Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fog over the River

Fleet St. Puffer Coat
Old Navy Yellow Coat
American Eagle Outfitters Scarf and Jeans
Gap Cardigan (not pictured)
Pink silk Blouse (thrifted, not pictured)
Handbag (thrifted)
Madden Girl Leopard Boots via Famous Footwear

I broke my tripod today.  I was trying to adjust it and I snapped right in half.  While I'd like that this might mean I'm the next reincarnation of the Hulk, minus the green complexion and questionable personality, it was really due to the cold than my super strength   We hit -42 below this morning and it had warmed up a tiny bit but it was still too much for my poor tripod.  I guess I know now why the professionals in Alaska buy those nice metal ones and not the cheap plastic Fred Meyer ones.

 Anyways, this means I never got past my second layer there's no photos of my actual outfit.  It's a really pretty pink silk blouse with my gray Gap Cardigan over it and it's adorable.  First outfit that I really love this week and I didn't get even one picture of it.


  1. Awww, too bad about the tripod. I would have loved to see your underlayers. Guess you'll just have to wear it again soon ... ;)
    The yellow coat is great with the black and white scarf and leopard boots!

  2. I love those cheetah print shoes! That sucks that your tripod broke though!!
    Almost Endearing

  3. Aw man, that sucks! :/ I agree with Carrie though, just means you'll have to wear it again aha. Hope you get the tripod replaced soon!
    I was quite happy to see those awesome leopard booties, and then BAM you put on that neon yellow coat - I love it!

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  4. Hahah, damn! R.I.P poor tripod!
    Your fluffy jacket for -40 freakin cold, is so so cute :D
    Of course the mustard coat is very chic, perfect with your red hair :)

  5. Well....I like the layer I can see! Love that bright yellow. The thing that I'm wondering is if you had a cold wet bottom after sitting in the snow? I would find that very uncomfortable!

  6. Aw, I'm so bummed for you about your tripod! I have a metal hand-me-down but one of the legs only retracts half-way so it's kind of useless. so annoying eh?

    You can't even tell you've layered jackets here! I tried that for the first time this winter and it's great for keeping your core toasty. Look forward to seeing your whole outfit on another occasion!

  7. I have a similar yellow coat from Old Navy. Haven't broke it out yet this winter. Maybe this week.....

  8. Well in -42 below maybe it's for the best that you didn't get down to your main layer? BRRRR! Your poor tripod, I think that cold would break me in half! Love the yellow coat and leopard booties combo!

  9. oh my, that yellow coat looks like true sunshine! so cute! and I think yellow looks especially nice with leopard print. great combo! and I still adore that bag.
    so sorry about your tripod btw. I haven't even had one but would definitely like to.. one day. I hope you'll get a new one soon and can then show us your pink blouse.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. This outfit is beautiful! I LOVE the leopard print booties and the yellow coat :) It is so bright and fun, especially on such a cold day. (-42 degrees?!) And the the scarf has such a cool print, it's like stripes+watercolor, it goes so perfectly with the yellow coat. oh no, that's too bad you didn't get to take pictures of your outfit without the coat, but that just means another outfit post with it for a warmer day riiight? :)

  11. I'm sorry about your tripod :( i love the color in this outfit and the print on your scarf is gorgeous!


  12. Love the color of your pants--especially with the yellow coat, the color looks amazing! And arg, no fun about the tripod! Sometimes stuff that's supposed to make our lives easier just doesn't work out so well!

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  13. Great post !!

    Wow love the pop of yellow and love your leopard boots girl !!



  14. Sorry about the tripod :( But I love love love your yellow coat - it's so cute and fun, and perfect with those leopard shoes!

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. Pretty! Love that scarf, and that photo of you sitting down is gorgeous.

    Sorry to hear about your tripod - I recently had to replace mine and definitely upgraded to something sturdier than what I had before.

  16. Aww no, sorry about your tripod, is it fixable? I don't know the first thing about tripods or cameras. Ohmy, -42 degrees, is that Celsius? Yay for the sunshine yellow coat, I never appreciated the beauty of this shade until seen here placed against pristine white snow! Loving the leopard shoes and mixed print scarf. Thanks for your wonderful comment...its always a pleasure to read.

  17. OH NO. Hope you get a better tripod soon!!! SO all your talk about -42 is making me laugh right now because it's about 52 right now here, and I am being ridiculous at how freezing cold I am. I cannot imagine how I'm going to survive being up there to visit. And yes yes yes, I am going up north to visit fam for a couple weeks. I'm hoping to make it up to Fairbanks sometime to visit some friends,too, but it all depends on how awful I've become at driving over ice. Will definitely let you know!!!!
    ♥ laura
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  18. Oh no! Sorry about your tripod, that sucks! You can start old schooling it like I do and set your camera on high surfaces because you're being resourceful, NOT that you're just too cheap to buy a tripod. Not that I do that. Ever.

    I love love love this yellow jacket and I love it even more because you paired it with plum pants (I just like the term "plum pants"). Also, your scarf. I love that too. You'll have to re-wear that outfit for us, it sounds adorable!

  19. boo to the broken tripod, and us not getting to see your favorite outfit of the week. hooray for yellow looking pretty on you!


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