Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Forward

Old Navy Coat
Banana Republic Silk Blouse
Missono Skirt (thrifted)
Chinese Laundry Tights
Kirra for Pacsun Booties
Micheal Kors Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Green Amethyst Ring and Earrings

We've been enjoying 30-45 degrees during the daytime so it's been pretty busy at the barns. (Thus, I've been a neglectful blogger.)  Today was another busy day but I managed to quickly take some pictures. I'm surprised that they came out halfway decent, usually I'm awful about taking photographs if I'm rushed.  At least that turn-the-clocks-back-an-hour thing helped the daylight last longer, it sort of makes up for the lost hour of sleep.

Yeah, I really hate that whole daylight savings thing, it has just never made sense.


  1. I think they had a decent, scientific explanation about the daylight savings, but whatever it is, I don't f*ucking care! I hate daylight savings!!!!
    The photos are so pretty, love your haaair *_* The mint coat looks fantastic with that vintage blouse.

  2. I HATE losing that hour of sleep, but I guess it does mean more light during the day, and also that Spring is coming, so I suppose I can deal :) LOVE love love your green coat Katie, and what a pretty blouse!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Being from the southern hemisphere, I have no idea how daylight savings works, it does sound confusing. The snow is melting! Love the beautiful emerald shade of your coat, you look so elegant in the formal blouse and chic skirt, I'm liking the variance in your style.

  4. must agree with you when it comes to rushing when taking photos. I hate it too and I pretty much always hate the result. oh and when it comes to turning the clocks (back or forward) then I pretty much hate that too, haha. let's be honest, it's just an illusion and another thing to make our lives more difficult for a while (I mean getting used to the change).
    anyway, what a lovely jacket that is and I just can't believe that you find MK handbags from thrift stores! gosh, why don't we have those in Estonia?? oh well, lucky you!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. What a pretty green coat! It's been rough waking up when it's still dark out but I do love the extra daylight!

    The Tiny Heart
    Avon Giveaway!

  6. Hi Katie. I just love this outfit. It looks great on you and has a classic feel, but with a modern edge. I also love the color of the jacket!

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  8. Welcome back to blogland! I think it's actually warmer by you than it is by us. How often does that happen??

    The green coat with the darker outfit is lovely. I could totally see recreating this for work with a longer skirt and a colorful blazer.

  9. Katie, you BABE! Hot mama, I love these photos of you. Haha, your bangs, red hair, and chic outfit are just working for you girl. WORK IT!
    Haha, anyway, I know, the lost hour of sleep has messed me up so bad. Being an anti-morning person, I'm even more of a grump now. Sigh. Ah well, the extra hour of daylight is kinda nice.
    The spring weather is hitting us here too - I'm so excited I could wear a tank and shorts comfortably, I did a happy dance :)

    Trendy Teal

  10. I do appreciate the longer days. and I love the light in these photos, it's gorgeous. as is the mint coat.
    Chic on the Cheap

  11. LOVE that coat! What a pretty color. And that third photo of you is stunning :)

  12. Amazing outfit! So nice:)

  13. That coat is so pretty, I LOVE the color and the blouse's print is really cool. Did you get bangs? I feel like it looks different, but a good different! I don't get the daylight savings thing either but I think it's supposed to save energy or something.

  14. This coat and this blouse are GORGEOUS. Both just dreamy. And hooray for spring on its way! It's so weird, after growing up in CA, I never thought I'd see the day where I thought 40 degrees was warm, but I have been loving it this week!


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