Monday, March 4, 2013

Chasing Dinner

Stormy Kromer Cap (Christmas gift)
Gap Blazer (thrifted)
Banana Republic Silk Blouse
Kardashian for Sears Skirt
Chinese Laundry Tights
Ellen Tracy Flats (thrifted)
Michael Green Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Icing Earrings
Moose (sadly not in the freezer)

It has been the week for moose.  We were driving back home and when we turned the corner, this young bull bedded down right next to the road.  Luckily he seemed uninterested in chasing the car and took off into the little meadow behind the trees. You laugh, but we've been chased down the road before by a big bull.  The car we had at the time was smaller than the moose and the bull was apparently in a really bad mood.  (But people laugh about dinner chasing me when I tell them this story.)   Moose can be pretty aggressive up here and most Alaskans/Canadians will them a wide berth, we get a couple people every year who get trampled seriously so even though they are delicious and look cute, trying to pet them is a really bad idea. (They are delicious though!  I'm missing having a moose in the freezer this year, caribou is better tasting but they're so small compared to the moose, you just don't get as much meat from them.  Were just about out of the caribou and fish from last summer, hopefully we'll get a moose this year to fill up the freezer.)

I took a tumble on the ice the other day and messed my knee up, the swelling is finally starting to go down but I'm pretty gimpy.  Flats shoes only for me this next week. The sad part was that I was wearing practical shoes with a good tread on them when I fell.  Doesn't that just figure!  

I really like this skirt but I wish so much that it was just to inches longer.  I usually have to wear shorts under it which is a little more effort than I like to put into being appropriate   I remember back when the Kardashians first came out with their line and they were talking about this skirt in particular, about it being a great skirt for work!  Yeah, who doesn't like wearing a super short skirt to work, that's appropriate pretty much everywhere, right? least it was really Kheap on Klearance.


  1. oh, I totally considered wearing a bow blouse like that last weekend but eventually picked something else. anyway, your blouse looks super pretty next to that girly skirt (I wonder what did Kardashians mean when they said "working"..). and how amazingly cute is that bright red bag! great pop of colour.
    btw, I hope your knee is doing a lot better now (don't worry, flats are a cute option too!). when it comes to my hospital story then it wasn't about me. I just had to drive my fiance there for a small procedure and wait pretty much forever. right now things are okay :) but I just find hospitals so scary!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. you always have great skrits and dresses and I love your style and layering :) great winter images ;)

  3. Oh no, I hope your knee is better soon! That's kinda scary that people get trampled by the moose...guess they're nicer to look at from a far :) That skirt is really pretty with the lace underlay. I have a couple of skirts that are too short and I'll wear shorts underneath too!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Hahaha! Well, its only appropriate for a Kardashian family member, obviously xD
    Although it does look really pretty in this outfit post. The blouse tucked in makes it chic. Plus, loving the sunlight in these photos!
    And oh man, I was laughing about dinner chasing you too! Although I'm glad you were safe and got some pics.
    Hope your knee feels better - its pretty ironic it was when you had practical shoes. My worst fear when taking outfit photos is stumbling when I've got one of my crazy shoes on!
    And you're 5'2"? I never would've guessed! Haha, yeah, something about tall guys...I'll admit, I had a giggle picturing you and your tall man (actually, now I want to see a pic! that's awesome!)

    Trendy Teal

  5. Your bow blouse is adorable! I always love them on other people but haven't found one I like on myself.

    And speaking of knees, I'm currently icing mine because it isn't too happy after my run yesterday. At least you probably have a better story to go with your injury. Just say a moose was chasing you :-)

  6. You look stunning and I have to say that Mr Moose (or is it Ms? I can't tell from the pics if she/he has horns or not) are pretty handsome too! Germans visitings Sweden (and other foreigners too) are thrilled if they get to see a moose. But I get thrilled when I see a beautiful outfit and I just did! :-) Please, don't give Sherlock his cap back, it suits you so much better!

  7. Yikes! I would love to see a real live moose, but not if he/she is chasing me! Also, love the Sherlock cap :-)

  8. i've heard that before, that moose are dangerous. i'm glad you are safe. sorry about your slip, and your knee. i really like that skirt too. i was thinking it reminded me of a ballerina. you made me laugh about the shortness of it, and its work appropriateness.

  9. Must be SO cool to see a moose! Love the neutral skirt and blazer with the pop of red. Hope you're knee is feeling better :)

    The Other Side of Gray


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