Friday, December 7, 2012

Winter path

Fred Meyer Hat, Scarf, Leggings, Boots and Gloves
Columbia Leather Jacket (birthday gift from my parents years ago.)
UK Style by French Connection for Sears
Urban Vibe Lace Dress
Craft-fair Purse (Christmas gift my my youngest brother a few years ago.)

My first and last time ever wearing these stupid leggings, they're warm but the legs are two different sizes and the waist is huge so they fall right down around my knees.  Arrgh, I hate spending money on something that ends up being such a fail, I think I'm just going the chop these off at the knees and use them as trouser socks for my riding boots and jodhpurs.

This is a really cool little corner by Creamer's Field  it's the start of a little path that winds around the field and is so gorgeous in the snow.  (It's a pretty fun hike as well, I've taken the kids on it a few times in the summer and they love it.)  The pictures were taken right about two in the afternoon so the was very little natural light left but at least snow helps out with the low light conditions. 

I guess this is my version of winterizing a lace dress, leggings, a sweater and a nice thick leather coat, I was so tempted to wear cranberry tights with this.  (It's not like cranberry tights are my safety zone of anything.)


  1. Wow, these photos are gorgeous - I love the setting! Those ice covered trees create a magical, winter background <3
    Ha, and I'm sorry about the leggings not working out. I hate when that happens! :/

    Trendy Teal

  2. Your photos are always so gorgeous.
    I love the lace dress and the unexpected pop of teal!

  3. Blah, I have the same problem with one of my pesky pair of leggings, I think they'll eventually fall to the grownd and emberass me :-D Wow, awesome colorful bag ^_^

  4. another amazingly beautiful place! I like those photos a lot.
    sorry to hear about those leggings. leggings/pants/tights that fall down are the most annoying things ever! but your lace dress is absolutely gorgeous!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. katie, your lace dress is heavenly. i like it with the boots, and the scarf. your purse is the perfect amount of boho. cut those wretched leggings! i loathe when things don't fit me properly or are uncomfortable either. :P then it's into the donate pile they go.

  6. The first picture of you among the trees is so lovely! What a great backdrop.

    And the legs on those tights are two different sizes?? How in the world does that happen. No wonder they don't fit right.

  7. Bummer the leggings didn't fit right, I love their color!

  8. I do like the way you layer things - looks really good! And the skirt is just lovely.
    Shame about the leggings. Can imagine how frustrating it is.
    Have a great day!

  9. Hi doll, the leggings are not stupid, they look perfectly fine from here! And the bag brings out the colour so well. Love how you added the beautifully feminine skirt to this look, so pretty!

  10. Great look, I love your lace dress !!



  11. Those leggings sound awful! Love the lace dress and how you winterized it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. loveeelyyy.. love the skirt:)
    Do check out my blog and let me know if u wanna follow each other!:)
    Hugs from India

  13. Aw I am sorry those leggings didn't work out! They are really cute on you. :) I think they would look good as socks. I am also loving your lace dress!!


  14. these are such beautiful photos! I'm always envious seeing such lovely pictures of snow, we don't really get it over here.


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