Tuesday, October 9, 2012

So silly, so smug!

Izzy modeling. :)  I need to take a few cues from her.

Jacket: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Blouse: F21 (thrifted)
Skirt: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden (thrifted)
Handbag: Michael Kors (thrifted)

I've been staring at a beautiful jacket on Piperlime for the longest time, but at over a hundred dollars, it wasn't a coat I could justify buying.  Only super warm and thick winter coats are worth that investment, so I just kept staring, thinking it might be a good Christmas present.  Then yesterday at the grocery store I saw this.  It was almost a exact replica of the coat I've been lusting er, drooling over.   It was well made and best of all, it was on 50% off.  Plus a 25% coupon.  Plus a savings certificate   Plus 20% discount.  Yes, this coat was mine for under 20 dollars.  

Thank you mass retailer grocery store, I'm not feeling smug at all right over the great savings I got on this coat.   Even Evan thought it was a super cool coat and that it was a great deal.

So my smugness aside, I re-realized something today.  That no matter how you spin it, taking pictures of your outfit is pretty silly.  This illustrates that point:

The cropped image looks pretty normal and not too ridiculous, until you see the full photo....

Yup, there I am, being all stupid and serious and then there's Izzy in the background, being adorable and taking a big gulp of juice.  (I'd like to claim credit for her cute outfit but nope, that was all her.  It's the first day this week she hasn't picked out the princess dress, pirate hat and cape to wear.  Girl's got style.)


  1. Wow, you must have one amazing grocery store if they're selling such cute jackets! I wish mine sold clothes too! The photo of Izzy drinking her juice in the background is too funny :)

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  2. The feminine lace skirt with the tough leather and canvass of the jacket is a really great contrast! Love the un-cropped version of that picture! Hilarious. Princess dress, pirate hat, and cape? I wish that could be what I wore every day!

  3. Wow. that's awesome you got that jacket! :) Its very cute! Yeah and I agree with you, some investments are worth it, others not so much.


  4. I love this jacket, the leather arms are just so fun and chic. Can't believe you found it for such a great deal! You look super cute, love the lace dress!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I just got a coat very similar to yours at Marshalls :) Only mine is a tan color instead of green. Like you, I have been looking a similar coats but couldn't bring myself to spend that much money. So when I saw it for a steal at Marshalls, I had to get it! Love how you styled it!


  6. wow...what a deal. can you buy me one and ship it to minnesota?? ;) don't you love it when stuff like that happens? and how cute is izzy? a natural model!!

  7. This jacket is AMAZING! Wanna pick one up for me???

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