Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'll take some studs with that

Old Navy Parka, Green Cardigan and White Dress
Fred Meyer Tights and Long Necklace
Studded Leather Boots (thrifted)
RachaelRachael Roy Handbag (thrifted)
American Eagle Scarf

I HATE it when I put on a brand new pair of tights and the silly tights snag right away.  This pair of tights did that yesterday and I decided just to say screw it, get another wear out of them and pretend like I'm too cool to care that my tights now have huge holes in them.  That's a thing, right?   At least I have these boots to comfort me.  After grumbling about the excessive amount of nice shoes at the thrift store in sizes way too small for me, these showed up.  I've been saving up for a similar looking pair of Jeffery Campbell boots(not the litas, I think I'm probably too old to ride that boat) and now that I found this pair for a fraction of the price I can save the money for something else.

These boots are dangerous though.  I've already managed to stab myself with them several times and yikes, real studs are not meant for clumsy people.  I'm sort of surprised, I ended up having a lot of people comment on these boots today, usually the only time I get comments on my shoes is from old men making remarks about my Ariat paddock boots.  (I don't get it, why do old men like paddock boos so much?  Do they just feel bad for me or are they sick like that?  So many questions for a Tuesday night....)


  1. my sheer tights always do that - it makes me crazy!
    I love your white dress, you look like you are more than ready for that snow to melt!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I broke into a smile when I saw your boots. Hehe, spiky cowgirl boots? Oh girl, you know I love them!
    Although ouch, aha I see you're discovering the dangerous side of them. Gotta be careful if they're sharp!
    I can't believe you thrifted these too...seriously? Our thrift store never gets anything that cool!

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    Trendy Teal

  3. oh wow, how cool are those boots?! I can't believe you thrifted those fierce things! but hey, nice job, Katie! your bag seems to be super cool as well and it goes perfectly with the scarf. and actually the whole outfit matches incredibly well. for example that girly dress looks awesome with the leather jacket. the whole black and white thing altogether is just very cool!
    oh and I totally hate it when my tights get destroyed, especially when I have worn those only once etc. so annoying and quite bad for the poor wallet.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. I am always snagging my tights too, so annoying! This outfit has such a great contrast of the girly dress paired with the edgy leather jacket and studded boots!

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  5. Those boots are killer! Both literally and metaphorically :-) I love them paired with the white dress.

    And, yes, snags in my tights/hose are irritating as heck. Especially when they're not someplace I can just paint on my nailpolish and keep wearing them.

  6. Haha, actually it IS a thing! I had an intern in my office a little while ago and she always wore her tights snagged. It was like, her look and it didn't seem weird at all. The more snags the better for her. And she was adorable. As are you! Love your outfit, love the dress with that leather jacket!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. love your studded boots!!! they are seriously amazing!


  8. Cute printed tights!


  9. Gorgeous photos! I love your dress and adorable tights. Though you do look a little bit chilly. I'm glad you have the parka with you!

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  10. Those boots are the coolest! I love how it has the cowboy shape but it's black and has studs on it. It's like the updated cowboy boots and they look awesome :D So pretty how you wore it with the sweet heart print tights (awww, so not fun when tights snag though but the distressed look of your tights do contribute to the overall edginess of the outfit so in a way, it could be a positive thing! :D) and the pretty white dress.

  11. just think your tights are punk rock. i know i'm too clumsy for studs that are painful. i wondered if they would hurt since people don't really say. glad you found some thrifted shoes you like though. i had to look up what Ariat paddock boots actually are. i also had to look up your book you mentioned that i featured the style inspiration mist painting i had on my post. oh, and i recognized the blue song in your one title, but i didn't know it was by garth brooks. so you're educating me miss katie. ;)


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