Monday, November 5, 2012

Ramble on

Coat: Old Navy
Scarf ? (Christmas gift from my in-laws)
Cardigan: Gap
Dress: Calvin Klein Silk (thrifted)
Tights: Icings
Boots: DV by Dolce Vita
Handbag: Fred Meyer

I thrifted this lovely silk dress back during the summer but never wore it because it was in the skirt section and being as it's strapless and looks like a skirt on the hanger, I thought it was a skirt. (Sorry, that was kind of a ridiculous explanation of why I thought this was a skirt.)   Anyways, I both loved it and hated this skirt when I got it home.  I cursed Calvin Klein for making the most unflattering waistband ever sewn onto a garment.  I mean, really?  A thick waistband that magically creates the most horrifying muffin-top known to mankind?  Appalling.

I was about to toss this skirt into my donation bucket last week when I had a stupid moment of genius.   (That's an oxymoron if  I ever saw one, but then that's me.)  The pretty silk skirt with the horrendous waistband was actually a strapless dress!  A baby-doll strapless dress but still more wearable than it was as a skirt.  I've worn it twice since then and I love it now as much as I did that day in the thrift store.   I don't think I'll wear it without some sort of covering.  The top is a bit slippery and young children  plus slippy-top-strapless-dress equals Katie flashing all six people in the Bentley Mall.  Not cool guys, not cool.

I know I've talked about it in the past but I'm slowly starting to figure out what my personal style is.  It's taken me quite a while since I've gone through phases of thinking super structured dresses were my "thing", where I've loved the androgynous look, the super girly stuff and on and on.  Looking back through my archives it really only feel like in the past month, two months that I've really started to hone in on what I enjoy wearing and what really feels like me.  It was actually Erin of Loops Looks who actually inspired it in a comment, calling one outfit Rustic Romantic and I ended up having an "Ah ha!" moment    It felt like it really summed up the style I wanted and was attracted to, while being able to incorporate the masculine and feminine elements I like.  I've always wanted to be able to wear looser, flowery clothing but I've never really know how to, this cardigan was my first item that sort of fit into that.  It worried me at first because on a short person a long, loose cardigan that covers one's bum can look matronly or frumpy so quickly, I'm pretty sure that's a top five What Not To Wear rule!  But sometimes rules are meant to be broken. 

Not traffic rules.  I'm not endorsing breaking the speed limit nor blowing through the stop signs here, I'm pretty sure the policeman will not look kindly upon the excuse of "But a style blogger said it was okay to break rules!"  

Ah, so rambling, so sick.  Sorry everyone, that was sort of a all-over-the-place post, I'm just going to blame it on the cold medicine.  It's so unfair when the husband brings the cold home from work and everyone in the house gets it but him.  It must be a man thing.


  1. I love the ice-blue dress and that you've zeroed in on your personal style. Yay! :)
    The cardigan doesn't look frumpy at all - so no worries there.
    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. OOooh, snow! Whenever I see snow in someone's posts I get so wide-eyed and dreamy 'cause we never get much of it down here in the south. It's so magical~

    That's good that you're finding your style! Sometimes I still wonder if I even have one... or just clothes that I'm drawn to are what make it up? haha, who knows! But this outfit is so cute and I love those adorable tights and the icy color of that dress!

  3. That dress is such a great fund, beautiful colour & loving the lace. This is totally a rustic romantic outfit!!

  4. I love this outfit, it may be one of my favorites from you. I give you mad props for wearing that baby doll dress when it looks so cold there! These pictures also may be my favorite of you, you look great! Glad you found different ways to wear this skirt dress, and I know what you mean about finding your personal style. I don't feel like I am there yet. I have a hard time of looking professional and adhering to my personal style. I feel like I can look stylish and presentable at work, but is that really "me" ya know? Well it will come to me some day!


  5. Adorable outfit aside, is that a new hair color? It looks amazing!

    1. I dyed it a while back but this is the first that it's really starting to show up in photos, usually it looks dark in the pictures but in rl it's pretty bright looking! (Heh, it's fun being a redhead!)

  6. i love the color of your hair! AND i want snooow! winter wonderland

    xxx much love! have a nice evening :)
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  7. The whole "is it a skirt or is it a dress" situation is always confusing for me. I like how you layered this piece, it's very fitting with your rustic, romantic style vision. PS those ankle boots are amazing.

  8. In this outfit, with your hair pulled away from your face, surrounded by snow, you look like a winter wood nymph. A rustic romantic winter wood nymph :-)

  9. i love how you're zeroing in on your personal style, katie!! that dress is beautiful! and i still can't believe you guys have that much snow!

  10. katie, your writing is hilarious! "the worst muffin top ever," cracks me up. :D are you freezing? i would be. the ice blue dress color looks so pretty with your eyes & hair. just think if, it was a skirt, it wouldn't be highlighting your eyes as well. i like how your tights & clutch match. the shades of red look pretty with your hair too. also, i am crushing on your boots.

  11. I love your hair! It looks so vibrant and pretty in these photos :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Those tights are sooo cute (polka dots!) and it looks awesome with the dress :) hahaa a "stupid moment of genius"...naww i think it's more of a genius moment because that dress is so pretty! That's great that you are finding your personal style (your outfits really are rustic romantic now that I think about it), I still can't figure out what mine is but maybe I will soon :)

  13. Awesome winter shots...I feel the coldness just from seeing the pictures!You must be freezing!

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  14. You look beautiful in these pictures! And I'm now obsessed with your polka dot tights... in burgundy nonetheless! Adorable.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. Summing up one's style is hard because bloggers especially are so keen to experiment and try new looks on for size. Rustic romantic is an apt description. Either way, keep doing what you're doing! Love that elbow-patch cardi, btw.


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