Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Mystery of the Missing Boots

Hat: Fred Meyers
Faux Fur Vest: Jack by BB Dakota (thrifted)
Faux Leather Jacket: Old Navy
Tee shirt: F21 (thrifted)
Janes: american Eagle Outfitters
Boots: Vince Camuto
Handbag: thrifted

I made pumpkin pie yesterday and right before bed Izzy grabbed a pie pan out of the fridge and took it over to Evan.

Izzy: I need pie.
Evan: No, you already had a piece.
Izzy: (with a pleading look worthy of a yellow lab puppy) But it's pie!

It just totally cracked me up, she was so serious.  It' also how I feel about cherry pie, I'm usually pretty immune to the luring call of pies but a homemade cherry pie does me in every time.  Mmmm, pie.

Delicious pie aside, I wasn't paying very good attention to my camera settings (again) and ended up with most of my pictures being too blurry.  Since I didn't really get any full body shots, I will just assure you that I am wearing boots and not running around in the snow barefoot like the barbarians that we Alaskans are.  (Sadly, a coworker of my husband did believe this.  She was a transplant from San Francisco and Alaska pretty much freaked her out.  Right before she left she said we were crazy savages for living up here.)

Oh, right, the boots.  They were leopard print.  Apparently I think furry vests, boyfriend jeans and leopard printed booties go together.


  1. Love your fur vest! It's really nice with the black hat! Would love to see the leopard boots sometime- I'm sure they are super cute!
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  2. These photos are beautiful! I love that giant floppy hat. This outfit has such an awesome 70s vibe to it. Love:)

  3. I love your outfit especially your hat! So cute.
    Almost Endearing

  4. Phahaha, yes, Alaska isn't for everyone :-D Oh god, cherry pie.......this is the food that I would probably eat until I collapse from too much sugar :-D

    1. I think it was the cold and the isolation, it can really get some people, I felt pretty bad for her during the really cold weather, the poor girl thought she'd died and gone to some freakish version of hell.

      And yes, Cherry pie. They get me every time, I can eat one of those suckers in one sitting.

  5. Cute Outfit :) ,love the Vest!

    Happy Sunday ,kisses :)

  6. I think all of those things together quite perfectly. PS, glad you're not barefoot.

  7. Don't you hate it when pictures don't turn out like you had hoped? But you look great even without the shoes, which of course sound fabulous! I'm totally loving the vest, and a floppy black hat is such an essential for winter!

    1. Yes, it drives me crazy! I've got a new camera that I've been trying to figure out and sometimes I get something pretty decent, but it's really just hit and miss at the moment. :P thank you for your really sweat comment, I love this silly vest!

  8. Pie sounds so good! I love your vest!!


  9. Haha, yes Alaska does take getting used to. I love these shots even the blurred ones, and like how you manage to get the outfit shots without showing the boots, but the leopard printed style sounds nice. :) Enjoy your week./Madison

    1. Yeah, it' can be pretty crazy if you're not use to the cold and if you're not really an outdoorsy kind of person, it can seem like there's not much going on. (I think it's really the cold and dark that gets to people, it's killer if you come from a warm climate.) Thank you, the leopard print was actually was quite cute, but I really need to improve my camera skills.

  10. I'm totally with Izzy on the pie thing...YUM! Love that hat on you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. Adorable out! I love the vest, looks so cozy. And I am glad you are not running around without boots on your feet in the snow. That would be cold ha-ha that's funny what your husbands co-worker said!! People from warmer climates freak out when they move to Boston ha-ha I can only imagine Alaska!


    1. Yeah, I've always heard that Boston got pretty cold, the cold weather really gets to people if they aren't use to it! (At least Boston sounds like it has tons of amazing things to go to and see, Fairbanks is a little limited in that sense.)

  12. The vest over the jacket is a great look. Since they're in the same color family it almost looks like one piece.

  13. izzy sounds adorable. pie makes me sigh, particularly cherry. i wanna see those leopard print boots. i hope they someday make a visual presence. you got your hat at fred meyer? i haven't seen one of those in years. i guess they are still around in alaska? :)


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