Friday, March 15, 2013

Blown Off Course

No Label Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted - $6.50)
Jaclyn Cashmere Sweater (thrifted - $6.50)
American Eagle Outfitters Dress ($8.00)
Fred Meyer Tights ($3.00)
Mia2 Loafers (thrifted - $3.99)
No Label Handbag (thrifted - $3.00)
Vintage Fur Scarf(I think scarf is the correct word, it's really too small to be a stole) (Thrifted- $9.99)
Icing Necklace ($1.00)

Total: $41.99 - over budget by $1.99

Two confessions.
One, I really wasn't thinking when I put this outfit together so it ended up being a little bit over on my weekly Under $40 challenge.

Two, I totally stole the fur over the leather jacket from Jentine at My Edit.  Well, the idea anyways, not the actual fur or jacket.  (Although that beauty can come live in my closet any day.)  I just love that look and since I already had similar items in my closet, it was fun to try it out.   I looked up what exactly counts as a "stole" and mine fur isn't quite large enough but I'm not sure if scarf is the correct word either.

It's still blowing like crazy but at least it's not as vicious, I could actually wear a dress today and not flash the entire town.   The wind has managed to polish every surface to ice rink slickness though so walking has been a ... challenge.  It's mostly a combination of slide, fall and lots and lots of arm windmilling.  Super cool looking.

I want to say thank you so much to all of you.  I known I've been flaky and not really here the past two weeks and I just appreciated so much that you all still take the time to visit and say hi, it means so much.  You guys are just the most awesome set of ladies ever.  Thank you so much!


  1. I love how your 'budget' looks look like a thousand dollars worth, the beautiful jacket done is so luxe and posh. Adore the fur scarf, its my absolute favourite thing about this outfit, great mix in texture with the pretty skirt.Hope you're having a great weekend hun!

  2. You always look so amazing with your lace dresses done up for cold weather but I feel so off-balance when I do that with mine! I'm going to try again this upcoming week but I may just have to leave that particular niche to you!

  3. I adore your under 40 outfits - so creative and beautiful every time! x

  4. we are also experiencing some windy moments here but luckily not very bad ones. the nights are still freezing though. anyway, another awesome bag you own. your collection seems to be an amazing one! oh and how lovely are leather and lace together. definitely something worth trying. especially now when I finally managed to find something that is almost a leather jacket. not exactly though but you'll see what I mean when I finally can post about it. something always comes up when I want to start writing something. so typical but so true.
    enjoy the weekend, Katie!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Hehe, totally starting picturing the wind-milling bit and started laughing. Oh man, that's always fun! ;)
    Leeeerrrrvvvv the fur over jacket idea! I need some fur now...

    Trendy Teal

  6. Loving the sweater over the dress!

  7. It's super windy here too! So hard to get good pics, but yours are beautiful! I love the fur stole with the leather and the lacey skirt :)

  8. yikes! sorry about the crazy wind!!! is the snow starting to melt? is it starting to warm up or is it still freezing?? you look beautiful!

  9. hello blue eyes. looking at your outfits, and reading your words is a pleasure!

  10. Two big thumbs up to the fur over jacket look!! I'm a huge fan of mixed textures and lacy light-coloured dresses/skirts over dark tights so this whole outfit is right up my alley!


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