Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Anatomy of a Winter outfit

Coat: Banana Repbulic (thrifted)
Scarf: Fred Meyer
Blazer: American Eagle Outfitters (thrifted)
Blouse: Bananna Republic
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: DV by Dolce Vita
Handbag: Thrifted

Winter time means lots of layers.  Until it gets to that miserable, mind numbing cold and you say screw it, I'm wearing the fugly snowpants and parka, you can still wear your cute coats, you just need to layer and layer some more.  (Wool peacoats fall into this section of cute coats.  They're fine down to about zero degrees, but they just don't cut it in the -50 below.)  The biggest challenge to this layering is still being able to walk after you've buttoned the last coat and it helps if you still look sort of cute and not like you've just put every item of clothing in your house on your body.

One thing that I struggle with cute winter outfits is with so many layers, how do you make each section of the layer still look like a outfit and not like you just threw this coat, sweater and scarf on.  Since I'm a dork and I way over-think this stupid stuff, here's my break down of a typical winter outfit for me.

A blazer is always a great extra layer of warmth and you still look put together when you get inside and take off your outer layer.

The final layer of the outfit! (Well, not really the final layer, but this isn't that kind of blog.)  Yes, that was just all kinds of exciting. 

Sorry, I'm pretty useless for making sense.  I'll blame it all on this: Edward and Bella: A Bad Lip Reading.
Even Evan laughed his head off over it and the mention of anything Twilight sends him into elliptic shock.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Burgundy and leopard print

Coat: Old Navy
Jacket: Sears
Dress:Old Navy
Boots: Vince Camuto

We were suppose to get a foot of snow today but that foot did some crazy math magic and turned into only a inch.  (I think reverse integers had something to do with it.)  Granted, math and I are like oil and water, ever since I had a professor go off on a "imaginary" numbers tangent anything past good old geometry eludes me.  

Maxi dresses are perfect for prancing around in the snow, who doesn't enjoy a good soggy hem?  And wow, leopard print with burgundy?  That's so ground breaking.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Super freak, super freak!

Fuax Leather Jacket: Old Navy 
Blouse: Nordstrom Blouses (thrifted)
Shorts: F21 (thrifted)
Tights: Fred Meyer
Shoes: Payless
Handbag: Coach (thrifted)

Well, for all of my talk about switching it up and wearing neon, I went my usual route and wore neutral colors with (gasp!) cranberry maroon/plum/whatever color tights.   Such a rebel.  

Now before you all recoil in aghast from my apparent hussy nature, this skirt is actually shorts.  I like a short skirt, but this would be pushing it, even for me!   I tried to stand up earlier today and toppled right over thanks to a sleeping leg, but Evan got a joke in about it being happy hour and all.  So between my short shorts and my stability resembling someone having a very happy happy hour, we're now one politician away from a legitimate rape remark.  (No smiley face here, only grumpiness at fat old politicians.)

It looks like Alaska and everyone else got off pretty light with the earthquake and tsunami last night, the community of Craig ended up get only 4 inch waves and it looks like it was equally light everywhere else.  Whew!  Now if only that Perfect storm over there on the east coast could follow suit.   Good luck over there everyone, take care of yourselves!   Hopefully it ends up not being as bad as it's looking to shape up to be.

Rick James is awesome to run to.  Expect that I always end up singing along to whatever I'm listening to and me running down the street, singing "Super Freak!  She's a super Freak!" in a huffing voice is not the coolest thing ever.  And wow, looking back over the post, I played my hair way too much in the photos today.    Super freak dork, that's me.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ix-nay on the beach parties tonight

Blazer: American Eagle Outfitters (thrifted)
Denim shirt: Land's End (thrifted)
Leather Skirt: Michael Kors (thrifted)
Tights: Fred Meyer
Booties: DV by Dolce Vita
Handbag: Coach (thrifted)
Scarf: Fred Meyer

I'm trying to be creative with my outfits this winter, but I feel like I keep falling into the rut of tights/blazer/dress/skirt.  Maybe I wear way too many nature-inspire colors?   At least if I wore some neon colors it would be a lot easier to find me in the snow.  

The Tsunami warnings have been going off all night long, there was a 7.7 earthquake over in British Columbia a few hours ago.  Obviously, Fairbanks is in no danger of a tsunami unless we're talking 2012 sized ones, but after years of living in Seward, those warning still make me a bit edgy and nervous. 

 Seward is a little town along the coast and every day at noon the Tsunami siren would go off.  In 1964 a 9.2 earthquake struck, setting off a tsunami that destroyed much of Seward and several coastal communities.   My dad remembers being just a little boy and watching all of the bookcases falling over in the house but being a few miles up the road he didn't experience the tsunami.  When I was little my godparents would tell me about running up Mt. Marathon and watching the waves coming in, seeing the dock pilings being torn up like twigs and the huge fireballs that went up as the gas station was crushed.  It's always very sobering to see the warnings, especially after seeing the tsunami that hit Japan and the 2005 tsunami, you just never want to see that level of horror and destruction again.

So to everyone along the Alaskan and British Columbian coast right now, take care.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Blazer: Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift from my mom.)
Shirt: (thrifted)
Scarf: ? (gift)
Skirt: Sears
Shoes: Sears
Handbag: Coach (thrifted)

I hate throwing away tights, even when the inevitable happens and they acquire huge runs.  When that happens, I either cut off the bottom of the tights and use them as trouser socks for riding or I layer them for extra warmth.  (If I'm going to pay more than $4 for tights, I'm going to get as mush use out of them as possible.) 

This whole outfit probably looks a little familiar  I blatantly copied a Marshall's ad from a few months ago.  I love the combination of the striped shirt and polka dotted skirt and I realized I had everything I need to rip off, er, copy the look.   Next time I think I'll follow their idea of wearing cool-tone tights as opposed to the warm-tone tights, it's a little off settling to have cool and warm tones together.   (Or maybe that's just me being weird.)

Once again it's Thursday and that means a fun link up with Coffee and Cardigan's Thrifty Thrusday!  I suppose this outfit is a little less thrifty than usual for me, but hey, two thrifted items still counts, right?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Winter projects

Coat: Fleet St.
Vest: Charlotte Russe (thrifted)
Blazer: Pacsun
Blouse: Nordstrom (thrifted)
Jeans: Paige (thrifted)
Boots: Vince Camuto
Handbag: Thrifted
Necklace: Icing

I swear, these are the most comfortable booties ever.  I love wearing these leopard printed ones in the winter, they're sturdy to walk in and don't slip about and they keep my feet warm.   I do apologize about my disheveled appearance here, I guess I'm not very talented at taking my big coat off and then fixing my collar!

We've been building a barn and corral at my parents house for the past two weeks.  Evan was so excited at the start to work with Dad on the project and learn from him, Dad is such a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent teacher/mentor.   The kids and I have been packing boards and logs around and peeling the logs while Dad, Mom and Evan have been getting everything set up.   Right now we've got the barn walls about a third of the way up but today we worked on getting the corral up so Dollar the horse can move in next week.   

Hah, I guess I should mention that I was not prancing around in these boots all day, I was rocking the Carhart overalls and Boggs boots.   Seeing as Timberland and Sorrel are all hipster now and camo is the "in" pattern of the moment, it's only a matter of time before Carharts and bunny boots are being sported in the streets on New York.

You're laughing, but if camouflage can be cool to city dwellers and perfectly acceptable, then the Carharts are fair game.