Sunday, December 30, 2012

A pony and his horse

American Eagle Outfitters Blazer (thrifted)
F21 Mint Dress
Fred Meyer Tights
Madden Girl Boots (very, very old.)
Vintage Silver and Turquoise Necklace, Earrings (Christmas gift from my Grandma.)
Vintage Silver Rings (Gifts from my dad, about 13 years ago.)
American Eagle Outfitters Bracelets
Vintage Silver and Turquoise Bracelet (garage sale.)

The one time we drive down this little back road that only one person lives on is when everyone in Fairbanks decides to go for a drive down it.  I just haven't had very good luck the past couple day with getting pictures!   This is one of my favorite outfits, I cleaned out my old tack box and found these old boots in it. (No idea how those got into my tack box.)  We were going back out to work with the pony again today so I wore my larger coat and my snow pants and was perfectly warm.  That's one thing that's wonderful about winter, I can wear a cute outfit, throw my work gear over it and then afterwards, still have cute clothes.

And speaking of the pony, brace yourself for the avalanche of adorable-ness.

Just the cutest pony ever!  We've been working with him for the past couple days and today Izzy and Gunner both got to hop on him.  I still have my old saddle which has a 14 in seat and is really light that is ending up to be perfect for Merryleggs and for the kids to ride him in, I'm so happy I didn't sell it when I got my newer Crosby.  Gunner has a really natural seat and has become quite the little rider after a summer of riding lessons, he had so much fun riding and was so relaxed that Merryleggs was completely chill about having someone on his back.  (I've been working with weight on Merryleggs' back and lunging him, so I was pretty confident about Gunner hopping on.)  Izzy got to ride as well and was so happy about it, she just loves him so much!

I love horses but I really do prefer working with ponies, that's always been my thing at the barns.  Being a short person, I've always been the person who has to straighten out the ponies when they get naughty and the first horse I competed on was a little gray pony. (The most amazing pony in the world, I did my first Young Riders of North America course on him and he was killer.  Granted, he was a taller pony who had a incredible amount of talent, so the four foot course was work for him but he was still amazing.  Humble brag, we won.  Go ponies.)

Erk, that got to be about me.  I think I'm as excited as the kids about having a pony, he's such a sharp little guy and has the best personality   I'm so happy that Izzy and Gunner get to have their own pony to bond with.  They have their own little pony to care for now and I'm really excited for them to start learning more about the horses, they both help with the cleaning so there won't be any spoiled little horse riders here!  We were cleaning the corral before hand and Merrylegs kept getting into the muck sled and waiting for Izzy to pull him around and Dollar kept taking Gunner's little shovel and trotting around with it in his mouth.  They're such little trouble makers!


  1. Wow!! Look at all that pretty white snow! Where I live, I'd be lucky to see that...and if I did, it wouldn't be nearly as much as that.

    Great outfit! Loving the turquoise jewelry the most!

    *now your newest follower via greader. :)

  2. the outfit is GORGEOUS and is so stunning with a snowy background. and that pony. i die!! so cute!

  3. your dress is sooo pretty, i love the light minty color with the snow in the background! And the bits of turquoise color from the jewelry looks gorgeous with it :) These photos with Merryleggs are so cute, i'm glad Izzy and Gunner got to ride Merryleggs. These pictures are all so happy!

  4. I. Love. Everything. About. This. Outfit. That is all! n_n

  5. Kids really benefit a lot from interacting with animals + the pony rocks. I was all "aaaaaawww" when looking at your photos :D
    Your dress is sooo wonderful, great with the blazer and awesome jewelery!

  6. LOVE your mint dress...looks gorgeous against the white snow! And Merryleggs is TOO cute! Happy New Year, Katie!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Love your green dress, and those photos of Izzy & Gunner with the pony are the cutest!

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. This outfit is amazing! That dress looks perfect on you and all the accents of turquoise just make it stand out even more.

    And thanks for sharing all the photos of you, the kids, and the pony. You can see the happiness in everyone's faces.

  9. I saw tons of mint at F21 this past week...I didn't get anything..Great color!

  10. Great way to winterize your mint dress - it goes so well with the blazer. And all of your pretty vintage baubles ... they just elevate the look.
    These photos made me smile - thanks for sharing! :)

  11. katie, this is a personal outfit fave! just add it to my list. ;) total adorableness indeed. i'm jealous because i want to ride. i don't want to take care of it though. it's a good thing you do.

  12. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours. The mint with the plaid blazer and your reddish hair? Divine! (kiddos and pony are adorable of course)

  13. This is a masterful colour combination. The mint colour brings out the best of the plaid making it look fresh and modern. Your hair looks great in the posts; I like the half-up half-down.

  14. your dress and your earringsb are great;)


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