Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mr. Dollar and Miss Izzy

Marc by Marc Jacobs Blazer (Gift from my mom.)
B.Moss Sweater (thrifted)
American Eagle Jeans
Fred Meyer Over-The-Knee Socks and Hat
Dublin Boots (Dover Saddlery, birthday present.)

This is a fairly normal outfit for me, it's not really anything special style wise but it's perfect for running around in the snow.  I love my Dublin riding boots, it's been fun to wear them outside of the barn and they are so perfect for wintertime, it's not even funny.  I mean, I love my Boggs, but the Dublins just might beat them seeing as I can actually get my foot in the stirrup irons where the Boggs I can only wear if I'm riding bareback.  (And really not even then, they're slippery!  At least the Dublins are leather and have a bit more grip.)  I wasn't really focused on taking outfit pictures today so by the time I did take them, the light was gone.  I have on the burgundy pants again, but they look rather dark in these pictures!

Since I'm just on a pony kick today, I finally got a few pictures of Dollar in his new home.  (Nice fence huh? Just a little humble brag that we built that.)  He's calmed down so much since the move, his whole personality has changed and he's gone back to being to goofy guy we use to know.  He's so happy to be right next to  mom and dad's house, he can look in their windows from his paddock and watch tv, he's just so happy to be around people again.  The last place we boarded him at was tucked way back in the woods away from everyone and was really dark.  He withdrew a lot and was always moody and stressed out there, nothing like his normal, happy-go-lucky goofball self.   Isabel has been so happy to have him back as well, she loves him so much and he's such a doll around her and Gunnar, he puts his head right down on the ground and lets them poke him in the face and play with his gigantic ears to their hearts delight.   He is a goofy looking horse, his mother was a Tennessee Walker who got loose in a camp up along the Yukon River and when she was found two years later, she was hanging out with the Yukon herd of wild horses and this little baby was with her.   (He's grown up quite a bit, he's 17 hands so he's a big guy.)


  1. Katie.....I really like your Dublin boots too. They look warm and practical, but pretty too. I like your outfit as well.

    The pictures of Dollar are so sweet, but the one of him with your daughter, where you can see his eyes and he's looking at her, is precious. He has the most gentle, trusting expression on his face.

    How wonderful that you get to experience the love of nurses (and ponies) every day.

  2. Thanks for the photos of the boots! They look perfect for your life and style. That can be a difficult thing to find.

    From what I understand, horses are emotional creatures. No wonder Dollar prefers to be with his people!

  3. Aw, love seeing pictures of Dollar! He looks (and sounds) like a total sweetheart. :) Glad you got him back home - sounds like that's where he belongs!
    Also, I like those Dublin boots too. Those burgundy pants are perfect!

    Trendy Teal

  4. Dollar looks like such a regal horse! I think human interaction like this is always a good thing for animals. Thanks for sharing the pics! Awww is that your daughter? She is sooo adorable. The boots look chic and comfy and Marc Jacobs blazer - wow!

  5. GOOOODNESS that's a lot of snow for a girl in New Orleans! Dollar looks like it doesn't even phase him! Hope you're staying warm... love that blazer!

    It's an Easy Life

  6. whoa! love the snow :D
    Xo Megan,

  7. Oh hey I remember that blazer! And wow I love the chunky scarf :) hehe these photos of Dollar and Izzy are adorable and I'm glad Dollar is happy now.

  8. Cracking up at that last photo! I love your boots. I wouldn't have guessed they're for riding; I don't blame you for wearing them around.


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