Saturday, March 23, 2013

Karma brings Nice Sweaters

Old Navy Parka
Fred Meyer Floral Scarf
Magaschoni Cashmere and Leather Cardigan (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters Tee Shirt, Necklace and Cuff
Icing Drusy Bracelet and Cross Earring
Pink Diamond and Gold Studs
American Eagle Oufitters Jeans (thrifted)
DV by Dolce Vita Ankle Boots
No Label Handbag (thrifted)

It has taken me four years to finally find the perfect white tee shirt.  Not too tight, not too sheer, keeps it's shape, this tee is everything I've been looking for and while I don't like to pay $12 for a tee shirt, it was totally worth it for this one.  I feel a little silly about being so excited over a tee shirt but it's exciting to have finally found one that meets my expectations.  And dude, can I just gush non stop and excessively over this cardigan?  I saw it pop up at the Salvation Army a while back in brand new condition with tags and while I just loved it, I didn't want to pay $40 for it.  (Which is cheap compared to what it originally retailed for but still, I'm cheap when it comes to the thrift stores.)  It finally hit the 75% off rack this week and you better believe I snatched it up.   Not only is it the softest cardigan ever but it's really quite warm, total bonus for me!

 I'm pretty happy, I've been very careful about only buying things that I really love at the thrift stores and being very selective in what does come home and I've found some really great things over the past few months.   Unfortunately  one day was quite depressing!   Some lady in town with a rather large wallet and fantastic taste donated her closet and it was full of Salvatore Ferragamo, DVF, Tory Burch, Oscar de la Renta and other fantastic designers, everything was priced dirt cheap and it was all TINY.  Size 7-6 shoes, size 2 clothing, oh, it was not a good day.  (Well, it was good for the wallet I guess.)  I came away with nothing but at least I repaid all of the good thrifting karma I've had lately.


  1. I am still in search of the perfect white tee, yours looks so ideal! I like the classic appeal of this outfit, everything works so well together and even ten years from now, looking back at these pictures, it will still be a timeless and modish look. Wow, can't believe people donate all their designer duds!

  2. You know what, finding the perfect white tee is definitely something to be excited over! I only recently found mine - in the Philippines, go figure. Haha, no wonder it took so long for me to discover mine!
    I looooove this outfit Katie. It fits my favorite type of style nowadays - casual pretty. The details are key. The necklace, scarf, and cool patchwork cardigan all come together to form that effortless-cool vibe! :)
    And uggghhh, don't you hate that about thrifting! Happens to me ALL the time. Its true - all the pretty shoes are sized 7 or smaller...
    Also, never fear the "Publish" button haha, I like to know the real thoughts of a person :b You're a very real person Katie, and I love getting to know you my blogger friend :) Alaska is now on my list of places to visit haha!

    Trendy Teal

  3. o m g!! why oh why don't things like that happen here in my hometown?? I mean the part about thrifting, the fabulous wonderful list. must stop thinking about it because otherwise I will just get depressed, haha. anyway, I just have to mention your bag again since I still love it a lot. and your new cardi (sweater) sure was worth the wait. looks like such an unique and stylish piece. oh and as always, I dig your jewellery too, a lot. and before I go, that list is now spinning around in my head. just crazy!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Love that second photo in particular! I really like how you wore both the scarf and necklace - I've never quite figured out how to pull that off. And yay for finding that elusive perfect white tee! I'm still hunting for mine. :)

  5. Uh, you know, you could send me that stuff you find that's not your size. Just saying :-)

    I'm still looking for the perfect casual white t-shirt. I feel like too many just get all stretched out and look sloppy. Maybe I need to check AE!

  6. it's important to feel pretty in something that fits you well. so hooray for finding the perfect white t. maybe your future thrift trips will find treasures. :)


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