs* anything - I love it as is!

  3. Cool blog! I think you're going to like mine too! Come by and let's follow each other!
    Stay in touch!

  4. Nice dress! I really liked Old Navy's dresses in the past but this season, I haven't seen anything I liked.

    7% Solution​

  5. My inner fashionista self is just nodding in agreement as soon as I saw this outfit. Navy dress? Matching brown belt and riding boots? Leopard coat? Red bag? YES!
    Haha, love this outfit Katie, you put together another winner in my book. Also, you can gush all you want about my hair, but girl, I am jealous of YOURS! That perfect red color...gahr, so perty *_*
    Oh, and I feel the same sometimes...I personally just enjoy outfit posts and like seeing them on other blogs too. Ha, that's all I have on mine too pretty much! Although I've been meaning to stretch my boundaries and try something else...maybe you could do a "1 item, 3 different ways" post. Show how you remix your favorites :)

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    Trendy Teal

  6. looking great, Katie! that is such a super classy outfit and I love it a lot. great layering, beautiful harmony between your hair colour and the bag, and how cool are those boots! yeah, superb!
    now, when it comes to post ideas then I think I have suggested some in the past.. at least I tend to remember so, hehe. not 100% sure about it but if I did give you some thoughts then I would be thrilled to see those posts ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. I think my suggestions were about your wardrobe..

  7. Hi Katie, just when I think I LOVED the previous outfit, you knock me over with an even greater look. I can't even dissect what I love most ...i just adore the entire outfit. The leopard print coat is so elegant and navy and red go wonderfully together. The cameo is too pretty. I would actually love to hear more about your city/state because you stay on one of the furthest places on earth from SA and to me its all so intriguing.

  8. What in the world? I am still amazed that you are able to create these cold weather outfits that require coats and layers for under $40 ( $1 over is still a success I think!) That leopard print coat is so cool. I've always wanted one but told myself that I don't need it because it doesn't get cold too much anyways. Hmmm but maybe if I move somewhere cold! But anyway, really love the cameo. It looks so nice with the collar :) Especially since the dress is navy colored, the cream (sorry, i'm really bad with colors) colored cameo goes with it so wonderfully.

    I really like your outfit of the day posts Katie! Although I think it might also be fun to see a wishlist of the season or month or something (like even books you want to read). haha I am always so curious about what other people like. And I agree with what Sam said in the above comment, hearing more about Alaska would be so interesting. I've never been there and actually haven't been more north than Toronto, Canada.

  9. beautiful photos you have amazing style darling
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  10. You are such an artist I can't believe you got everything under 40$ the dress is great but you must be freezing!
    Well I'm not really a DIY person but I love to read different blogs with mix thematic like cooking, nice places, tv Shows, there must be something you really like and you can tell us about.

  11. This is definitely a new favorite of mine! This dress is just perfect and I love, love, love it with the boots and the cameo. You've been inspiring me to get some more cameo pieces actually. And even if you were slightly over budget, that's still impressive!

    As for other posts, I know that I personally like outfit posts more than anything else. I feel like I kind of always scroll past DIY posts (mostly because I know I'll never be able to do them). Let me know if you come up with other posts! I've been struggling with the same thing lately.

  12. I popped over here again to tell you that I love your in-depth comments on my fashion roundup posts, best reading of the day! If I don't respond to your next post its because I ave left on vacation and I will catch up with you when I get back. I will miss all your outfits and great blogging!

  13. I really love your leopard coat! I wish I had one like yours!


  14. absolutely obsessed with that leopard coat! and that dress is darling on you.

    Lady à la Mode

  15. So much to love. I like the very classic feel of this and how you bring in some very dynamic elements (leopard and red for example) but they work together because they are classic elements and they can easily be remixed with so much. So, even a dollar and change over, this is a winning look for me!

    I do love outfit posts, and don't feel you should post other things just because you think you need to. That said, if there are other topics YOU want to post about, then go for it. I just like to see people passionate and interested in their topics :)

  16. Sharing a bit about your daily life is always appreciated! I like getting to know you and what it's like to live where you live. The pictures you post of the landscape are great and I like when you tell us about where you are or why you chose that place to take pictures. And, of course, stories about the horses!

    P.S. This outfit is so classy! I love the leopard with the navy and will be saving this idea for the future.

  17. holy hotness katie! yes, you look fabulous. i want that leopard coat, not that i'd hardly ever be able to wear it, here in texas. i say you do posts on what you feel passionate about! i know you love your horses and ponies. i imagine you would enjoy photographing them. you describe your life like the kinds of things you do in the barn and stuff, but i want to see images because it's so different from mine that i have a hard time picturing it. maybe that just shows my lack of imagination. anyway post what YOU WANT, as long as it feels right or authentic to YOU. i wouldn't want you to post about something just to please other people. ok?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I always like hearing feeback! (It really makes my day!)