Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just call me Sniffles McSniffs-a-lot

Scarf: Icing
Lace Cardigan: Boston Proper (thrifted)
Tanks: Old Navy
Jeans: Sears
Shoes: Not Rated (Famous Footwear)
Handbag: Michael Kors (thrifted)

Blah, the family has been fighting this cold off for the past week but it's starting to catch up to us.  I've been pretty sniffy and icky feeling all day but life goes on.

I bought these shoes the summer after I had Gunnar.  My feet had swelled up during the pregnancy a full size and I didn't want to spend money on shoes that might not fit in a few months, so I just kept hobbling around in too-small shoes.  After six months, I gave up.   I saved for two months to buy these shoes  since we were pretty poor at the time and all of the money from my job went towards bills and the baby.  They were the first pair of "expensive" I'd ever bought aside from my riding boots, before I'd always bought my shoes at Payless.  Fifty dollars for a pair of shoes was spendy to me, but I loved them so much I walked to work so I could save the little bit of gas money.  As you can see, I've worn them into the ground, the low heels made them just insanely comfortable for being on my feet all day and I just thought they were the coolest shoes ever.  They're starting to look a bit shabby but I just can't bring myself to throw them away.


  1. *____* SOOOOOO PRETTY !! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Oh I love this outfit. The scarf is great. What a neat backdrop for your photos. I imagine your town to be so rustic perfect. It certainly looks that way in the pictures.

  3. Lace + skull ring + giraffes = it's almost too much awesome. Almost. :)
    Isn't it funny how attached we get to shoes? I have an old, worn out pair of black sandals that have been sitting on the floor of my car for months - I know they need to go, but I can't quite bring myself to toss them in the trash yet.

  4. I'm the same way with shoes. I recently finally tossed a pair of black boots, that I was filling in the worn spots with permanent marker. Yikes, right?

  5. I will wear my shoes to death too! Your zebra scarf is just adorable. I hope you and the rest of the family feels better!!

    The Tiny Heart
    Jewelry Giveaway!

  6. those shoes are great...i love that you walked to work to save for them. what a lady will do for shoes!! and i love your thrifted lace cardigan, too!

  7. Love that lace jacket with the studded shoes. I feel like I say this all the time, but you have an awesome knack for combining ultra feminine pieces with rock starish details. I wear my shoes until they are too smelly to keep in the house or falling apart. Especially if I paid more than $20 for them!

  8. I'm coming down with a cold as well, boo! I love the shoes and love the story, don't get rid of them! And does your scarf have zebras on it? LOVE.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Must be that time of year! I feel a cold coming on as well.

    I looked all over for a lace cardigan last fall and never found one. Yours is lovely!

  10. Love your lace cardigan and I really like how you layered your scarf!


  11. Those heels have so much personality and hardware! I want a pair just like them, wear them all day, without any blisters or complaints. Is that a zebra scarf that I see? Hold on while I FREAK out, OK? I am a scarf addict (actually a shopping addict, but shhh) I love quirky pieces like the one you're wearing, but you already know that! Love the outfit, especially the shoes, don't throw them away!


  12. Oh you may be able to re-sole them and keep wearing for a few more seasons! Would be a shame to through away something that brings back memories and looks so adorable. By the way, love zebra scarf very much.


    P.S. I am hosting a giveaway and would like to invite you to enter, if you like the prize (it's a beautiful wool scarf), of course. :)

  13. I love your shoes and your scarf is perfect! I've been really wanting a zebra scarf!



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