Monday, September 10, 2012

She's just going to talk about those horses again

Jacket: Sears
Dress: Urban Vibe
Tights: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Boots: F by Fergie (Fred Meyer/Kroger, also available at Famous Footwear.  But a better deal at Fred Meyer)
Scarf: Fred Meyer/Kroger

This lace dress has slowly become one of my favorites, it has ended up being so easy to dress it up or down.  This outfit also ended up being comprised out of some of my favorite elements.  There's the military-esque look with the jacket, the lace and then the roughness of the boots. 

I will also state the I did not wear this today, these photos were taken yesterday before the sudden onslaught of the cold.  Beside, I spent today in jodhpurs and boots.

It was actually a insanely fun day.  Mom and I headed out the barn early since Dollar needed his feet trimmed and we both just about froze.  It was only 29 degrees up in the hills and stupid me, I forgot to take gloves.  The sun did end up coming out and warmed everything up to an acceptable temp.  Dollar ended up being sound on his feet after the trim and not sore at all, so mom and I had a lesson together.   It was lots of dressage work until I gave up, rebelled and begged for some jumping.   So fun, but I feel a bit bummed out about how little of the jumping we've gotten to work on this summer.  Show jumping is both my love and my forte and while I like Dressage for making my riding killer, it. gets. boring.   I need a little adrenaline!

Morgan, my little brother's girlfriend, showed up afterwards for the trail ride we'd all been planning.   Morgan is pretty brave with driving a trailer behind the truck, so she hauled her horse, Dollar and her little pony out to the UAF ski trails.  This was such a huge step for Dollar, he handled the trailer ride and being tacked up next to the busy road so well, we all were so proud of him.  Of course, I ended up riding the pony and as I was getting the saddle on him Morgan stops and goes, "Bleep!  I forgot the girth! You're going to have to go bareback."  

Yay, riding a pony I've never ridden bareback all over the trails I've never ridden on a short little pony who had to trot to keep up with the big horses' walk?  Uh oh.   At least he had a fat little back and he was as cute as a button. 

It ended up being quite an adventure, from Morgan's horse having a insane bucking fit that she rode like a pro, to dogs trying to actually attack the horses on the trails with their owners passively saying, "Oh, he's so nice, he won't bit!" to a hail and wind storm coming on out of nowhere.  We all had so much fun, it's always fun to go on a huge ride together and Morgan is a crazy cool chick. (My little brother has good taste.  He went for a barn girl!) 

Whew, that ended up being another horsey post.  I have a bad habit of going on and on about the horses but I'll try to keep it in check this week.  I've also been so awful about visiting everyone's blogs and getting back to you all, I am so sorry about this!  Hopefully this week everything will slow down and I'll try to catch up with you all.


  1. lovely pics..and nice outfit..i like your skirt

  2. you look gorgeous - that lace dress is amazing!! and man i used to ride horses as a kid and i haven't ridden regularly in YEARS but a friend of mine has a bunch of horses here that i've ridden a few times. love them!

  3. Haha, the title of the post made me laugh :) I love how you made the lace dress appropriate for fall by adding the jacket and boots! Can't believe how cold it is already in Alaska, brr!

    The Tiny Heart
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  4. I can't believe how cold it is up there! I kind of love that you already have full fall. You're giving me so many great ideas for when it gets cold here! The pop of color from your mustard color tights is the best part:) Love it!

  5. You look SO cute, I'm loving the layers and the yellow tights! 29 degrees? Yikes!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Oh my gosh! That is an adorable way to take a lace dress and make it work for fall. Now, how can I recreate this look with own lace dress. I'm afraid I'd look like I was trying too hard. But you really pull off the rustic romantic look quite well.

    Your horse adventure sounds crazy but fun! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. I'm loving all the layers in this outfit! It's perfect for fall! I also love that you are wearing mustard tights - I'm a big fan :)


  8. My goodness, these are stunning photos. And I love how you styled that white lace dress - colored tights, boots, and a neutral jacket. I don't think that combination ever crossed my mind, but it's sure pretty. Great mixture of romantic and modern pieces. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Great is cold. Gosh I wish I had horses. :-)

  10. I am loving the colored tights! I've never tried colored tights but you're making me want a pair!

  11. Raise the roof for awesome elemental mixing! Woot woot! That sounded a little Harry Potter-ish, but I really do like how you pull so many different pieces to make such a cute and unique outfit. I am going to be doing the same with my maroon colored dress, which I chopped the sleeves off of (hehe), but I think I'm going to try a grundy look, yay for inspiration! Though I always think that horses/ponies/donkeys are going to kill me whenever I get within 20 feet of them, I feel like finding a tame one and riding it up and down the streets after reading one of your posts. Lol.


  12. You look lovely! Love the setting x

  13. Great outfit - very chic and perfect with the forest setting. :)

  14. Please don't stop talking about the horses. I haven't been on a horse in ages so I like to live vicariously through you.

    Also, this outfit? I need it in my closet like now. All of it. It's perfect. PERFECT.

  15. I didn't know you were an equestrienne! I'm a rider, too. I piddle around with dressage because I have to, but I'm more of a jumping/trail fan. My horse and I seem to agree on this (though not all things).

    Oh, and you are waaaay tougher than me riding on trails bareback! I don't think I've ridden bareback since I was 13!

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