Thursday, January 31, 2013

Velvet and Silk in the Snow

Jo^n Velvet  Blazer (gift from my aunt)
Joie Silk Shirt (gift from my mom)
Seigel Silk Shirt (thrifted)
Old Navy Scarf
Chinese Luandry Tights
XOXO Shoes via Famous Footwear
Vintage Cameo on Aquamarine Beads, Turquoise and Gold Ring
No label Handbag (thrifted)
Icing Belt

I  got really frustrated taking photos today, I was having the hardest time getting any pictures that weren't completely blurred out and everything looked very flat.  It really didn't help that in the only halfway decent pictures I was making the stupidest derp faces ever.   I felt so angry at myself so taking such a large step back  with the camera and then when I got home, I realized I had the shutter speed set on the lowest possible setting.  Welllll, that explained a little, I'll have to try to redeem myself tomorrow.

I'm trying to shake it up a little with the colors I choose to wear and pair to together.  I feel like I got stuck in a little bit of a style rut this past month and a half and just wore outfits that were mostly in my comfort zone.  So many dresses with patterned and colorful tights!  I need to figure out how to wear jean and pant based outfits that don't feel repetitive or boring so I guess that will be another challenge for this month. 

I thought about doing this outfit as a price challenge but it's not really a fair one since a few of the items are things that were given to me.  Unless I'd found them in a thrift store, there's no way this blazer and silk top would have fit into my normal budget so  I think when I do my weekly price challenges, I'll try to stick to items that I find either in the thrift stores or on clearance.  Gift items are sort of cheating and not really in the spirit of the challenge.

We're trying to finish up the barn this week, one of my brothers has some time off and since he's the really tall brother, he's going to come in handy getting the roof beams up!  (More helpful than short me, that's for sure.)  I'll try to get some pictures of the barn and cute little Merrylegs and Dollar.  They both got their hooves trimmed up last night so they're feeling good and frisky right now!

Whew, I was a little chatty tonight.  

Match your Outfit to the Background

Old Navy Coat
Gap Leather Jacket (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters Scarf
French Connection line for Sears
Fred Meyer Footed Leggings, cut to thigh highs
Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes (thrifted)
Micheal Kors Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Cultured Pearl and Silver Earrings
Effy Sapphire and Silver Ring

Yikes, I had this typed up and tada, deleted it.  Smooth Katie, smooth.

We've had a huge warm up in the weather the past two days, it's back up from -45 below to a
tropical feeling 10 above today.  It felt so wonderful, that last burst of cold weather left me thinking hateful things about the snow and wishing for winter to come to an end.  (Yeah, that's not going to happen, we've got three months at least left.  Bummer.)

I've always wanted to try thigh high socks and since I figure I've got a very, very small window left to wear them before I'm too old for that party, I gave them a try today.  I can never find tall socks that fit me so I cut up a pair of leggings, while they're sort of cute, the silly things kept falling down.   I think that might be it for me with those but it was fun to give it a try and wear something different for a change.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snow along the Fenceline

American Eagle Outfitters Scarf ($9.99)
Gap Leather Jacket (thrifted) ($14.99)
Maggy London Dress (thrifted) ($6.99)
Madden Girl Boots via Famous Footwear ($10.00)
Icing Earrings (I got these back when they did all of the peeny items in a big box that they'd sell for five dollars, with how big the boxs were, these really were about a penny!)
Fred Meyer Tights ($3.99)
Outfit Total: $45.97

This leather jacket is one of my favorite finds at the second hand store.  It's really beautifully cut and real leather for only a few dollars is always an awesome thing.  (When I checked out their site Gap leather jackets were retailing for $298.)  This is dress is pretty fancy for me and I've had it hanging in the closet for over a year, waiting for a "fancy" event or something to wear it to. Yeah, those don't happen that often up here, even at the nicest restaurants in town Carharts are perfectly respectable attire. (Which is actually kind of cool.)

I haven't done any of my weekly outfits price challenges in a while but I did want to sort of bring that aspect of the blog back.  My budget is pretty tiny month to month so any shopping I do is either on major sale, clearance or at the thrift stores.   I try really hard not to buy trendy items since my money won't go too far that way and I'll end up with a closet full of stuff that's not really cohesive.  Even though this isn't my cheapest outfit ever, it is comprised of items that I either wear all of the time, like the scarf, jacket or boots or the dress which is actually really easy to remix.

I'm going to start again once a week trying to create a outfit for $40.  I did have my challenge originally at $30 but with how much I need to layer during the wintertime, that really is a challenge.   I know most of you ladies are already amazing bargain hunters so this is directed more at myself as a challenge so I'll not just wear the same items over and over again.

And as a side note, once again I'm sorry about the screwed up belt placement! I always try to take pictures really fast in the winter since it's cold and I don't always pay attention or look to see if stuff move around.  Sorry, it does look a little sloppy and goofy like that!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Down the Ghostly Avenue


Sears Shearing Coat (About 10 years old and the warmest coat I own.  I really need to fix the zipper.)
BCBGeneration Jacket (thrifted with brand new tags on.)
Olive Tee Shirt (thrifted)
F21 Maxi Skirt
Madden Girl Boots
Vintage Cameo on Aquamarine Beads
American Eagle Outfitters Scarf

It's freezing cold and foggy so being the sane person that I am, I went outside and took pictures of my outfit.

That just sounds so ridiculous.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fog over the River

Fleet St. Puffer Coat
Old Navy Yellow Coat
American Eagle Outfitters Scarf and Jeans
Gap Cardigan (not pictured)
Pink silk Blouse (thrifted, not pictured)
Handbag (thrifted)
Madden Girl Leopard Boots via Famous Footwear

I broke my tripod today.  I was trying to adjust it and I snapped right in half.  While I'd like that this might mean I'm the next reincarnation of the Hulk, minus the green complexion and questionable personality, it was really due to the cold than my super strength   We hit -42 below this morning and it had warmed up a tiny bit but it was still too much for my poor tripod.  I guess I know now why the professionals in Alaska buy those nice metal ones and not the cheap plastic Fred Meyer ones.

 Anyways, this means I never got past my second layer there's no photos of my actual outfit.  It's a really pretty pink silk blouse with my gray Gap Cardigan over it and it's adorable.  First outfit that I really love this week and I didn't get even one picture of it.

Race the Sun

Old Navy Parka
Fred Meyer Hat and Scarf
Sears Cardigan
J.C.P. Faux Leather Peplum Top
Pacsun Maxi Dress
DV by Dolce Vita Boots
Handbag (thrifted)

Show of hands, who  did this when they woke up to this winter storm?

At least this blast of cold and awful winter weather gets an awesome moniker like "Winter Storm Khan."  I hope you all took advantage of this down there in the lower 48, there will never be a better time to run outside and yell "KHHHHAAAAAN!" at the top of your lungs.  For those of you who didn't take this once in a life time opportunity, I made up for it today.

Delightful references aside, it was a monster today trying to get photos.  I lost the light by the time I was able to take pictures and it was so cold, a lovely -36 below that I didn't want to stand around and figure out the focus.  I hate focusing the camera, I always pick photo spots that doesn't have easy focus references and it takes forever.  I need to carry around a stick man to help me with the camera focus.