Thursday, October 25, 2012


Blazer: Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift from my mom.)
Shirt: (thrifted)
Scarf: ? (gift)
Skirt: Sears
Shoes: Sears
Handbag: Coach (thrifted)

I hate throwing away tights, even when the inevitable happens and they acquire huge runs.  When that happens, I either cut off the bottom of the tights and use them as trouser socks for riding or I layer them for extra warmth.  (If I'm going to pay more than $4 for tights, I'm going to get as mush use out of them as possible.) 

This whole outfit probably looks a little familiar  I blatantly copied a Marshall's ad from a few months ago.  I love the combination of the striped shirt and polka dotted skirt and I realized I had everything I need to rip off, er, copy the look.   Next time I think I'll follow their idea of wearing cool-tone tights as opposed to the warm-tone tights, it's a little off settling to have cool and warm tones together.   (Or maybe that's just me being weird.)

Once again it's Thursday and that means a fun link up with Coffee and Cardigan's Thrifty Thrusday!  I suppose this outfit is a little less thrifty than usual for me, but hey, two thrifted items still counts, right?


  1. Katie, you have such a wonderful way of taking neutral base and adding color to it. Its really inspirational to me because I'm a bit color shy when purchasing clothes; I think basics and neutral are more enduring. I love color....and you make your outfits look colorful, but not in-your-face splashy, colorful.

    I was kind of inspired by your outdoor friendly outfits when I went thrifting yesterday and purchased a quilted vest in a pretty color and I can't wait to created a neutral base for it.

    1. Oh wow Lisa, you are just beyond kind, you just brighten my whole day! When I saw your thrifting post, the first thing I thought of was "oooh, I like that vest! I need one like that!"

  2. I'm like you with the tights. I get really sad when I have to throw them out, but I'm really hard on them so it happens often. I try to stick to a $5-$8 a pair tights budget, because I know I'm not going to be able to wear them more than a few months.

  3. The scarf and bag are beautiful and the outfit is so lovely and cosy. x

  4. I love dots and making outfot with diferent prints and materials:)

  5. Absolutely still counts! I love this outfit... :) I know what you mean about tights... I hate when I get a run in them, especially on the first day!


  6. The Blazer look amazing in Combination with the lovely Skirt! Love your Outfit :)


  7. You should be participating in Sarah's Copycat Friday with this outfit if you copied it from an ad you saved!

    Also, great idea to keep tights with holes or runs for wearing underneath pants. I love to wear tights under my dress pants when it's really cold out so it makes sense to wear the ones with holes.

  8. Good inexpensive tights can be hard to find sometimes, or is that just me? You look so pretty and I think you did fabulous copying marshalls. Actually they should just use you in their ad! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. You are so beautiful!
    Love your blog! I follow you now on GFC , wanna follow me back? =)


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