Friday, December 14, 2012

A moment of silence

I did have a post typed up but after the school shooting this morning in CT, it really seems inappropriate to just blather on about materialistic things without taking a moment to talk about it. I just feel insanely lucky and happy to be able to hug my kids this morning and my heart really goes out to the families who are faced with this tragedy.  It's a horrible, horrible thing.

I know this sort of thing happens all over the world, every year, but it's always tragic when it's children who are the target of these deranged and sick people.  Violence towards children is so reprehensible and heinous and yet it happens every single day, weather it's in war torn countries or child abuse or horrible anomalies like this. This tragedy will probably open up all sorts of political discussions and talks about the end of the world coming as the moral fiber of humanity degrades and all but at the heart of all of this, there are families that will never be able to hug their children again.  That is something that should not be lost in the course of the conversations that will ensue and I really hope that these families and the children that have gone through this tragedy will get the kind of support that they need.  

   Old Navy Coat
American Eagle Outfitters Scarf
Gorege Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Gap Skirt (thrifted)
Madden Girl Boots (Famous Footwear years ago.)
No Label Leather Handbag (thrifted)
Vintage Aquamarine Bead Necklace
Fred Meyer Wood Bead Necklace
Vintage Rings (Gifts from my dad when I was a teenager.)
Fred Meyer Hat

Ugh.  I feel sort of ridiculous doing a post today.   This is suppose to be a light hearted style blog, or at least was intended to be one in the beginning,  but I'm not always a light hearted person.   Style is a very small facet of my life and although I do try to keep this fairly style related, other things do filter through.   I'm a pretty silly and dorky person who loves a soapbox and I get really worked up about stuff.  Thank you for suffering through my moments of seriousness, I know most of us read and write these blog as a way to escape from day to day life and to have a little bit of fun, but life isn't always sparkly and amazing and I feel like a hypocrite when I don't address things, events or just ideas that distress me.

I'm terrible at expressing my thoughts.   This is what happens when I don't have to write critical thinking papers for a while, I start to lose the ability to keep and express a really concrete line of thought.   It's something I need to start working on again because I end up with these terrible, rambling posts!  I don't blame you if you just look at the over abundance of pictures.  (Another thing I need to work on, toning it down with the amount of pictures. So sorry.)   I'm curious, what do you guys think about style bloggers who take on world or local events or have blogs that are't strictly style?  Do you try to keep your blogs light and fluffy and how do you take on the tougher subjects?  (Or do you even address them?)    I understand the professional bloggers who do keep it only fashion and that's totally understandable, I suppose I'm at a loss when it comes to the more informal blog category that mine would fall into, where subjects other than style are discussed.

So in an attempt at lightness, we had a pretty decent snowstorm up here and got close to a foot and half of snow dumped on us.  Gunnar, Izzy and I spent most of the day shoveling out everything so these pictures are actually from last Sunday.  It's a fairly safe combination of colors and not really anything groundbreaking, but it's fun just to wear something easy.


  1. you look great!

  2. Ah girl, I totally relate to you. Fashion is such a small aspect of us. I mean, its a fun one that we obviously enjoy (der, we have outfit posts almost every day). But that's not all that we are. And I think we have a chance to show that in our writing. My blog is pretty much my journal. I'll try talking about other things on it than just fashion.
    And what happened in that school shooting is tragic. I honestly started crying when I read the news while at college today. Those young lives, so full of opportunity and futures, snuffed out in one fell sweep by some sick, twisted person. It makes me feel awful and nauseous to think about it too much. I cannot imagine what the parents must be going through. Its a tragedy that's becoming much too common. And I hope we NEVER get desensitized to that sort of thing.
    Sheesh, talk about a soapbox eh? Aha, I have one too.
    Right, so on a much lighter are wearing a really cute outfit once again. :)
    Aha, that scarf and necklace are so pretty!

    Trendy Teal

    1. I think that's really one of the frightening things, is that these school shootings are becoming a yearly tragedy. I was in middle school when Columbine happened and I remember all of the teacher stop lessons and everyone huddled around a radios, just listening to the news reports, we were all in such a state of shock and horror, partly because none of us could remember such a thing happening before. I really, really hope that we can start figuring this stuff out, it's too painful to see it happening year after year.

  3. Hi Katie, I was so saddened to hear about the shooting, its so tragic. I agree with everything you've penned here, its true as you've said, life isn't always sparkling. I use my blog to create an optimistic atmosphere with something I love - which is fashion and also little bits of inspiration (like quotes). I think its totally up to you if you'd like to keep things lighthearted or serious or even both, this is your space of escapism or if you prefer, realism. On an up note, I think this is my favourite look of yours this week, the necklace is the cherry on top of a lovely outfit.

    1. I do get too serious about stuff! I always worry that I come off sounding like a necrotic weirdo so I try to tone it down, but events like this always get me I and I feel strange if I don't address things. I do really appreciate you saying that, I enjoy your blog partly because you always find very meaningful quotes and you manage to put such personality into your blog, your voice really comes through. So thank you, it really does mean alot to me!

  4. love that skirt, and I am saddened as well. My stomach just is in knots, as a parent I can't even imagine the pain and heartache that the families are going through. It just makes my heart hurt, I've been hugging my boys extra tight -

  5. wow i love your coat, simply amazing

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  6. It shakes us up when something like this happens. What a terrible tragedy.

  7. That 2nd picture of you is so gorgeous. I love your skirt and necklace.

    My heart is broken from what has happened...

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. wow beautiful photos! arg wish i had snow right now!
    and cute outfit :)


    ♥ Ellen

  9. Personally, I think your post is perfect. A nice balance of lightness and addressing the darkness.

    And I feel silly commenting on your outfit, but this look is one of my favorites of yours recently.

  10. I think you did a great job of writing this post. What happened was truly tragic and I still can't wrap my head around how someone can even have the audacity to commit such a terrible/violent crime. What makes it even worse was that it involved small children who never got to grow up. I really hope the entire community who had to witness this horrific event will be able to get the support they need to move on. And I agree with you, it is so hard to write a post because I tried and everything I wrote just seemed like not the right time to be talking about such light matters (i don't know if that made sense...) I guess I would fall into the category of bloggers who don't even address issues like this because i'm not exactly sure how to have the right balance between serious and fluffy.

  11. What a fab blog. I love it!

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  12. I love reading your blog. I think you do a great Job writing and it isnt all over the place like you say... you keep saying that and I don't see it. AND if it were like that it be okay too... I mean I think what happened Friday that's how our minds were you know? At least mine was, so reading someones mind/heart that is jumping all over the place is something at least I can relate too. I agree with you though, its an horrible event. I can't even imagine, and those poor teachers to! Such young adults. This is your blog and I think you can write about whatever you want. I enjoy reading blogs that talk about worldy events because it gives me something to relate to/think about a subject matter. Anyway keep up the good work! I love reading what you write.


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