Monday, March 18, 2013

Plain White Tees

Old Navy Denim Jacket
French connection for Sears Tee
Sears Skirt (very old)
Fred Meyer tights
Urban Vibe Spike Bracelet and Necklaces
Icing Earrings
Talbots Leather Handbag (thrifted)
G.H.Bass & Co. Leather Loafers (thrifted)
Aquamarine and Silver Ring

I really like this outfit in person but it doesn't seem to have photograph very well.  I'm not sure what makes it look so off in the photographs, maybe it's the shoes, heels might have offered more of a streamlined look but I do like flats with shorter skirts.  (It's those cursed cankles!  Flats would look so much nicer if it wasn't for my sturdy ankles, but at least I never roll them.)

I feel bad for gloating but it really is warm enough for just a jean jacket!  Man, that sunshine feels amazing, it's so nice to have it back.  The little pony's been enjoying it as well, he just lays out in the sunshine all day long and naps.


  1. Don't worry, to me the outfit look very nice in the pictures too! However, I know exactly what you mean I often feel the same about my photos! Glad to see the sunshine. We have had sun almost three weeks in a row, and it has been wonderful! However, I think it is tricky to take photos in direct sunshine, but you seem to know how to work your camera even when it is sunny!

  2. I think your bangs has this eighties' music video vibe going on here and it's really cool! oh and I actually like how this outfit looks here. your classic blue denim jacket makes such a cool combo with the white tee (hah, reminds me of the eighties again, don't know what's wrong with me). gosh and I'm completely in love with that bag. it just looks divine :) and those loafers are really cute.
    btw, when it comes to my tattoos then actually I have quite many of them (7 separately made but some of those have made a whole for now). I've been quite an addict when it comes to tattoos, hehe.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Hahahah, finally some sunshine! :D You look absolutely stunning in this outfit. The jacket and the skirt are perfect! And your hair, oh you hair, makes me dream of long hair. You look like Ariel <3

  4. Beautiful Skirt! Love also your Jewellery :)

    Greetings from Vienna! kisses

  5. great skirt and tights and your iamges are so beautiful :)

  6. You look ready for spring in this outfit! I can't wait till I can just go out in only a jean jacket. It's been so cold here and I'm still wearing my heavy winter coat unfortunately.

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  7. Love your fiery red hair!!


  8. I hate when outfits don't photograph well :( Honestly, I think you look great! I wear flats with tights and skirts too - I like the way heels look, but I just don't feel comfortable in them.

    I'm glad it is getting warmer in Alaska!

  9. Honestly, I think it is one of my favorite outfits, recently! I love the pretty skirt with the tone down jean jacket and plain white t-shirt. So casual and yet so put-together!

  10. Love this outfit! Your necklace is awesome!

  11. I LOVE your skirt and it's perfect with those fun tights!


  12. Hi Katie.....
    Wow....this different hairstyle really changes your look! I like it.
    I also like this 'plain white tee' look, and your new blog header.

    I would love to see a picture of your lazy little pony, napping in the sunshine.
    I'm glad its getting warmer there for you; your pictures look sunnier.

  13. Haha, I hate it when that happens! An outfit is fantastic in person but somethings off in photos - happens way to often to me -_-
    But honestly, I didn't think anything was wrong from looking at this outfit post. All I'm thinking is: "OMGSH, HER TIGHTSSSS >_<"
    Hehehe, they're awesome!

    Trendy Teal

  14. hooray for sunshine, and loving what you're wearing!

  15. Love the print on your skirt - I need more patterned skirts in my closet! The denim jacket and white tee really let the print stand out. :)

  16. This outfit is gorgeous in its simplicity and your body looks amazing in it! I like how your necklace pendant echoes the curves in the print of your skirt...not sure if that was on purpose or not!


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