Thursday, January 3, 2013

Heap on the condiments (relish needed)

Old Navy Coat
Handmade Scarf (Christmas gift from my sister.)
Jessica Simpson Jacket (thrifted)
J.Crew Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
F21 Skirt (thrifted)
AE Heart Tights
Rampage Boots
F21 Spike Bracelet
AE Twine Bracelets
Vintage Silver Rings

I didn't realize until after I'd finished taking pictures that I resemble a hot dog with a hardy slathering of ketchup and mustard.   But no relish?  Such blasphemy!

I did like the olive green jacket with this skirt and sweater but it doesn't seem to have photographed as nicely as it looked in the mirror. (The evil thing could just be lying to me again.)  The whole outfit looked even cuter with my brown leather jacket but I figure there should be at least one day this week I don't wear it.


  1. oh my, what a scenery! absolutely picturesque! and I can see you already experience more daylight there. a lot more, to be honest!
    and your outfit is adorable. I love everything about it. especially that cheerful jacket. looks like warm sunshine that I crazily miss. and when you mentioned hot dogs my mind started giving me flashes of those in my head, haha, and I feel SO hungry now!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Great Post!

    Love your bright jacket :)

    Have a wonderful weekend ! :)

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  3. Brilliant title - made me laugh! :) But frankly, this yellow is such a beautiful sunny shade and makes winter feel totally different, sort of "happy winter". x

  4. Haha, is it bad that now I'm kinda craving a hot dog? I love the yellow is so bright and cheerful on a dreary winter day!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. I am so jealous of your collection of patterned tights! They're the bomb. Love your fishtail braid too:)

  6. I think it photographed beautifully! And those boots make your legs look really long.

    Kudos to wearing red and yellow together, too. So many people shy away from it for the very reason you stated but it looks very bright and cheery. Also, did your sister make that scarf??

  7. Hi dear :) I love you blog, I'm definitely following :) Hope you stop by at my blog too and follow back if you like it :)

    Mia :*

  8. Great yellow coat :) great pictures like always :)

  9. :D You don't look like hot dog! And even if you do, you're a damn stylish hot dog.:D Cool spike bracelet too.

  10. ha-ha-ha for the best blog post title of the day! i wish i had a sister to make me a handmade scarf. ;)

  11. you shine so bright in the yellow in the snow- what an amazing trip! I'd love to visit there one day too :)

  12. Not a hot dog!!!! Wheeee, yellow, my favorite! You look superb! So bright, like a sun among gray snow! ^_^

  13. Ohmygosh Katie, i had such a good chuckle at the title of this post! What would I do without you? Your outfit looks very appetizing (if I had to go with the ketchup/mustard theory). You always find the prettiest printed items> I need to be more adventurous with patterns. Thanks for your super sweet comment!

  14. loveeee the color of the coat:)
    Do check out my blog and lemme know if u wanna follow each other:)
    Hugs from India

  15. The yellow jacket is so cherry; you are like a dose of sunshine in the midst of a frosty winter!

  16. Your yellow coat is stunning and I love your boots!


  17. haha I LOVE the title of this post! The bright yellow coat with the red scarf is so cheerful and the printed triangle skirt is so cute. And woah the tights are heart printed. From the far away it looks like polka dots, but that's so cool that they are hearts. And ooo I love the snowy branches and the frozen pond/lake pictures, it's breath-taking! I haven't seen snow in so long.

  18. I am mildly obsessed with that yellow jacket - SO cute! And I've definitely worn ketchup, mustard and relish before :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  19. Love the bright colors, even with your food comparison, lol. I often think my mirror is lying to me just so that I can leave it alone, but whatevs. I really want your spiked bracelet...and cool red scarf...and heart tights! OMG what am I going to do, I'm not suppose to be shopping! Haha, I might have to break that promise to myself soon.


  20. Wow I love this outfit! That coat is amazing... and all thrifted! Perfection! I think the green coat photographed nicely, and I hope you are okay. I heard there was an earthquake in Alaska along with some oil rig problem!



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