Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's been a while Mr. Wiley

American Eagle Outfitters Hat
American Eagle Outfitter Soft Military Jacket (thrifted)
Anna Sui for Anthropolgie Silk Dress (thrifted)
Only Mine Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Chinese Luandery Tights
Me Too Oxfords
Forever 21 Spiked Bracelets
Vintage Aquamarine Ring

I'd only taken a few pictures when I heard a crunch crunch.  I glanced over and there was Mr. Wiley staring at me from behind the snow covered bushed trees he'd been munching on.  I very slowly packed up the camera and tripod and keeping my eyes on him, made it back to the house safely   Right now you're thinking Mr. Wiley must be the creepy neighbor who sits outside clad only in his boxers cuddling his garbage in the snow. (Sadly, this is a real neighbor.)

No, Mr. Wiley is a moose.  He's been coming to our neighborhood since he was a baby to devor another neighbor's delicious trees.  He's sneaky, quite and has a nasty little habit of popping up out of nowhere to surprise us as we're struggling struggling with  grocery bags and scaring the living daylights out of us.  Thus, he's been christened Mr. Wiley.  (There are other names, but they're not as eloquent.)  This is the first time I've seen him this year and I was a little too worried about getting trampled to take  pictures, but I'll try later this year from the safety of the house.  The second to last picture is when I heard the crunchy noise and started looking over.  He'd been bedded down under the tree in the first pictures.

I wish I could train a moose so I could ride and jump him.  Those guys can jump anything!  Our neighbor has a decent sized fence and the moose just hopped over it like it was nothing.  In the wintertime the moose will hop the six foot pasture fences and get in with the horses to eat their food.   One of my old barn buddies and I use to talk about capturing and raising a little moose to ride him, them putting some tail extensions on him and jumping him in a Grand Prix. We even had a name picked out, we were going to call him Stewart after our horse that did look like a moose!

I know, I'm ridiculous.  At least it was crazy warm outside, this is actually what I walked around all day in.  20 degrees is heaven.


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  2. oh, it's nice to see some green since it used to be my biggest favourite ever. everything had to be green during that "green phase", haha. your silk dress looks gorgeous btw and those bracelets are really cool as well. and wow, that story about the moose sounds like something pretty crazy! though for example a fox sometimes visits our garden (and we live near the town centre). animals definitely are brave.. or hungry.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. You really have winter layering down to an art! I love the green hue of your sweater paired with that darker print of the skirt. And adding that belt was an adorable touch. A moose, huh? That is pretty darn crazy, but I suppose you'd get use to them in Alaska. Hope you are enjoying your weekend, lady!


  4. A real-life i am a little jealous because I've never seen one...they don't "grow" here on this side of the world, lol. The green is a lovely colour on you, super sweet skirt too. Wanted to wish you a fun, fulfilling and fabulous New Year... May it bring you lots of joy, success, love and good luck!

  5. Moose are HUGE! I never realized how big they were until I saw one up north. My BIL was driving me to the airport and spotted it in the ditch. we were lucky!

    love your Anna Sui dress, its a great thrifted gem!

  6. looking elegant in forest green katie. a moose? oh my! i would be scared, & in awe.

  7. this is a perfect outfit<333


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