Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow covered road

Old Navy Coat (Christmas present via giftcard)
Gap Cardigan
American Eagle Outfitters Dress
Fred Meyer Tights
Fred Meyer Scar (gift)
Me Too Oxfords
Pacsun and AE braclets
Vintage Diamond and Gold Necklace
Rosetii Handbag (Christmas Present)

On the other side of this little road is one of the city's snow dump area, a little Subaru was spinning donuts in it and almost slammed right into one of the large snow piles.  Dipstick.  Oh yeah dude, you're almost as cool doing donuts in your Subaru as the guys who paint racing stripes on their Neons.   So, so cool.

So yes, that first picture is me watching the men being so manly and awesome in their little car, I was hoping they weren't going to drive around the back and racing down the road. (Which they did.  Of course.)    I'm just a big grump when it comes to stuff like that, someone ran into our car last year in the Sears parking lot doing donuts, left a huge dent in the side so the door wouldn't open and then raced off before I could get his license plate.  Grrr.

I was really inspired by this outfit of Libby's, the blush pink and the gray sweater is such a fantastic combination and I was so excited because I knew I had items in my closet that were similar.  I think this is one of my favorite outfits now, this sweater is another garment that I constantly wear, it's also the first and only item that I've ever bought new from Gap.  (Gap was high class stuff when I was growing up, that and Holister.)   I love this cardigan so much, to think that I almost set it back on the rack!

During Christmas my family roasted a huge turkey, mom and I split the carcass so we could each make chicken(turkey) noddle soup.  It's one of my favorite recipes that was passed down from my great, great grandmother who immigrated from Germany, it's cheap to make and feeds a ton of people.   I roast a chick usually once a week and always save the carcass to make my own stock, it's cheaper than buying canned stock and it always tastes better.  (I suppose there's a cheap theme here, a whole chicken is cheaper per amount of meals than buying a pack of chicken breasts.  The chicken soup stretches out for a few days, so from one chicken I can get half a week's worth of meals for four people.)

Being cheap doesn't just apply to groceries, I got a $25 gift card to Old Navy for Chirstmas and thanks the the 75% off sale and a coupon, I was able to get two coats for me, a pair of pants and some shirts for each of the kids and they both got to pick out a little toy.  This pastel coat was one of the ones I bought, it's large enough for me to layer lots of other coats under it when the weather turns cold again and the color is really versatile with what is in my closet already.


  1. did you plan the pastel sky to go with your pastel outfit? i'd be a big grump too if my car got slammed last year from people doing donuts. i guess we get to see the other coat later then? ;)

  2. That coat is so pretty against the wintry backdrop, and you look gorgeous in your take on the inspiration outfit. Blush and gray are a great pairing, and I envy your ability to wear pastels - they do nothing for me, but they look glorious with your skin and hair. And that necklace is wonderful - I'm glad you're starting to list what type of jewelry you're wearing, I've noticed some really lovely things in previous posts. (I believe you can never have too much jewelry!)
    Since when did being a "man" equate to doing reckless, stupid stuff? Urgh. :p

  3. Raise the roof Katie! I love the entire outfit, from the minty green to the soft pastel pink everything works so well together :) Holy moly are you one heck of a bargain shopper, I seriously wish I had the patience to go out shopping right now for the lowest price. Anyways... I totally know how annoying idiots are when they start doing stupid tricks with their cars and snow, seriously the boys in my neighborhood like doing it in the local Wal-Mart parking lot and police officers are often called by store associates.


  4. I think this is one of my new favorite outfits of yours! You're so beautiful.

  5. that is one of the prettiest coats I've seen lately. such a beautiful mint shade! and it goes wonderfully with your light pink dress. I think pastels are so cute together :) oh and those boots look great too!
    by the way, I have to agree when it comes to sales and cheap prices. I love those and usually buy from regular stores only while discounts (I mean accessories, clothes etc). and when there are no sales I only thrift shop :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. This is a gorgeous color combination. Every color holds its own, but together they are striking. Love blush pink and gray. I think I need to find something blush!
    Your new coat is pretty, too.
    Your expression in your first photo looks a little anxious....I agree with you about people who drive like jerks. What the heck are they showing off for?
    The last photo is stunning.

  7. you look amazing in snow!
    Xo Megan,

  8. OooOoooh, one of my favorite looks from you yet! That mint winter coat is just perfect :D
    And ugh, I hate it when people (particularly guys) who drive like that. Like they're REALLY impressing anyone, huh?

    Trendy Teal

  9. What pretty pictures - and I love the pink and mint! Cheers - and Happy New Year!

  10. the colour of your jacket is beautiful:)


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