Friday, November 30, 2012

That hat's not just for show

As you can see, I'm an idiot.  I didn't even realize I was wearing two different gloves.

Hat: Fred Meyers
Black Coat: Fleet St.
Vest: Jack BBDakota (thrifted)
Jacket: N label (thrifted)
Sweater: J.Crew (thrifted)
Pants: J.Crew (thrifted)
Boots: Madden Girl (Famous Footwear years ago.)
Handbag: Coach (thrifted)

This is sort of a strange color pairing for me, purple and orange is high on my "weird-colors-a-super-villain-would-wear-on-laundry-day" list.  (That in and of itself is strange, I didn't even know I had that list.)  As weird as it is, I ended up really like the orange and eggplant colors together, the brown accents help tone it down a little bit.  

The craziest thing about this outfit isn't the colors, but that this is my medium layers!  Over the sweater, faux leather jacket and vest, I have a wool coat and a puffer on over those, it's cold out there!  I thought this was a pretty warm November for us so far, but the monthly reports were just released and this was our forth-coldest November since 1912.  While depressing, I'm a little happy because it didn't feel that bad.  (But it's suppose to be -40 below tonight, so we'll see how long I go on saying that.)

We couldn't get a plumber out today so we're still dealing with that whole mess, but we did get some general repairs crossed off our list.  My parents are carpenters so I grew up helping out with their business and then later on during college breaks going and working on their jobs. (Usually as the clean up and general labor girl though,it takes a long time to earn those carpenter bags.)  Evan's pretty handy and figures stuff out fast so a fair amount of our projects we can do ourselves, this current issue with the pipes and everything just seems to be beyond our experience.  (But hey, we can hang drywall and patch holes!)


  1. Wow ,very cold! Good to hear that you feel fine<3
    Lovely Winter Outfit!

    kisses :)

  2. wow amazing pics...
    have a nice week-end

  3. Sounds like you have a lot to deal with right now. And you can still give us the beautiful blog photos......!
    I like your creative layering and the color combination! Stay warm.

  4. love the fur!! i still can't believe it's 40 below. YIKES!! the light in these photos is gorgeous by the way!

  5. Lol about the list. Now you have me thinking about what I'd put on mine. You've expertly layered this lovey coat look...I think the mismatched gloves are cute! That sounds so freezing! Good luck with it...stay warm hun!

  6. cozy look!

  7. katie, is it ok that i laughed about the gloves? you are strong and brave to whether the winter. ;)

  8. MY GOODNESS I cannot believe it gets THAT cold. (I mean I can, but how you do it is beyond me!) LOVE that you have on two different gloves... totally something I would do! You look fantastic! Hope you have a great week :)

    It's an Easy Life

  9. love that furry vest!


  10. After seeing you belt your fur vest I think I'm going to attempt it with mine! Guess we'll see how that turns out.


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