Thursday, January 3, 2013

Not just a one trick pony

Old Navy Faux Leather Jacket
Gap Plaid Shirt (thrifted)
Fred Meyer Lace Top and Polka Dot Pants
Old Navy Scarf and Boots
AE Leather Bracelets

That's right, I know at least three.  Roll over, fall down and...... yeah, that might be it.  I tried to at least break out of the dress/patterned tights rut today but that silly brown leather jacket stuck around.   I do think I've finally figured out how to wear these wedge boots I got last year, wear them with pants! (Because these boots and skirts just don't play nice together,  maybe if I had longer legs it  would work, but it's just too stumpy a look on me.)

It's kind of crazy how popular plaid is this year.  I ran into Sears yesterday for some gloves and there was plaid everywhere.  This is kind of normal in the women's or the men's Carhartt section, but this was in the juniors, one entire wall just covered in plaid.  (Some duct tape in there and I would have thought it was the set of RedGreen.)   I suppose plaid is the new camo, outdoor stores are suddenly going to be very trendy and popular to shop at!  See Cadela's?  You'll finally step out from under the shadow of L.L.Bean and Carhart and be one of the cool kids now!

I love these silly polka dotted jeggings but I really am just not a fan of the unfortunate fading on the backside.  Why would you do that to a pair of pants?  Where is the "I was playing with flour and wiped my hands all over my butt" look cool?  Am I just missing the memo here?  Why am I asking so many questions? Rarrr, it's time to act angrily confused like Mark Walberg!

And this is why it's called "An Alaskan Weredork."  Halfway normal during the day, demented and weird once the hour grows late.  I need to not post at night.


  1. Hahaha! Oh Katie, I love your "Weredork-ness" on this blog - that's why you're one of my fave bloggers. Your so funny and real :)
    Plus, incredibly stylish - especially considering the weather you face! Way to mix it up with pants today too, and I certainly don't blame you for wearing that jacket again ;) Its perfect!
    Also, I've never played guitar anywhere except in my bedroom lol. But maybe once I post a song and get some feedback I'll try playing somewhere more public....maybe. Lol

    Trendy Teal

  2. Love that plaid is so popular right now! And your flour comment made me laugh...I used to have a pair of pants like that and I feel like my hubs made a similar comment about the fading :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Such a great look! I think the boots would also look nice with boyfriend style / loose fitting jeans, rolled up a little bit, so the ankle is showing.
    Love the scarf and jewelery very much and adore the plaid shirt. I still don't have any, but they are so lovely, especially in blues and reds.
    And the fading effect on the jeans... :) Yours look pretty good, actually. I once bought a pair (and yes, what was I thinking!!!) with faded patches on the back that look absolutely horrific! Needless to say as soon as I saw myself from the back, jeans had to go... It was THAT bad.


  4. I really like those wedge booties and especially when they're combined with the matching jacket. the whole thing looks very good! your scarf adds some colours and those classy blue jeans are simply something I've started to like recently on myself too. I remember I used to think I should not wear jeans very often but now I really feel like they're such a great item in my wardrobe. you can wear them with practically anything!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. I'm very happy that plaid is in! It's rather annoying when jeans fade where you don't want them to!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Haha, rise of the outdoor stores! You look super cute in plaid. Happy new year, cheers to an amazing 2013! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. Pants! And polka dot ones at that! I don't think the fading on the butt looks bad in the photos. Maybe it's more noticeable in real life?

    I really like the plaid over the lace top. Again with your rustic romantic style :-)

  8. Second picture is perfect :) Like fairy taile. I like how you match diferent texture and prints and I adore plaid shirts

  9. This look reminded me that I need to find a suitable plaid shirt, I like how you always so effortless mix prints. Uh oh...I know what you mean about the fading jeans (I've had some experience), it just draws attention to all the spots (mind the pun) to shouldn't, lol.

  10. P.S Just read your super kind comment, thanks about the mention of sales if only Barneys or Bergdorf would hire me....sighhh ;)

  11. Love the polka dots on the pants, but I agree about fading on jeans. Jeans should just be left alone with no fading. I'm so proud of you for doing something different--maybe it'll rub off on me :)
    Libby at

  12. Oh man, it looks freezing! But props to you for looking so stylish in that weather! I love the polka dot pants. I do agree that the whole fading pants thing does not make sense. What are these people who make pants thinking?? Anyway, I just found your blog and I'm definitely a new follower!

  13. katie q, you're a funny girl! the mark w comment is the best. you look adorable in your hat, the scarf, and yes the boots too. :)

  14. Totally masterful and playful mix of prints. I have a pair of flare jeans which fit wonderfully but have the same weird fading ... I don't know why anyone would ever decide to put it there! :)
    p.s. That second photo of you is stunning! Like put-it-in-a-frame stunning. :)

  15. I give the booties with the jeans two thumbs up! I like the nonchalant slight rolling of the cuffs.


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