Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Under $40 Challenge

Gap Plaid Shirt (thrifted - $3.99)
Old Navy Striped Shirt ($2.97)
Sears Polka Dot skirt ($0.19 after using a coupon)
Fred Meyer Tights ($2.99)
Dirty Luandry Boots via Famous ($20.00)
Studded Headband Icing ($4.25)
American Eagle Cuff ($3.49)
Icing Sailboat Earrings ($2.00)

Total: $39.88

Haha, I totally fixed my headband!  All it took was a ton of superglue which didn't work so well, so on it was to Gorilla Glue.   That stuff is amazing, I once glued my car's side-door mirror back on after a football accident and that sucker stayed glued for years.  (I do feel a bit of Alaskan shame though, resorting to glue where there's duct tape on hand?)


  1. Wheeee, awesome headband ^_^ Wow, can't believe this is under 40 bucks, you're brilliant. Love the plaid shirt <3

  2. Glue is definitely better than tape. :) The headband looks almost like a tiny crown - very pretty. Also really like the shirt and the 4th (portrait) photo very much.
    Hope you've been well.

  3. Gorgeous Outfit! Love your Hair Style ,great Work! <3

    Happy Friday :)

  4. I think glue is the better choice when it comes to head bands and car mirrors.

    well done with your thrifty finds!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. My husband swears by Gorilla Glue! Love the pattern mixing in this outfit! Have a great weekend, Katie :)

    The Tiny Heart $50 PayPal Giveaway!

  6. Gorilla Glue does wonders, we always have some in our house. You look so pretty, I love the polka dot skirt with the striped shirt. And I love your hair like that!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Print mixerrrr!! I love it - polka dots, stripes, AND plaid? You pulled it off effortlessly Katie. Haha, and yay, your headband is fixed :D
    Ah, so to address the book you left me.
    First off, don't worry, I'm not ticked, I'm actually pleased I sparked a very thoughtful and in depth comment on Christianity! And don't worry, I still love you too ;)

    I must agree with you on the whole one-upping that goes on in many Christian communities. Its not just on blogs - its ridiculous how much more that happens in the actual churches and "Christian" communities. Its a pride thing more than anything.
    Don't worry about offending me either about how corrupt the church is - you are so right. Its why my parents and I have at-home devotions instead now. Which is why it felt odd for me to fellowship with other Christians for the first time in what was years (referencing my recent Chi Alpha experience). I'm so sorry the church's politics that you've been to are so extreme and messed up though - I didn't know about the 17 yr-40 yr old marriages. For your two cousins to have to go through makes me so sad.
    I believe its a sign of the times of how corrupt our churches are. The hypocrisy that riddles the leaders of these congregations make it difficult to take anything they preach seriously. Unless God does a miraculous work in their hearts to change them, they certainly won't of their own accord.

    I really wish I knew you in real life too Katie, I feel like we'd be having one LOOOOONG conversation! Haha and trade shoes of course, because us size 9 girls need to stick together.

    Trendy Teal

  8. oooooooo katie, the headband with the skirt, bracelet, and stripes. i think i need some gorilla glue, but i don't know what for, yet. ;)

  9. The pattern mixing in this really works well. I also really like your hair. It is a demure look with a studded headband!

  10. it's amazing how you always manage to come out with something fresh, pieces I haven't seen (or don't remember anymore, hehe), new combinations. like this one - polka dots, stripes, plaid - perfect example of mixing patterns successfully. gosh and your accessories, once again I'm amazed by those, especially that bracelet. oh and good job with the headband. it's suits so well with all those different patterns.
    happy weekend, Katie!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. Hi Katie, your hair looks beautiful, love the styling and kudos on fixing this pretty headband! I have no idea what Gorilla glue is, but sounds like I will need it one day. Adore the pattern mixing, you always make the trend work and its something you really need to teach me how to do! Thanks for your kind comment, wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  12. you have such an amazing hair color! Also i like how you combined the polka dots and strips!

  13. Love this pattern mixing, and that spikey head band is too cute! Gorilla glue works wonders :)

  14. Wow, I loved that you didn't limit yourself to 2 patterns, but went for print on print on print! You can tell it's deliberate because you kept everything in the same colour tones, and the whole look comes together so cohesively. I'm impressed Katie!

  15. Stripes and polka dots and plaid?? All of my favorites in one outfit? Love it!

    Also, my husband swears by Gorilla Glue for so much stuff.


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