Thursday, March 21, 2013


American Eagle Scarf and Pants
Fred Meyer Jacket (About five years old)
Old Navy Tee
Rampage Boots
Aquamarine and Silver Ring

I bought these pants a while back and while love the color with the stripe down the side but I have really been struggling with how to style them.  It wasn't until I saw Linda over at Trendy Teal style these same pants in her own rocker-boho style that I got the inspiration to wear these in my favorite way, equestrian influenced!  One reason why I loved these pants was because there was a bit of a riding breeches look to them and once I followed that line of thought and styled them the way I style my riding breeches, I ended up with an outfit I was really comfortable in. (Haha, granted, this look would not have flown with one of my former riding teachers, we had to wear button up shirts, polished boots and spotless breeches to lessons.  All of my other teachers were far more informal, one of them always wore pageant-type hair and pink bunny boots to our lessons.  She was freakin' awesome.)

And just in case you were wondering why there's snow in my hair(which I sure you weren't) here's why.  One of my epic goofs was finally caught on camera, most of the time I just fall on my face but this time a whole branch load on snow fell on me.  Oh yeah, that was fun.


  1. Hey dear,
    I always check your blog and wonder how you survive with such storms of snow!
    I love all these goofy pictures!Nice outfit!

  2. Haha, heeeyyyy, these jeans look familiar ;)
    Aww, so happy I could inspire! This is so funny, since I've got an outfit post scheduled to go up tomorrow featuring these same jeggings! Hehe, fashionable minds think alike :b
    Love how you wore yours - isn't it awesome how different people can style one item in different ways? I love seeing that.
    Also, the epic goof moment of snow falling on you? Priceless!

    Trendy Teal

  3. haha, I totally looove those last five photos! such a cool moment and you look absolutely glamorous while dealing with it ;) oh and nice outfit too. I think that shade of teal suits wonderfully with your red hair and the way you have included classic black is definitely the right way. and still, those last photos are fierce!!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. i didn't know you had riding teachers or lessons. i like the color of your pants too. i'm glad you made the look your own. the snow in your hair looks super cold.

  5. Those pictures are fantastic! I bet having all that snow fall in your face was freezing. I always love your equestrian outfits.

  6. I'm sorry all that snow fell on you but it made for a amazing series of candid shots!

  7. Oh man! Those photos look like you meant to take them! Too funny.

    The favorite part of this outfit for me is the stripe on the pants. It gives them just a bit of a unique edge that takes this look up a notch.


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