Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow along the Fenceline

American Eagle Outfitters Scarf ($9.99)
Gap Leather Jacket (thrifted) ($14.99)
Maggy London Dress (thrifted) ($6.99)
Madden Girl Boots via Famous Footwear ($10.00)
Icing Earrings (I got these back when they did all of the peeny items in a big box that they'd sell for five dollars, with how big the boxs were, these really were about a penny!)
Fred Meyer Tights ($3.99)
Outfit Total: $45.97

This leather jacket is one of my favorite finds at the second hand store.  It's really beautifully cut and real leather for only a few dollars is always an awesome thing.  (When I checked out their site Gap leather jackets were retailing for $298.)  This is dress is pretty fancy for me and I've had it hanging in the closet for over a year, waiting for a "fancy" event or something to wear it to. Yeah, those don't happen that often up here, even at the nicest restaurants in town Carharts are perfectly respectable attire. (Which is actually kind of cool.)

I haven't done any of my weekly outfits price challenges in a while but I did want to sort of bring that aspect of the blog back.  My budget is pretty tiny month to month so any shopping I do is either on major sale, clearance or at the thrift stores.   I try really hard not to buy trendy items since my money won't go too far that way and I'll end up with a closet full of stuff that's not really cohesive.  Even though this isn't my cheapest outfit ever, it is comprised of items that I either wear all of the time, like the scarf, jacket or boots or the dress which is actually really easy to remix.

I'm going to start again once a week trying to create a outfit for $40.  I did have my challenge originally at $30 but with how much I need to layer during the wintertime, that really is a challenge.   I know most of you ladies are already amazing bargain hunters so this is directed more at myself as a challenge so I'll not just wear the same items over and over again.

And as a side note, once again I'm sorry about the screwed up belt placement! I always try to take pictures really fast in the winter since it's cold and I don't always pay attention or look to see if stuff move around.  Sorry, it does look a little sloppy and goofy like that!


  1. you can not beat beautiful thrifted leather pieces, and this jacket is gorgeous!
    I adore the print on your scarf as well!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Holy crap, how did you manage to take off the jacket without dying on the spot because of the cold temps? Love the dress, it's so pretty, and I must say every time I see something on your blog, I really do want to go out and buy/steal/borrow something that is the same, but since you thrift for it, no such luck! The scarf, oh that scarf, it's gorgeous, and timeless. I know what you mean as far as not spending too much on trendy items, usually I have to reincorporate them into my wardrobe, store them away for a couple years later, or sew them into something else entirely.


    ou're right. We. Are. Style. Twins. Enough said, the moment I saw the polka dot cardi and those boots, I almost cried in envy! They're perfect and I love the way you brought everything together with the bright red skirt.



  3. Goth chic! That dress is superb Katie! It has a little bit of a dark edge to it, and looks great on you!
    My budget is considerably nonexistent right now, so I know what you mean :D

  4. I love the black and white! Your hair just pops and you look gorgeous!

    Pearls & Paws

  5. Katie, are you crazy?? :D it was probably super cold outside and you're almost naked! I hope you didn't catch a cold after that.
    anyway, I adore the layering here! all that lace and sheer fabric looks stunning next to the tough leather (I want myself a leather jacket too but don't have one yet). your scarf is beautiful btw and the whole outfit is just gorgeous.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Look at YOU in that dress Katie! SO pretty :) Loving all the black and especially that leather jacket. Good luck with the challenge :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. you look really lovely ^^

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  8. I am in love with that dress on you! So pretty :)

  9. I love the mix of textures with the leather and lace! I am really interested to see the outfit challenge :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  10. Great way to remix the dress! I bet it would look lovely with a sweater or a cardigan over the top, too.

  11. Ohh... that is a beautiful dress! And you did a great job of dressing it down, and still look fashionable! I also need to challenge myself to not wear the same thing over and over again, and dressing below a certain amount is a great idea! I look forward to your post on the topic!

  12. Hi Katie! Thank you for your lovely comment - I have just texted her to tell her, she is thrilled and says thanks! I am a massive fan of the girly rock type style, this look has impressed me so much, love the delicateness of the beautiful lace dress paired against the tougher biker jacket. You look especially stunning in the pic without the jacket (you very brave gal) You find the most amazing second hand pieces, wish we had those types of stores here. I also prefer in investing in classics rather than trendy pieces, they last longer.

  13. I love the dress under the jacket. It looks fun and allows you to wear it for a less formal event. I can't believe you took the jacket off for the photo, though. I enjoy looking at the outfits you put together, even if thrifted. It inspires me to be more fashionable.

  14. Amazing finds, really love the dress! Seems like this will be a great challenge for you. :)

  15. Your dress is so beautiful, I love the semi sheer tulle with the edgy leather jacket! I love how the all black outfit still looks really awesome with the mix of textures :) And that scarf seems so versatile, I see you wear it all the time and it makes me wonder why I don't wear scarves more often haha. I think I should try to not buy so many trendy items too. Even just some of the trendy things I bought last year, I realize this year that it is totally unnecessary.

  16. A price challenge is such a fun idea! I love the detailing on your dress!


  17. I love the all-black with the pop of white! What a gorgeous leather jacket & I can't believe what a great deal you got!!

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  18. Whoo hoo, I'm not the only crazy who wears practically strapless dresses in the snow! xD Haha, you are looking gorgeous in that lacy dress, and I love how you made it work perfectly for a day look. The leather jacket (holy cow, major score!) and print scarf were just right to make it more casual :)

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    Trendy Teal

  19. Katie - that dress is all kinds of wonderful on you! :) Yay for wearing those nice things that just languish in the closet. ...I think I need to declare a week in February Fancy Dress Week and wear all my too-pretty-for-everyday dresses. I love your $40 outfit challenge and can't wait to see what other amazing things you've thrifted and how you put them together. :)

  20. What a gorgeous outfit! It goes so well with the beautiful snow background (which I'm jealous of, by the way- I never get snow where I'm from!). And I can't believe that the whole outfit was such a good price! That's awesome!

  21. katie, let's talk about how you look like a princess or a ballerina in a degas painting! i didn't even notice the belt the 1st time i looked, so i had to go back and check again. it's gonna be fun to see your new style challenges. :)


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