Sunday, October 28, 2012

Super freak, super freak!

Fuax Leather Jacket: Old Navy 
Blouse: Nordstrom Blouses (thrifted)
Shorts: F21 (thrifted)
Tights: Fred Meyer
Shoes: Payless
Handbag: Coach (thrifted)

Well, for all of my talk about switching it up and wearing neon, I went my usual route and wore neutral colors with (gasp!) cranberry maroon/plum/whatever color tights.   Such a rebel.  

Now before you all recoil in aghast from my apparent hussy nature, this skirt is actually shorts.  I like a short skirt, but this would be pushing it, even for me!   I tried to stand up earlier today and toppled right over thanks to a sleeping leg, but Evan got a joke in about it being happy hour and all.  So between my short shorts and my stability resembling someone having a very happy happy hour, we're now one politician away from a legitimate rape remark.  (No smiley face here, only grumpiness at fat old politicians.)

It looks like Alaska and everyone else got off pretty light with the earthquake and tsunami last night, the community of Craig ended up get only 4 inch waves and it looks like it was equally light everywhere else.  Whew!  Now if only that Perfect storm over there on the east coast could follow suit.   Good luck over there everyone, take care of yourselves!   Hopefully it ends up not being as bad as it's looking to shape up to be.

Rick James is awesome to run to.  Expect that I always end up singing along to whatever I'm listening to and me running down the street, singing "Super Freak!  She's a super Freak!" in a huffing voice is not the coolest thing ever.  And wow, looking back over the post, I played my hair way too much in the photos today.    Super freak dork, that's me.


  1. Love the burgundy tights. I just bought some but I haven't worn them yet. I need too!!
    Almost Endearing

    1. Oh my gosh, I am just crazy about burgundy colored tights. (Well, any type of reddish colored tights!) It seems like a easy color to pull of tights wise without venturing too much into the "young" category. And yes, you need to wear your burgundy colored tights, I would love to see how you style yours!

  2. Such a cute look Katie! And I love the snowy background :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I think with tights you can get away with shorter skirts than you might wear otherwise. Wearing tights and booties that are the same color makes your legs look 10 miles long. Love it! Glad that the tsunami was a baby wave. Things are looking ok in Boston this morning, but we've got PB&J, granola bars, water, candles and board games, just in case!

  4. The mint and the burgundy go so well together! I never would have though to pair them but you make them look great.

  5. You have the prettiest places to take pictures! Love the outfit too!

  6. such beautiful photos! the background is stunning. love the color of your tights!


  7. This is such a gorgeous place! Love your outfit. The color of your tights is so pretty! Darling blog girl!


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