Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beware, Alaskan Alligators!

Old Navy Denim Jacket
American Eagle Dress and Scarf
Leather Belt (thrifted)
Chinese Laundry Tights
DV by Dolce Vita Boots
Michael Green Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Icing Earrings
Vintage Silver Rings

It was a good hair day and those have been few and far between lately. (Finally, the bangs decided to mind their manners and get with the program.)  Good thing it was decent hair day, it sort of made up for the very bad, no good face day, with the weather swinging all over the place my face has just been breaking out like crazy.

We were hanging out down by the river afterwards and Izzy suddenly started yelling "Alligator!  Alligator!"  Since alligators are not native to Alaska and because you should always look when someone yells alligator, I looked.  It ended up being a little river otter that was hanging out next to the bank just about 10 down from us and darn if he wasn't the cutest little guy ever.  He was messing around with the ducks and gave us quite a show for a little while.  It's funny, I never thought that I would see river otters in town but this is the third time this year we've spotted one.

It's the forth day this week that the weather has been 30 plus degrees and I am loving it.  It's so nice to just toss on a little jacket and still be warm. (Although, I was still overdressed by Fairbanks standards, we saw a dude jogging shirtless.  It hits 30 degrees in the winter and man, the clothes just come flying off up here.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weekly Under $40 Challenge

Sanctuary for Sear Military Jacket ($5.99)
MichealMicheal Kors Blouse (thrifted- $3.99)
French Connection for Sears Shorts ($3.99)
Fred Meyer Tights ($3.00)
Kirra for Pacsun Booties ($13.15, was on clearance for $18.70 but had extra 30% off.)
Icing Drusy Bracelet ($1.99)
Vintage RB Sterling Bracelet (garage sale - $1.00)
Belt that came with another pair of pants (Maybe $2.00?  They were cheap pants....)
Old Navy Floppy Hat ($3.79)
Total: $38.90

Hurrah, I made it under my budget this week.  It was warm enough today I probably could have gone with out tights, I saw quite a few people around town walking around in tee shirts and shorts.  I love it when we get these warm ups in the middle of winter but it was so warm today that everything started melting and when the temps dropped back down at night, the roads ended up being really slick. So yeah, that part isn't so great.

I've been wanting so badly to wear the shorts over tights combo this winter but this is really the first week that it's gotten either warm enough or that I've remembered! (Mind like a steel trap, that's me.  A really rusty, broken steel trap.)

Very Practical

Fleet St. Coat
Loft Sweater (thrifted)
JBrand Riding Pants (ebay)
Madden girl Boots
J.D.Hook Silk Equestrian Scarf (thrifted)
Hunt Club Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Hat
American Eagle Bracelet

Everyone has been wanting to ride now that the weather has decided to warm up into the twenties and thirties.  I ended up at one of the barns for a while today and since I was teaching and possibly riding, I ended up wearing more "practical" clothes. (I did have my riding boots on earlier but I switched to my fake riding boots afterwards.)  It's not the most interesting outfit ever and I really needed a little makeup but that's how it goes.

Izzy and Gunnar usually come with me since they love getting to visit the barns and they've come with me to work ever since they were born so they're pretty awesome about behaving.  We stopped at this park afterwards so they could get to have a little fun and after we played around up on the playground castle, we headed down here to the river to watch some of the snow-machiners.  I was taking a few pictures of everyone when two moose popped out of the woods just on the other side of the frozen river.  It scared the daylights right out of me and I managed together the kids quietly back up onto the playground castle. (It was high up and didn't have steps to it so it was pretty safe, it was too much of a dash to make it to the car and a moose will out run you any day of the week.)  Moose are pretty adorable but if they get nervous they will attack and trample you so everyone is pretty cautious around them.  I did try to get a few pictures of the moose from our safe perch but alas, the 55mm f/1.8 lens is not awesome for longer distance shots.  I need to start carrying around my other lens so I can get better landscape shots or at least a zoom option.

Ev and I ended up watching The Man with Iron Fists last night and it was pretty fun. Quentin Tarantino movies pretty much always are, they're so outrageous and crazy and I love it when Russle Crowe plays the more villainous characters, that mischievous  evil sense of humor comes out. It's fun to see Tarantino bring that out in both him and Kurt Russel. (Deathproof, I love Kurt Russel in that movie so much.  Well, I love Kurt Russel pretty much anytime, but he's especially delicious with an eye patch and a cool car.)

I am going to say sorry for any errors, it's late and I did a quick skim through but I'm a bad late-night typer.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Dressing to match the trees

Old Navy Wool Coat
Fur Scarf (thrifted)
Cashmere Cardigan (thrifted)
JCP Lace Dress
Fred Meyer Tights and Knee Socks
Not Rated Studded Heels (Very old, via Famous Footwear)
American Eagle Earrings
Icing Snake Bracelet, Ring and Studded Belt (the belt is about 6 years old by now.)
Brackets (thrifted)
Hunt Club Leather Handbag (thrifted)

 When I first spotted this bag at the thrift store I thought it was a Coach, it had a classic Coach shape, the turn-lock and the leather strap and the lining was typical of Coach leather bags before the 00's. (Now a days the leather inside is finish but I really prefer the unlined versions, I like the rough look.) It ended up being a vintage leather Hunt Club purse and while I can't really find that much info on the brand, I know it's one I've seen around.  I really love this bag and it actually hold quite a bit of stuff. (Yay!  I do love to put every single thing in the house into my purse.)  My cowlick has has had quite the attitude lately, it just refuses to lay flat and my bangs have been looking like garbage.  It might be time for a hair cut or some serious cowlick water-boarding.

It's a quick post for me tonight, Evan has the night off so we're going to have a date night at home.  There's a couple movies that just came out that look good and it's always fun just getting to have a little time to hang out with him.  (So, that explains why it's a short skirt day, it's date night!)

Sunday Practice

Sanctuary for Sear Military Jacket
Silk Blouse (thrifted)
F21 Maxi Skirt
Madden Girl Boots
Coach Backpack (thrifted)
Icing Necklace
Bracelets (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Hat

I had an idea for a story and then I just sort of lost it partway through.  Whoops, way to stay on track there girl.  I am really happy with the photos though so maybe I'll just designated Sunday as "Story/Photography practice" day.  It'll keep me trying new things hopefully and I'll be able to push through a few of the difficulties I've been hitting lately with my photography.  (I probably over think this way too much, but practice makes better.  Or at least cements bad habits.)

Kids are pretty funny most of the time, you end up having the craziest conversations.  I was in the kitchen washing dishes when Izzy came running up to me.
Izzy: Mama!
Me: Yes?
Izzy: I made a stinky!  * scrunches her face up.* You wanna smell it?

I just about died laughing.  It's like, dawww, you adorable little muffin you, gimme a snuggle.