Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm Mr. Blue

Old Navy Trench and Cardigan
Calvin Klein Silk Dress (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Tights
Pacsun Wedges
AE Scarf
Rachael Rachael Roy Handbag (thrifted)
Silver Ring

Most awkward picture taking day ever.  The first location I went to was really busy so I ended up over here and as soon as I had the tripod set up, everyone and their dentist's sister showed up.  It's really hard to take pictures with everyone parked right across from you, staring....

Navy really seems to be the one color that goes with everything.  It works with warm or cool tone colors, it works with neons and acts as a anchor point for crazy patterns and it flatters pretty much every skin tone.  It's also not as harsh as black and it works as a balance between a softer pastel color like this sea-foamy green dress and the stark black trench.   Its been the one color that I've tried to incorporate into my wardrobe more and more and it works really well with colors like burgundy, olive green, white and beige that are pretty dominate in my wardrobe.

I know, the title really has nothing to do with this post but I freakin' love that Garth Brooks song.  When I was fifteen I wanted to get a gray horse and have his show name be Mr. Blue and have the chorus of that one be our theme song.  Weird yeah, but my barn buddies and I had theme songs picked out for all of the barn horses.  One horses was a stopper (he would come to a halt right in front of a jump no matter what and his riders would fly over the jump, minus him) and his theme song was Another one bits the Dust by Areosmith.    I use to have a theme song picked out for Dollar but he's grown up so much over the past year that it really doesn't work for him any more.  He needs something awesome and cowboy-ish now so I've got to dig around through some of my older country albums. We've been riding him mostly bareback and in the old western saddle lately and I swear, he makes the cutest cow pony  we've been having him pony Merrylegs around and it's adorable to see the great big black horse leading the little black pony around.  (Ponying is where you're on the lead horse and you're leading the other horse.)

Se what happens?  I get started on the ponies and I wont shut up about them.  No wonder everyone starts rolling their eyes when I mention ponies, but it's so hard not to talk about their furry noses and their adorable ears! (Eeek, not to mention adorable pony knees when they jump!)

Edit Alert: I'm an idiot.  Another one Bits the Dust is Queen and I shall forever feel the shame for that.  Not like I worship Freddie Mercury or anything like that... 


  1. awww, furry noses sound so adorably, hehe. I would totally love to hug your ponies since they seem to be the cutest ones out there. btw, did you mean Queen's "Another one bites the dust" when you were talking about the stopper's theme song?
    oh and you're so right about the combo of navy blue and olive green. it does look great and your dress is such a pretty one too. and that bag is in action of course! I love that bag!!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. Agh, you're totally right! I don't know where I got Areosmith from, I have limited brain capacity at night . :P Thanks for setting me straight there!

      And ooh yes, they are the cutest ponies around. It's not like I'm biased or anything but they do have the softest, furriest noses, so fun to kiss and cuddle.

  2. Haha, your pony talks are the cutest! I can definitely see how much you love them - and omgsh, the Another One Bites the Dust song theme had me laughing :) Too perfect!
    Ugh, and I know, I HATE it when that happens. You've found a nice, remote area for photos and bam! Everyone decides to wander in that spot. So. Awkward. But way to stick it out and get some decent shots! I usually chicken out haha.
    The mint dress mixed with navy was perfect <3

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  3. Hahaha, I don't roll eyes when you mention ponies, in fact I always love your horse and Alaska related posts ^_^
    Oh darn, the staring, I hate it! We took photos yesterday in the center of town, and people stopped to stare. What's so interesting about someone taking photos damn it! I demand to know!
    I love your pretty dresses and how you combine them!!! ^_^

  4. amazing post!!!!


    follow each other??

  5. You have no idea how amazing these photos are to me! I am an Australian girl and spend all year long wishing to be somewhere freezing cold. The landscape in Alaska is so magical, it looks like something out of a fairytale!

    I agree taking blog photos IS nerve wrecking! I always get really shy if anyone stares or comments on it :P

  6. I love to hear all about the ponies! That mint dress looks SO pretty paired with navy! I took a dance class in college and the instructor would play Another One Bites the Dust while making us do a million sit ups and laugh at us. He was evil!

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  7. The snowy location looks dreamy but very cold. I love your outfit. Your dress is so pretty.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  8. Excellent points about navy!

    And you can talk about the ponies all you want. To me, they're just like giant dogs and since I love dogs of course I love ponies!

  9. i love the mint green! It is my favorite color at the moment

  10. you knew i was gonna say, what katie, i just had that song on my blog. i know you know it's by queen. ;) when you talk ponies i want to see photos of them doing all the things you mention because i don't have much reference in my brain. how about that lovely purse? i adore your dress too. i get really uncomfortable with people around while i'm trying to pose for photos. that's why i've been doing them at my house so much.

  11. Hi Katie,

    Love your dress.
    I wouldn't roll my eyes about pony talk! I love pony talk. But I do get the eye rolls when I go on and on about dance!

  12. Oh, I like this outfit, and my favorite part is the bag.

    Don't wory about talking about ponies. Talk about what you love. (Also, slightly off topic, but my boy and I were dancing to this song just the other day, so the title makes me smile.)

  13. I so agree with you about blue - it is a lovely and such a useful color! I am currently traveling and I regret that I did not bring my blue cardigan! Such a pretty outfit and handbag! I know what you mean with having people staring, a couple of times strangers has actually offered to help me to take the photos!


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